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Laboratory Service Requests

Number Industry Description Status
12-00084 Scientific, Technical and Grant Writing "Consultant needed for specification writing for radiological environmental monitoring laboratory.""... Closed
12-00083 Sterilization and Lyophilization Manufacturer needs FDA Contract Sterilizer of Small item slightly larger than pencil requires ISO 17665 Sterilization verification (SAL) for FDA documentation application"... Closed
12-00082 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair New Jersey Contract Service Repair company needed for Quotation for the repair of a VWR (Revco) A8507C12 -80C freezer. Unit will not go below -13C. Refrigerant levels are OK."... Closed
12-00081 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architecture or Laboratory Enginner needed for complete laboratory set-up: metallurgical and materials(plastics,polymers) R&D set up to the highest level.High precision intruments like SEM,TEM,AFM,GC-MS etc procurements would be done,the lab focus would be on analysis and research on the ... Closed
12-00080 Architecture, Construction and Design South America Plant tissue culture facility requires architecture and engingeering firm to build clean room, plant growth chambers and associate offices etc"... Closed
12-00079 Sterilization and Lyophilization South America ISO, GMP Contract Sterilizer needed for EO sterilization services for medical devices."... Closed
12-00078 Sterilization and Lyophilization EU Contract Sterilizer needed for ISO 13485 Ethylene Oxide Sterilization of sensitive medical device."... Closed
12-00076 Sterilization and Lyophilization FDA GMP commercial contract gamma radiation services in Singaopore or Malaysia that can handle commerical scale loading with GMP standard "... Closed
12-00076 Architecture, Construction and Design "I would like to get into contact with a major Spanish company that specializes in fish quality control Laboratory Construction and maintenance ... Closed
12-00075 Validation and Qualification GXP experienced Laboratory instrument Qualification Consultant / Contractor needed for the Qualification of Approximately 250 analytical instruments and instrument systems of varying complexity. The project involves, Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) Performance Qualifi... Closed
12-00074 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "Michigan Laboratory Calibration Service Provider needed to calibrate A Forma Scientific CO2 Incubator Model 3158 that is out of temperature control.""... Closed
12-00073 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis United Kingdom chemical contract manufacturer needed for the purification of long chain dienyl acetates""... Closed
12-00072 Architecture, Construction and Design We are in the process of designing a new laboratory that will be world class. Looking for design criteria to incorporate in our architectural brief. "... Closed
12-00071 Architecture, Construction and Design Establishing bioequivalence laboratory center and need to know the required instruments and reagents and all that needed in analysis section bioanalysis, analysis of drug in biological fluids"... Closed
12-00070 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis US or Canada Contract Microbiology Laboratory needed for start up cultures of bacteria and yeasts in active growth phase. "... Closed
12-00069 Architecture, Construction and Design "Middle East Lanoratory Engineering or Architecture firm needed to design a central laboratories with guaranty to get ISO, this lab using to test construction materials,building element,roads,etc""... Closed
12-00068 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architecture or Engineering Firm needed to assist in building a University Graduate Vibration Laboratory. ... Closed
12-00067 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Metrology Firm needed to certify bullion weight. SUB. Bullion Weight Calibration. ... Closed
12-00066 Consulting and Advisory Services Scientific consultant needed to help medical device company understand the requirements of JIS T 1501/1507, General methods of measuring the performance of ultrasonic pulse-echo diagnostic equipment and JIS T 1507 electronic linear scanning ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and to create specification... Closed
12-00065 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis "Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer needed to spray dry a protein solution to be encapsulated for therapeutic use. "... Closed
12-00064 Sterilization and Lyophilization Colorado Contract Sterilizer needed for contract Ethylene Oxide ETO sterilization of Disposable Surgical Instruments, Trays"... Closed
12-00064 Training and Education Training for Africa Microbiology Laboratory for food and environmental analysis IS)17025 and GLP in late October. Must be in Africa... Closed
12-00063 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architect, Construction or Engineeing Firm needed to construct and set up Immunology Laboratory. "Immunoglobulin IgG, IgA, IgM ( GAM Testing ) T&B Cell Enumeration Testing Flow Cytometry Testing Lymphocytes Funcation Testing Antibody Response to Vaccines Equipment and reagents ... Closed
12-00062 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Large Biotech needs Laboratory service company for laboratory instrument repair: fume hood repair, hopefully by next week. ... Closed
12-00061 Sterilization and Lyophilization Canada ETO contract sterilizer needed for ETO sterilization (either ETO or hydrogen peroxide vapour) for small numbers of surgical packs and devices"... Closed
12-00060 Sterilization and Lyophilization Medical Device Manufacturer needs Gamma Contract Sterilizer for gamma sterilization run a small test lot of product with gamma 25-kGy"... Closed
12-00059 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Biological Laboratory needs Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilizer for Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilization of approximately 50,000 petri dishes 90x15mm""... Closed
12-00058 Architecture, Construction and Design "World-class oil equipment supply company just purchased equipment from another laboratory, but needs laboratory consultant, architect or engineer to help setting the laboratory up and training to run the equipment.""... Closed
12-00057 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Contract manufacturer need for contract manufacturer, produce and bottle 0.5 ounce bottles of Colloidal Silver with PPM 30.... Closed
12-00056 Architecture, Construction and Design "BPL, BPC, ISO, NIST, UKAS. Proposition de plan de laboratoire Recherche de fournisseurs pour équiper notre laboratoire en consommables, en verrerie, en matériels de traitement, conditionnement, de minéralisation et d'analyse de 40000 échantillons par mois pendant 12 mois (1an). Nous analysons Au,... Closed
12-00056 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Food Laboratory needs Michigan Laboratory Repair Services Company for Repair/service of Milton Roy Spectronic 20D. Can not keep instrument set - % shifts."... Closed
12-00055 Architecture, Construction and Design China Laboraory Architecture Firm or Engineering firm needed to build a laboraory for efficacy testing of washer disinfectors, multiple kinds of sterilizers, air disinfectors, etc. (hospital use)."... Closed
12-00054 Architecture, Construction and Design "Canada Laboratory Engineering or Architecture firm needed for laboratory renovation to renovate an existing industrial lab to accomodate AA unit and two fume hoods and design a new quality control laboratory in another area of the plant""... Closed
12-00053 Audits and Benchmarking International agency needed that can audit a laboratory with GLP principles and issues a certificate for laboratory in South America... Closed
12-00052 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architect, Consultant or Engineering Firm needed to set up a GC-MS lab for quantitative clinical toxicology for drug testing and confirmation. We need comprehensive consultation re: design, setup, licensing, staffing, training, equipment selection etc. "... Closed
12-00051 Architecture, Construction and Design India Laboratory Architect, Laboratory Construction and Engineering Company needed for new laboratory construction consultancy"... Closed
12-00050 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Food Manufacturer needs Contract Sterilizer for Gamma Sterilization service. ofapproximately 80,000 lbs of Edible Whey Protein Concentrate 80% with High SPC and Mold counts. The current product is in 1,000 lb totes, as well as bags. Would you please provide pricing and lead time as well as any sp... Closed
12-00049 Architecture, Construction and Design "California Lab Architect needed for new floor plan for an analytical chemistry laboratory. Fume hood ventilation for chemical cleaning, descaling with sodium hydroxide, potassium permanagmate and soda ash and a few HCL solutions. There is also a nitric acid passivation process and electro polishing... Closed
12-00048 Consulting and Advisory Services "India Laboratory Consultant needed for consulting for NABL accreditation of Stem Cell Laboratory""... Closed
12-00047 Sterilization and Lyophilization India ETO Contract Sterilizer needed for Contract EtO (Ethylene oxide) sterilisation in Mumbai."... Closed
12-00046 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Indonesia Laboratory needs repair company to repair Main board of my GC 5890 A ... Closed
12-00045 Architecture, Construction and Design "Hong Kong Laboratory Architect or Engineer to advise on science laboratory"... Closed
12-00044 Architecture, Construction and Design "Laboratory Architect or Engineer needed for design and supply of Africa sugar cane testing laboratories for outgrower cane producer factories to determine quality ""... Closed
12-00043 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Laboratory equipment consultant needed for support for two Cell-Dyn Sapphire unit aquired by Romania Lab. willing to pay for consultancy services and also for a service manual."... Closed
12-00042 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair India Laboratory needs Laboratory repair company for repair of existing fume hood. ... Closed
12-00041 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer CMO needed to manufacture totally 5000 capsule 0 size hard gelatin 2000 capsules @150 mg, 1500 capsules @50 mg, 1500 capsules @10 mg of our drug product. Please send a quotation at the earliest"... Closed
12-00040 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis "Ireland ISO, GLP Contract Manufacturer needed to Manufacture an injectable device, ""... Closed
12-00038 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architecture and Construction firm needed for contruction an retrofitting of clean room and animal facility to meet all requirements for a clean room and a animals facility: ISO, GLP, AAALAC... Closed
12-00037 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Colorado Laboratory Maintenance Company needed for maintenance of wscII card for mts 490 controller."... Closed
12-00036 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Colorado EtO contract sterilizer needed for Ethylene Oxide sterilization and ETO sterilization validation. ETO Sterilization facility must be capable of single pallet sterilization. Before the contract begins we will need a full sterilization validation inclusive of vary density and an external PCD... Closed
12-00035 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Medical Device Contract Manufacturer CMO needed for contract manufacturing of a disposable standard strip to be used with a spectroscopy based medical device. Standard is based on a pair of compounds laid down in a slurry on aluminum foil. Will require large volumes.""... Closed
12-00034 Sterilization and Lyophilization Poland or Germany ISO Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilizer needed for ETO contract sterilization Eto low temperature (<45C) ISO 13485, ISO 11135... Closed
12-00033 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair India university laboratory needs contractor to repair virtis lyophilizer purchased about 10yrs back, and at present is not in a working condition. we urgently need to get it repaired as soon as possible..... Closed
12-00032 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "Large University Laboratory needs laboratory contractor for repairing two Labconco Freezone 4.5 lyophilizers that need repair for vacuum leaks that won't allow the lyophilizers to reach the necessary vacuum level ~ 0.04 mBar. "... Closed
12-00031 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory engineers needed to establish Soil & Engineering Material Testing Laboratory. ... Closed
12-00030 Architecture, Construction and Design Michigan Laboratory Architecture, Engineering firm needed to Design and quotation for laboratory HVAC compensating for fume hoods and equipment heat"... Closed
12-00029 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis USA Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer needed to process a formula and prepare a certifcate of analysis, for ultimate production of a gelcap."... Closed
12-00028 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Southern USA FDA GMP Contract Manufacturer CMO needed for contract manufacturing: fermentation, filtration and lyophilization of product for use in cosmetic formulation (Non-pathogenic bacteria source). About 100 liters first run. We will provide bacteria and feed stock. This is a test run prior ... Closed
12-00027 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Architecture, Construction or Engineering firm needed for setting up a biodegradable certification laboratory in Turkey or Egypt. All offers for a complete biodegradable products certification laboratory. ... Closed
12-00026 Sterilization and Lyophilization Gamma Contract Sterilizer needed for contract gamma radiation of lactose in bags. This is for aseptic process simulation ... Closed
12-00025 Sterilization and Lyophilization New Jersey FDA GMP contract sterilizer needed for validated GMP contract autoclave sterilization services. "... Closed
12-00024 Architecture, Construction and Design One of our client requires to set up a Oilfiled Lab in Middle East. ... Closed
12-00023 Sterilization and Lyophilization Biologics manufacturer needs UK / Europe Contract Sterilizer for Gamma irradiation service for our products. As our products are biologic base and process in Fully control environment and according to Bioburdon results, we need for low dose Irradiation (max 30 KG). ... Closed
12-00022 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair New Jersey Laboratory FDA GMP Repair Company needed for maintenance of a Napco 6000 incubator."... Closed
12-00021 Sterilization and Lyophilization USA Gamma Contract Sterilizer needed for gamma sterilizaiton of bone cement materials and containers sterilized (gamma irradiation) for a study we will be collaborating on with another university. We will need 10- 150 mL polypropylene cartridges and 5- 13 mm x 12 element polypropylene static mixing... Closed
12-00020 Architecture, Construction and Design India Laboratory Construction and Engineering Company needed for building on food testing laboratory in india. ... Closed
12-00019 Manufacturing, Production and Design FDA cGMP Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer needed for cGMP Buffer Preparation"... Closed
12-00018 Sterilziation and Lyophilization Europe contract sterilizer needed for gamma sterilization of sterile packaging for a sterile cell culture product. The packaging consists of small (10cmx15cm) PE coated aluminium pouches. We will initially need to sterilize 5kg of pouches"... Closed
12-00017 Logistics and Storage "East Lansing Michigan logistics company / storage facility needed. Need contract with emergency back up storage of samples if have extended failure of system, PM including 24/7 emergency.""... Closed
12-00016 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Singapore ISO 13485 Contract Sterilizer needed for ETO Gas sterilization service for medical devices.""... Closed
12-00014 Validation and Qualification "Validation Consulting firm or Engineering firm needed to validate ETO sterilizer "... Closed
12-00013 Sterilization and Lyophilization India Contract Sterilizer needed for E-beam sterilization process "... Closed
12-00012 Sterilization and Lyophilization Pharmaceutical Manufacturer needs India Electron beam contract sterilizer for Electron beam sterilization process in India... Closed
12-00011 Sterilization and Lyophilization ETO Contract Sterilizer needed for troubleshooting ETO Sterilization: LDPE 100 microns pouch for 25Kg turmeric & chilli powder for ETO sterilization. 1. Product pack in LDPE liner with heat sealing. 2. Thenn sending to ETO sterilization. 3. During the ETO process some pouches are burst in ETO chambe... Closed
12-00010 Sterilization and Lyophilization Large Medical Device Manufacturer needs US Gamma Contract Sterilizer for R&D study of Gamma radiation sterlization under 25-35 kGy."... Closed
12-00009 Architecture, Construction and Design Russia ISO engineering company needed to construct a New biohasard level 4 laboratory"... Closed
12-0008 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Miswest USA contract manufacturer, bioanalytical laboratory needed for contract manufacturing a sterile injectable veterinary product from an equine derived biological fluid through centrifuging and lyophilization. We need to find a lab that can handle the processing of our fluid."... Closed
12-0007 Architecture, Construction and Design "Laboratory construction and engineering firm needed for building sensory lab in india as per astm. "... Closed
12-0006 Sterilization and Lyophilization Montreal ISO 13485 Constract Sterilizer needed for ETO Sterilization for FDA and CE marking"... Closed
12-0005 Architecture, Construction and Design Energy company needs laboratory construction firm for proposal for the supply and installation of Biomedical Research Laboratory. "... Closed
12-0004 Architecture, Construction and Design "USA Physician needs laboratory consultant to assist on starting pharmaceutical lab in Pakistan which can test both active as well as inactive (excepients) ingredients of any medicine. "... Closed
12-0004 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed NABL India Metrology laboratory for Calibration of HPLC- UV detector, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer"... Closed
12-0003 Sterilization and Lyophilization Medical Device Mfg needs Brazil contract sterlization for ETO steriliztion on medical devices."... Closed
12-0002 Sterilization and Lyophilization Chicago Contract Sterilizer needed for contract sterilization of laser fibers. "... Closed
12-0001 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Scotland or Ireland FDA GLP and GMP contract manufacturer needed to two batches of topical trial gel"... Closed