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Laboratory Service Requests

Number Industry Description Status
10-00219 Architecture, Construction and Design Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco needs Laboratory Construction Consultant to aid in construction and operation of a plant tissue lab. ... Closed
10-00218 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Saudi Arabia Contract Repair Person needed to perform repairs on electronic balance.... Closed
10-00217 Sterilization and Lyophilization USA Contract Sterilizer needed to sterilize dental composite resin using Ethylene Oxide. (Amount around 10-20 grams)"... Closed
10-00216 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair US, MN, St. Paul Contract Repair Person needed to perform repairs on the following centrifuges: 1. Sigma 4-15C Qiagen centrifuge, electronic screen doesn't work anymore and is routinely off balance. 2. Eppendorf 5430 centrifuge, is routinely off balance. Let me know if you need any more ... Closed
10-00215 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory Consultant needed to aid with Pharmaceutical Isolation and purification, testing, molecular modification, patenting and marketing on an unexploited natural product discovered by folklore and strange animal effects.... Closed
10-00214 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair "Long Island FDA Laboratory needed to perform annual maintenance and certification of equipment used in an IVF laboratory such as incubators, centrifuges, stirrers etc."... Closed
10-00213 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory Consultant needed to guide Company interested in establishing a molecular diagnostic laboratory in Munich.""... Closed
10-00212 Qualification and Validation "Chennai Industrial Equipment Manufacturer needs certification testing of ASHRAE 110 compliance for the fume hoods we manufacture."... Closed
10-00211 Sterilization and Lyophilization "ISO, CGMP, GLP Contract Sterilizer needed for ETO Sterilization for patient match implant that is generated specifically for our patients. Sterilized 100% ETO concentration 725mg/L, T=55C, RH= 30-80%, Exp Time:60minutes (minumum), aeration time 48Hrs.""... Closed
10-00210 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for dry clay to be milled to a fine powder for cosmetic product research and development. Quantity dependent on cost (10 - 100 Kg)"... Closed
10-00209 Sterilization and Lyophilization China Contract Sterilizer needed to do electron beam sterilization of plastic product.... Closed
10-00208 Qualification and Validation US GMP Contract Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for method development. Specifically, we have two forms in a tablet and are requesting a NearIR method be developed. We have the 2 forms pure and are making tablets for standards. We have been able to develop methods for other tablets but are under ... Closed
10-00207 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to get a protein metabolically radiolabelled by incorporation of S35 and/or C14 labelled amino acids during proteinbiosynthesis in cells. My protein is expressed in CHO cells. It has a size of 55 kD and a purification scheme is established.... Closed
10-00206 Architecture, Construction and Design New Delhi Laboratory Construction Consultant needed for assisting in setting up a laboratory for Immunology and Imunopathology.There is no existing unit of this nature although the institute has other reasonably developed units e.g virology,AIDS and RelatedDiseases,bacteriology,mycology, tuberculos... Closed
10-00205 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis USA Contract Materials Laboratory needed for Polymerization of acrylic monomers in water. Filtering polymer out of water phase (but not drying)."... Closed
10-00204 Qualification and Validation Chemical Manufacturer needed for product development- polysterene beads, surfaced modified. Diameter 10.15um +/- 0.08um. composition of dispersion: disitlled water. Nominal value of particle concentration is 10x10E5. The acceptance criteria for average actual value is 9.5-10.5x10E5... Closed
10-00203 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Biotechnology Company needs Contract Synthesis facility for organic chemical synthesis of the following: 1-pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole 4-ethylnaphthalen-1-yl-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methanone 4-methoxynaphthalen- 1-yl- (1-pentylindol- 3-yl)methanone 1-pentyl-3-(2-methoxyphenylacetyl)indole"... Closed
10-00202 Consulting and Advisory Services "Large Pharmaceutical Company in South Korea needs FDA GMP consulting firm to consult on conceptual design of our animal laboratory facility for biopharmaceutical products. The company owns an animal laboratory already for research purpose, located at the research center in different city. But w... Closed
10-00201 Architecture, Construction and Design Africa (Kenya) Laboratory Construction Consultant needed to aid in setting up a biotechnology lab to be able to do the basics for my students. I need to identify secondary plant metabolites, gun gel chromatography, analyze nutrients, and such like studies. I need an indication of equipment type to p... Closed
10-00200 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Toronto, ON Pharmacia Ultrospec 1000 needs repair to screen (values no longer visible)... Closed
10-00199 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair South Africa Company needs Calibration test done on primary injection test set. The test set has an output of 8kA.... Closed
10-00198 Sterilization and Lyophilization New Jersey Medical Devices Company needs GMP Contract Sterilizer for gamma sterilization of 1500 prepackaged dental implants in pouches.... Closed
10-00197 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer needed for contract sterilization and packaging of elestic packaging wrap ... Closed
10-00196 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair "Africa Company needs quote for ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration of Laboratory instrument & equipment calibration of:Centrifuge,Densitometers, Fermentator ,Water bath,Fumehood, Refrigerator, Sequencer, Autoclave, Glassware washer,Incubator,Titrators, Water filtration system,Water purification system,Water ... Closed
10-00195 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair MN Contract Repair Company needed for Centrifuge Maintenance - cleaning and calibration."... Closed
10-00194 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair "Contract Repair Company needed to repair a Lyophilizer. "... Closed
10-00193 Consulting and Advisory Services Medical Devices Consultant needed for guidance with testing of indirect patient contact components in medical devices. Specifically, we would like to understand if you have any experience and your recommendations for testing of components that contact the gas path and/or breathing system in an anest... Closed
10-00192 Consulting and Advisory Services "Laboratory Consultant needed to assist starting Anatomical Pathology Lab in Texas."... Closed
10-00191 Consulting and Advisory Services "Laboratory Auditor needed to inspect and audit Texas laboratory to evaluate if they can safely handle oil samples containing hydrogen sulfide."... Closed
10-00190 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Construction Consultant needed to provide quote for the Science lab construction in K-12 school in California. Size of the room is approximately 16' x 28'"... Closed
10-00189 Training and Education California Laboratory Trainer needed to provide training for Instruments used in Water pollution Analysis, Air Toxic Analysis covering Organic pollutants, trace metals analysis, C,N,S, aqueous dissolved carbon, using basic equipment and advanced scientific equipment , pH meters, turbidimeters, ... Closed
10-00188 Qualification and Validation "San Antonio Laboratory needs Computer Validation Expert to Evaluate the compliance of an in-house inventory database with the requirements of Part 11."... Closed
10-00187 Consulting and Advisory Services Hong Kong Engineering Consultant needed for Electronic and heating resistance defect studies.... Closed
10-00186 Consulting and Advisory Services Toy Safety Consultant needed to assist charity/nonprofit organization that is interested in selling children's toys and books in order to finance their nonprofit work with Specific Toy Safety Standards for EU/USA/Canada and others.... Closed
10-00185 Qualification and Validation Need trained food or biochemist to examine and assess: In-house draft specifications for 100s of active food and nutritional ingredients, viewing points related to the measurement of content and potency , as well as quality and analytic correctness . Must have hands-on experience with the processes ... Closed
10-00184 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory Consultant needed to aid Saudi Arabia Company with full laboratory setup and to execute it as turnkey project. Laboratory will be a water quality monitoring lab (with future plans of extending into soil and air quality monitoring). ... Closed
10-00183 Architecture, Construction and Design "Europe Laboratory Construction Consultant needed for Biopharmaceuticals Quality Control and Bioanalytics Laboratory Construction."... Closed
10-00182 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Contract manufacturer needed to produce children's shampoo for a USA client and fill in the bottle provided by the client and send it back to customer.... Closed
10-00181 Consulting and Advisory Services Engineering Consultant needed for A&E firm for new manufacturing plant for lab. ... Closed
10-00180 Sterilization and Lyophilization ""Europe Medical Devices Company needs Gamma Contract Sterilizer for contract sterilization , gamma irradiation for medical devices""... Closed
10-00179 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Toronto Medical Devices Company needs autoclave services with steam over pressure cycle capabilities to run parts to be used for automation equipment testing. We are interested in the effect of the cycle over these parts, as opposed to actual sterilization."... Closed
10-00178 Architecture, Construction and Design Africa Company needs Laboratory Construction Consultant for help with design and construction of modern commercial immunochemical reagent lab.... Closed
10-00177 Consulting and Advisory Services Midwest USA Consultant needed to guide us through FDA FCN process for polyurea based coating systems. ""... Closed
10-00176 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Ukraine State Laboratory needed to build D + D nuclear fusion reactor cell as per Ukraine Patent 90326. ... Closed
10-00175 Formulation and Deformulation Contract Laboratory needed to convert small batch body care formulations into 8.5oz, 1/2 gallon, 1.5 gallon, 3 gallon and 5 gallon measurements. Probably need my math corrected also.... Closed
10-00174 Consulting and Advisory Services "Laboratory Consultant needed to assist in setting up Toy testing Laboratory (as per ISO 8124)in our Qatar Genral Organization for Standards and Metrology."... Closed
10-00173 Formulation and Deformulation ""Large Pharma needs US Contract Laboratory for deformulating a polymer used in semisolid product.""... Closed
10-00172 Architecture, Construction and Design ""Toronto Architect, Renovation Consultant needed for FDA GLP renovation of current laboratory. 1. Change floor with tiles to medical level floor. 2. Change ventilation system (office level) to GLP level""... Closed
10-00171 Formulation and Deformulation "necesito el servicio de deformulacion de una linea de productos de belleza cantidad porcentual de cada ingrediente para duplicar las caracteristicas del producto "... Closed
10-00170 Architecture, Construction and Design "India Pharma Company needs FDA GMP Building and Construction Consultant to guide with the following: 1) what material coating should be done over the Stainless Steel (SS)-316 equipments (switchboards, external portion of reactors etc) to avoid rust coloured pitting marks formed over these materia... Closed
10-00169 Sterilization and Lyophilization Asia ISO/FMP/GLP Contract Sterilizer needed for EO gas sterilization with or without release laboratory capability... Closed
10-00168 Consulting and Advisory Services ""Engineer in Jordan working On University project needs Oil and Gas Consultant to aid in establishing a Oil and Gas Lab in Jordan... Closed
10-00167 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis US Histology Laboratory needed for caspase-3 and ki67 staining... Closed
10-00166 Training and Education "Michigan Healthcare Facility needs Microbiology Consultant to provide courses/training in environmental microbiology testing or in sterilization and validation. "... Closed
10-00165 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Delaware Pharmaceutical Laboratory needs Appliance Repairs Company to provide service,parts and maintenance for laboratory Glassware Washer-model 8845... Closed
10-00164 Sterilization and Lyophilization "ETO Contract Sterilizer needed for ISO 13485, ISO 11135 Ethylene Oxide Sterilization of medical devices using Ethylene Oxide gas""... Closed
10-00163 Consulting and Advisory Services "Utah Hospital Laboratory needs CLIA technical supervisor/consultant."... Closed
10-00162 Sterilization and Lyophilization India contract manufacturer needed with lyphilization, Vacuum drying facility required with temperature of operation 40-50degrees to remove 80-90% moisture content from a particular substrate."... Closed
10-00161 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory Consultant needed to set up a laboratory for a premier university in India for studies in Beachlor of Technology(BTech) Biomedical Engineering. Please guide us about the equipments/Instruments required for the setting of its lab along with its supplier's list. "... Closed
10-00160 Sterilization and Lyophilization Central America Contract Sterilizer needed for e-beam sterilization of pharmaceutical packaging ""... Closed
10-00159 Qualification and Validation Large Biotech needs Washington Validation company to revalidate four general purpose autoclaves currently in service requiring re-validation."... Closed
10-00158 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis California Chemical Processor needed with expertise in diesel fuel extraction from a mixture of various oils.Small batch about 5 gallons.... Closed
10-00157 Architecture, Construction and Design Large Oil Company in India needs an architectural firm to be the main consultant for a 100 acre research centre comprising of 19 laboratories. Similar past experience in petroleum / petrochemical labs essential along with LEED certification.... Closed
10-00156 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Poland Contract Sterilizer needed for ETO Sterilization, Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilization of medical devices "... Closed
10-00155 Consulting and Advisory Services "The objective of this consultancy is to contract an external firm to manage procurement of especially major equipment and associated supplies, particularly for the francophone beneficiary countries. 1. For each of the laboratories, a list of priority equipment with or without associate consumable ... Closed
10-00154 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Contract Sterilizer needed for autoclaving rubber stoppers for pharmaceutical injectables - Please remove potential particulates before autoclaving. "... Closed
10-00153 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Vancouver, BC, Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilizing tubing/needles sets. "... Closed
10-00152 Formulation and Deformulation Analytical Chemistry Food Laboratory needed for deformulation of a natural Foods product, that has six known ingredients of natural food components in a powder-mix formula.... Closed
10-00151 Consulting and Advisory Services FDA GMP Consultant needed to provide pre-authorization consulting services.... Closed
10-00150 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Thailand Textiles Laboratory needs Calibration and Repair needed on a used Instron 1122 tensile strength testing machine. ""... Closed
10-00149 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Repair and calibration needed for Instron... Closed
10-00148 Consulting and Advisory Services India Petroleum Company needs formulation chemist familiar with API Methods of automotive,industrial oil and knowledge of lubricant additive chemistry and formulation techniques."... Closed
10-00147 Formulation and Deformulation Pharmaceutical Laboratory needs analytical chemistry laboratory to deformulate a fungicide formulation (Reverse Engineering)?""... Closed
10-00146 Formulation and Deformulation ""Contract Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation of soy based food product. ""... Closed
10-00145 Qualification and Validation ""USA/UK ISO GMP/GLP Laboratory needed to evaluate filtration devices ability to remove viral particles from a given solution based on quantitative PCR technique, along with necessary guidance to conduct the necessary invitro and invivo (both pre-clinical and clinical studies) to enable product regi... Closed
10-00144 Consulting and Advisory Services "Cosmetics Consultant needed to aid in analyzing clay sample and determine if it could be used for beauty products."... Closed
10-00143 Report Writing Texas University Professor needs consultant assistance with BACTERIAL METABOLISM (Salmonella) and MICROARRAY DATA ANALYSIS and MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION. "... Closed
10-00142 Architecture, Construction and Design Engineering Firm needed to provide engineering design, supply of equipment for an integrated oil and gas lab building that shall include: Geology, EOR, Geochem, Shale, Natural gas, etc. Size of Labe is 400,000 squqre ft ... Closed
10-00141 Qualification and Validation "Indonesia Company needs Contract Sterilizer to validate the sterilization process - our sterilization use EO ( ethylene oxide)."... Closed
10-00140 Architecture, Construction and Design "ISO Laboratory Design Consultant needed to advise on Anechoic room construction, two reverberation chambers for sound transmission loss measurments, listening room (All will be used for education and consultancy in the University)"... Closed
10-00139 Consulting and Advisory Services "Company setting up a Juice processing facility on a small to medium scale needs advice on testing equipment/quality control procedures. We are going to set up two labs; 1. R&D and Quality testing facility. Lab one will be for the oils extracted from fruit seeds/pips and the other for juice processi... Closed
10-00138 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer needed to work with our Taiwan manufacturing site to EtO sterilize to our U.S. developed process parameters... Closed
10-00137 Formulation and Deformulation "Food Manufacturer needs beverage/food application lab for developing flavored coffee extract formula."... Closed
10-00136 Formulation and Deformulation "Contract Laboratory needed to test a pomade or salve made with Arnica and other ingredients and de-formulate it. The salve was made by a man in Mexico who died without telling anyone the formula. It is applied on the skin, prevents black and blue marks when someone is hurt, helps with joint pain et... Closed
10-00135 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis San Francisco Co needs Contract Laboratory to distribute material by weight (powder form) to vials #1000 3ml vials... Closed
10-00134 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Moncks Corner, South Carolina Company looking for maintenance plans for Gentage Autoclave MN422LS,Perkin Elmer AA Analyst 300 ,GC Agilent 6850,Instron 5564"... Closed
10-00133 Consulting and Advisory Services Phoenix, AZ, USA Consultant needed to review, revise, comment, and add missing scientific information for raw material specifications (for a nutraceutical manufacturer of tablets and capsules) with regard to the following specific items: 1) Selected identification test is appropriate to identify ... Closed
10-00132 Sterilization and Lyophilization Thailand ISO Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilization of medical product using e-beam technology.... Closed
10-00131 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis "US GMP Experienced Manufacturer needed to manufacture mat of blinded 250 or 500 mg naproxen and placebo tablets or overencapsulation of commercial naproxen tablets with matching placebo. "... Closed
10-00130 Sterilization and Lyophilization Sweden Contract Sterilizer needed for Gamma irradiation of soil samples (about 400 liters of soil in total)... Closed
10-00129 Sterilization and Lyophilization Malaysia Contract Sterilizer needed to perform ETO sterilization and all validation to 11135-1 and all process/lab testing. Will be responsible for annual re-validation. Is for class 3 medical device compliant to ISO13485 & 21CFR820."... Closed
10-00128 Consulting and Advisory Services Food Consultant needed to assist with producing product spec sheets for some food items that we produce (spice/grain mixes etc). ... Closed
10-00127 Product Development Research and Development Consultant needed to help with R&D for a creamed liquor to achieve a decent shelf life.... Closed
10-00125 Training and Education Laboratory Consultant needed for getting accreditation for our new toys laboratory and providing training to the staff ... Closed
10-00124 Training and Education "Large Company in Gouda(Home Care Department) needs Laboratory Consultant to train people on sensory tests, for example to do softness evaluation of the clothes, or to evaluate the softness of the skin after contact with hand dish wash, or hand cleaners, or also to evaluate the smell of the products... Closed
10-00123 Consulting and Advisory Services USA Nutraceuticals Company needs Consultant to recommend type of preservative, and percent for sesame based product.... Closed
10-00122 Sterilization and Lyophilization Bangalore, India Contract Sterilizer needed for Gamma sterilzation for LDPE containers of all sizes with validation report for regulated markets (Should comply as per USFDA and EU)... Closed
10-00121 Sterilization and Lyophilization "India Contract Sterilizer needed for Electron Beam Sterilization. "... Closed
10-00120 Formulation and Deformulation US FDA approved contract formulation lab &/or aseptic fill & packaging lab needed for lyo finished product. Must meet US cGMP stds for entire formulation, filling/packaging. Already have US FDA approved NADA.... Closed
10-00119 Training and Education "Trainer needed to do a workshop on Lab Accreditation or Quality and Productivity for labs in last week in November or begining of December"... Closed
10-00118 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Calibrating agency needed to calibrate UV C meter in range 0 to 1999 um/cm2 with calibration @ 254 nm. ... Closed
10-00117 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis California GMP/GLP Laboratory needed to provide process development services and manufacture 1-5 kg of API. Process requires acetylation and esterification. ... Closed
10-00116 Architecture, Construction and Design Isael ISO Laboratory Construction company needed.... Closed
10-00115 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Maintenance and calibration needed for the following items: Woods -20degrees C serial # 01646151AJ model V20BBA, Fisher refrigerator serial # 108N0002 model 13966145GR, IEC refrigerated centrifuge serial # 31220770 model GP8R, Thermo incubator serial # 493361995 model 3860, Precision incubator seria... Closed
10-00114 Sterilization and Lyophilization Asia (near Thailand/Vietnam) ISO Medical Devices Contract Sterilizer needed for contract e-beam sterilization for medical device. The facility should have 10MeV or more.... Closed
10-00113 Training and Education South Pacific Government Laboratory needs biosafety consultant to provide training for 2 on Biosafety (BSL3). "... Closed
10-00112 Architecture, Construction and Design Biloxi, MS Medical Laboratory needs renovation of 7 Laboratory departments to improve work process and update furniture.... Closed
10-00111 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis "India Biotech company needs assistance with manufacturing of ready to use culture media in kerala."... Closed
10-00110 Mechanical, Maintenance and Repair Biologics Laboratory needs Repairs needed on two shelf type lyophilizer (Cryst, Virtis) of 6000 vial capacity."... Closed
10-00109 Sterilization and Lyophilization Australia Pharmaceutical Mfg needs Hong Kong Contract Sterilizer needed for Gamma Sterilization in Hong Kong."... Closed
10-00108 Architecture, Construction and Design Engineering design for cement construction bridge highway, people defence, refractory trades, and provide with a complete set of production technology of cement plant, refractory plant, highway engineering, municiple engineering, lab instrument equipment and chemical reagent, as well as glass instru... Closed
10-00107 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer in China needed for Cobalt 60 radiation sterilization of medical equipment.... Closed
10-00106 Architecture, Construction and Design Oil and Gas Company need ISO Certification Laboratory Construction and Design firm for building a 2 levels Container laboratory for a chemistry laboratory for routine analysis of the process chemicals Technical specifications of the lab is available. ... Closed
10-00105 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Canada Production Manufacturer needed to provide labor for a product that is engineered at our facility and to be contracted to yours to be produced for our clients. It is a water filtration device, and we can provide the cost of raw materials. ... Closed
10-00104 Consulting and Advisory Services Microbiology Consultant needed in Ohio, Wisconsin to help determine the technological capabilities of a company that we are interested in doing business with. The company in question imports 20 -25 separate cultures from European sources. They grow and combine these cultures to produce commercial ... Closed
10-00103 Sterilization and Lyophilization Toledo, Ohio Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilization of agricultural lab equipment used by US Customs and Border Protection for international freight inspection. This would be on an as needed basis.... Closed
10-00102 Research and Development Established Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) assay with rat brain endothelial cells, to test compounds... Closed
10-00101 Sterilization and Lyophilization Contract Sterilizer needed to perform gamma sterilization of 25 kGrey on samples of some uretral stents made from PLGA & PEG that also contain some Barium sulfate. I realize that because it is PLGA it may degrade but our previous method of using ethylene oxide made the samples unusable so I am hopin... Closed
10-00100 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis USA/UK Research Facility needs a contract laboratory to coat small complex-shaped metal parts with a material supplied as an aqueous solution. The coating method must be low temperature and give a precise coating, minimal losses and can handle small volumes of coating solution such as inkjet printi... Closed
10-00099 Mechanical Maintenance and Repair Pharmaceutical Company needs to have two Millipore water systems ( ELIX 10 and Milli-Q UF Plus)installed in our laboratory. These systems were purchased in auction.... Closed
10-00098 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Europe/China/Asia Contract Manufacturer needed for Manufacturing, production & synthesis, research chemicals, capable of producing quantities of up to 5kgs.... Closed
10-00097 EKG/ECG machine calibration / validation "Montreal, Quebec Laboratory has a pre-clinical GLP study beginning Wednesday and need 5 EKG machines Calibrated / validated on Tuesday July 13, 2010. ... Closed
10-00096 Chemical Synthesis/GMP validation Contract manufacturer needed to provide GMP grade leukotriene E4 (miligrams) for clinical research project.... Closed
10-00095 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Vancouver, BC Contract Manufacturer needed to manufacture a numbing cream, we have a DIN# already. Please provide quote and minimum quantity needed.... Closed
10-00094 Sterilization and Lyophilization Poland Contract Sterilizer needed for Ethylene oxide, gamma and e-beam contract sterilization.... Closed
10-00093 Training and Education Laboratory Consultant needed to provide training in any biotechnology or bioinformatics english speaking lab.... Closed
10-00092 Formulation and Deformulation Nutraceuticals Company needs Contract Laboratory to deformulate nutritional supplements capsule or liquid form. ... Closed
10-00091 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Contract Sterilizer in Cape Town needed to sterilize single use dental instrumentation. "... Closed
10-00090 Formulation and Deformulation "Contract Laboratory needed to deformulate a cosmetic line. "... Closed
10-00089 Consulting and Advisory Services New York Laboratory Consultant needed to aid in registration of cytology & histology laboratory.... Closed
10-00088 Formulation and Deformulation Contract Laboratory needed to deformulate a sample of cream from china to find out what ingredients are in it. ... Closed
10-00087 Architecture, Construction and Design "Large Company in Africa needs PPE Testing Laboratory in Doula, Cameroon to test and certify PPE equipment every 3 months. Equipment includes overalls, boots, gloves(rubber & leather) hard hats (face shields)used in electrical operations and power line poles. "... Closed
10-00086 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Construction Consultant needed for Design & engineering of a thermal lab.... Closed
10-00085 Training and Education Laboratory Consultant needed for LCMSMS techniques training for a thermo finnigan model adv.max. LCMSMS.... Closed
10-00084 Architecture, Construction and Design ISO GLP Laboratory Construction Consultant needed for preclinical lab services such as Preclinical lab design, lab construction.... Closed
10-00083 Sterilization and Lyophilization ISO Contract Sterilizer needed to sterilize a battery powered hand-held medical device that requires EtO Sterilization. The packaging has been designed with several redundancies for preventing the device from powering on. ... Closed
10-00082 Architecture, Construction and Design Laboratory Construction Consultant needed to aid large company interested to establish, build and operate laboratories in Kuwait. Kuwait Company needs direct contact with Petroleum Labs in USA, KOREA and Japan for the following required labs: Chromatography Laboratory - Spectroscopy Laboratory - Ele... Closed
10-00081 Sterilization and Lyophilization "South Africa Contract sterilizer needed for sterilization of medical aesthetic equipment. "... Closed
10-00080 Consulting and Advisory Services Individual with 10 years pharmaceutical experience needs consultant to aid in setting up commercial microbiology testing laboratory. Need guidance regarding certification with the following: 1.What type of certification required for testing of water & non sterile drugs. 2.What are the NABL app... Closed
10-00079 Consulting and Advisory Services Medical Device Company requires a scientist or experienced technical expert able to validate engineering of new portable and stationary oxygen concentrator as well as provide thought leadership and technical direction on emerging designs. A medical device company that produces oxygen concentrato... Closed
10-00078 Consulting and Advisory Services Consultant needed to guide in how to register a microbiology lab in a in India. Dehradun uttarakhand lab is to be set up for quality control and R&D purpose only.... Closed
10-00077 Consulting and Advisory Services Medical Device Company requires a scientist or experienced technical expert able to validate engineering of new portable and stationary oxygen concentrator as well as provide thought leadership and technical direction on emerging designs. A medical device company that produces oxygen concentrato... Closed
10-00076 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Thailand toy manufacturer needs contract sterilizer to gamma sterilize Toy filled with purified water.""... Closed
10-00075 Formulation and Deformulation Eastcoast USA Contract Food Laboratory needed to perform reverse engineering on a beverage, i.e. determine the QUANTITY of each ingredient in a mix. A product sample and ingredient list will be provided.... Closed
10-00074 Sterilization and Lyophilization GMP Contract Sterilizer needed for E-Beam sterilization of polyester foam parts in Minnesota.... Closed
10-00073 Consulting and Advisory Services Product Development Consultant in Florida needed to aid individual with new recipe BBQ Sauce. Need final recipe in 2 gallon size as well as nutritional label information. Need help with patenting product as well.... Closed
10-00072 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Medical Device Manufacturer needs contract sterilizer for proof of concept sterilization of gel filled glass and/or plastic syringes (to 3cc). Development work (providing proof of concept) leading to production scale potential overpressure water immersion or steam/water spray ... Closed
10-00071 Warehousing, Storage and Logistics Large Pharma needs Montreal, Canada GLP Storage Facility for storage of biological samples."... Closed
10-00070 Consulting and Advisory Services Ethiopia University needs Laboratory Design Consultant to review proposal on Evaluation of Laboratory Design and Ergonomics Workstation Evaluation in Hospital Laboratory in Ethiopia. "... Closed
10-00069 Architecture, Construction and Design Consultant needed to help with the design of laboratory facilities for a manganese smelter in South Africa. ... Closed
10-00068 Sterilization and Lyophilization United Arab Emirates GMP/ISO Contract Sterilizer needed for ETO sterilization of surgical drapes and gowns that will be manufactured in our in house facility.... Closed
10-00067 Sterilization and Lyophilization "USA FDA GMP, CE ISO Contract Sterilizer needed for for Gamma Sterilization of Plastic Medical devices 25kGY to 35kGy"... Closed
10-00066 Consulting and Advisory Services Research and Development Company requires a consultant who has experience in developing a complete life cycle for lab equipment asset management services. We are developing an asset management system to service and maintain many low and high-end lab equipment. He would advice us on the most effectiv... Closed
10-00065 Sterilization and Lyophilization Aesthetics Company in South Africa requires contract sterilizer for sterilization and autoclave aesthetic equipment. Handpiece of the equipment needs to be sterilized via the sterrad method, the probes, longest being 40cm needs to be autoclaved.... Closed
10-00064 Formulation and Deformulation "Contract Food Laboratory needed to deformulate dry dog food. Can provide any number of samples needed. We have a list of ingredients . We would like the ingredients confirmed as well as a rough percentage of each. We also want to know if there are any ingredients in the food that are not listed."... Closed
10-00063 Sterilization and Lyophilization Australia University requires contract sterilizer for e-beam and ethylene oxide sterilization trial on samples (ca 4 x 1g)of a dextran derivative. Cost and procedure details required."... Closed
10-00062 Product Development "New York Technology Company needs Contract Laboratory for sample preparation volumes of 30-60 nanometer paramagnetic particles in distilled water suspensions in concentrations from ppb to ppt. Follow on blind samples of known concentration of the nanoparticle sin crude oil sample volume""... Closed
10-00061 Clinical Trial "USA FDA Laboratory required for clinical trial of handheld low level laser therapy device"... Closed
10-00060 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Health Centre requires assistance modifying BDNF (brain-derived neutrophic factor) with PEG (polyethylene glycol). We can source the BDNF and PEG and have a method to follow, but do not have the required equipment or expertise here."... Closed
10-00059 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Contract Sterilizer needed for ethylene oxide sterilization of Airways ( medical device) "... Closed
10-00058 Sterilization and Lyophilization India Contract Sterilizer needed for ethylene oxide sterilization services required for our medical devices product - guedel airways... Closed
10-00057 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Contract manufacturer needed to manufacture large amounts (kilograms) of protein. The protein is currently grown in bacterium and extracted using a his-tag/ Ni column system on a small research laboratory scale (milligrams). This is a plant/ algae type of protein that bacteria do not typically expre... Closed
10-00056 Consulting and Advisory Services Product Development Consultant needed for assistance in development of a hair care product for natural styles. ... Closed
10-00055 Sterilization and Lyophilization ""University needs Contract Sterilizer for sterilization of fragile medical implants to be implanted in the spinal chord. Implant consists of platinum/iridium electrode, wires insulated with polyimide, a PDMS base supported with gelatin. The gelatin dissolves in water so steam sterilization is not... Closed
10-00054 Formulation and Deformulation "Ireland ISO Contract Formulation Laboratory needed for formulation of new product for the laundry industry in conjunction with our new technology"... Closed
10-00053 Formulation and Deformulation Calgary, Canada Contract Laboratory required to formulate cream used for animal cuts. My late grand father made this cream and I would like to continue making it but we have unable to find the recipe and have one jar left.... Closed
10-00052 Consulting and Advisory Services Georgia University Professor requires assistance with writing a Grant that expresses clearly and in a simple manner the concept of the project. Prefer somebody with Biological science background. ... Closed
10-00051 Mechanical Maintenance and Repair St. Thomas Ontario Hospital looking for a quote for a 1 year service agreement on a Cryostat Leica CM1950 to cover emergency repair and 1 annual PM. Labor, travel and replacement parts to be included in quote. Services to be preformed between the hours of 8am -5pm Monday through Friday.... Closed
10-00050 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis US or Canada Laboratory required to grow clinical strains of Clostridium difficile to product spores for further research."... Closed
10-00048 Preparative Gel Chromatography Medical Device Company needs evaluate a new supplier of high molecular weight dextran and needs to have all traces of a preservative (phenol) removed from our test material. I need 300 g of dextran cleaned and returned as a dry powder."... Closed
10-00047 Clibration, Repair and Maintenance Birmingham UK Cormpany Laboratory needs Routine service to be done twice a year for our Alpha 4 Atomic Absorbtion Spectrophotometer 'O' ring and diaphragm to be replaced on each visit"... Closed
10-00046 Consulting and Advisory Services USA FDA GLP Consultant needed for guidance and planning for the implementation of a CLIA sample testing service."... Closed
10-00045 Product Development Texas contract chemical synthesis needed for scent extraction from foods to an oil base by Subcritical Water Extraction. ... Closed
10-00044 Consulting and Advisory Services Consultant needed for advising and overseeing plant tissue culture set up in Vietnam. The consultant needs to have knowledge in lab layout, suitable constructor, and monitor the construction."... Closed
10-00043 Sterilization and Lyophilization New Zealand and Australia Contract Sterilizer needed for Medical grade sterilization of plastic injection moulded instruments."... Closed
10-00042 Sterilization and Lyophilization Quebec FDA GLP Contract Sterilizer needed to sterilize medical device implant"... Closed
10-00041 Sterilization "Central or South American ISO 13485, ISO 9001 Contract Sterilizer to provide ETO sterilization service."... Closed
10-00040 Mechanical Maintenance and Repair ""Richmond Va. requestor needs centrifuge repaired.""... Closed
10-00039 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "Ottawa requestor needs mechanical repair service provider to repair and calibrate a UV dual beam photospectrometer. Requestor believes it is most likely a problem with the photomultiplier however the equipment is quite old. Requestor is investigating if it is less expensive to have it repaired and ... Closed
10-00038 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair """Pittsburgh requestor needs mechanical repair provider for maintenance on an AKTA Explorer 100"""""... Closed
10-00037 Sterilization and Lyophilization Medical Center needs US contract sterilizer to validate sterilization procedure (steam and gas) for reusable medical titanium screws. Must abide by hospital sterilization standards."... Closed
10-00036 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair Laboratory needs Michigan ISO & A2LA metrology laboratory for calibration & maintenance on spectrometer chemical analyzer of steel. Would want the individual to be located in michigan."... Closed
10-00035 Sterilization and Lyophilization US FDA GMP Contract Sterilizer needed or sterilization of spray Nutraceutical packaged in perfume spray tubes, glass or plastic vials and plastic spray actuators and caps. I would require these components to be sterilized packed and shipped to my manufacturing lab.... Closed
10-00034 Consulting and Advisory Services "CLIA Consultant needed to help walk physician practices through the process of becoming a Moderately Complex Lab. This position will require complete understanding of CLIA and the proper steps a practice will need to take to get their Moderately Complex ClIA status."... Closed
10-00033 Training and Education Analytical Chemist needs Web based training on LC/MS/MS... Closed
10-00031 Architecture, Construction and Design Lab Architect or Engineering Company needed to design Toxicology lab for Africa municipality. Sole and objective of the lab is to Biomonitor Micropollutants (Endocrine Disruptors) in Drinking, Source, Surface, Reclamimed and WasteWater. Cell culture room, for yeast assay and other relevant cell cu... Closed
10-00030 Sterilization and Lyophilization Medical Device Manufacturer needs ISO Canada Contract Sterilizer for ETO Sterilization, Validation packaging according to ISO and EN Standards. Also need Tyvek seal in enveloppe, and seal in plastic containers and package in carton boxes with shrink wrap and label medical devices."... Closed
10-00029 Architecture, Construction and Design "Laboratory architecture company needed to renovate laboratory in Indonesia ""... Closed
10-00028 Formulation and Deformulation Contract Laboratory needed for fragrance formulation, labeling and manufacturing.... Closed
10-00027 Training and Education Bangladesh Chemical Laboratory needs Training on DNA Profiling/Drug testing/Trace evidence/biophysical toxicology laboratory. ... Closed
10-00026 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis FDA GMP Contract Laboratory needed for co-dissolution, solvent casting to form drug in biodegradable polymer films for a controlled release application. We can transfer the technology for this but we need the processing to be FDA-GMP pharma grade compliant."... Closed
10-00025 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair Health Laboratory needs Maryland Eastern Shore Metrology Laboratory for Preventive maintenance of laboratory equipment and instruments.... Closed
10-00024 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "Laboratory needs repair of GC/MS that was just taken out of storage and intend to put it back into service. It is a Varian 3400-Finnegan Incos XL system retrofitted with Prolab Envirolink interface and software (running on an OS/2 computer). We need to troubleshoot a signal problem and would like... Closed
10-00023 Accreditation and Certification Toronto Canada Contract Pre-Clinical Pathology laboratory would like consultant to assist in having it GLP certified. "... Closed
10-00022 Consulting and Advisory Services Licensed MLT interested in opening small medical device testing laboratory needs consultant for advisory services and assistance. ... Closed
10-00021 Consulting and Advisory Services Medical Laboratory needs Quality Consultant for assistance in developing Management External Policies ... Closed
10-00020 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair Metrology Laboratory needed for calibration of shaker amplifier that needs to be checked and repaired."... Closed
10-00019 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair Metroloy Laboratory needed for NIST Traceable calibration of Particle Measuring Systems, Inc., particle counter Lasair-110 and 210 Calibration and Repair. Manufacturer no longer acknowledges these units. "... Closed
10-00018 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Southern California Contract Manufacturer needed for purification of a powder molecule (please contact me for molecule name) from food grade to pharmaceutical grade (or as close as possible) for use in animals. "... Closed
10-00017 Sterilization and Lyophilization "Medical Device Manufacturer needs Contract Sterilizer for ETO sterilization of one surgical implant made of PMMA""... Closed
10-00016 Audits USA ISO, GLP, GCP, ASQ certified auditor needed for pre-clinical and clinical bioanalytical laboratory (Method validation, Sample Analysis)and quality systems that support these activities."... Closed
10-00015 Consulting and Advisory Services Laboratory consultant needed to assist one of our health care clients with CMS post CLIA validation survey deficiencies."... Closed
10-00014 Consulting and Advisory Services Asia Sterilization Consultant needed to answer questions on sterilizing polymer meshes with EtO and Cobalt in our lab. "... Closed
10-00013 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "Calibration Laboratory needed for repair or calibration of PMS Lasair-210 Particle counters and one Lasair-110. All of which were running good and calibrated. I have one spare 210 unit for parts as well. The manufacturer no longer supports in any way these units. . RECEIVED SIZING PARTICLES AT ONE-... Closed
10-00012 Training and Education Asia Food Research Institute need sensory laboratories or sensory export needed for training ... Closed
10-00011 Sterilization and Lyophilization Large multinational Company needs ISO South American Contract Sterilizer for Gamma sterilization of liquid media products in bottles, vials, bags, etc."... Closed
10-00010 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis North America Laboratory needed to gravity seperate wood particle mixture (#4-8 screen) that rapidly separates into floating and sinking fractions in water. Lab service will initially gravity separate several pounds of the dry mixture by density into the corresponding fractions."... Closed
10-00009 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "Laboratory needs Calibration Laboratory to service and calibrate Minolta CM-2002d spectrophotometer."... Closed
10-00008 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "University Laboratory needs Laboratory Service Firm to service BioMate 3 Spectrophotometer"... Closed
10-00007 Sterilization and Lyophilization Denmark Contract Sterilizer needed to gas-sterilize (using Ethylene Oxide) 15 pieces of equipment (size 3x4 cm each)."... Closed
10-00006 Sterilization and Lyophilization Pharmaceutical Manufacturer needs India Contract Sterilizer to sterilize it's product gamma radiation between 25-40 Kgy"... Closed
10-00005 Manufacturing, Production and Synthesis Contract Manufacturer needed for deformulation and contract manufacturing of green cleaning product.... Closed
10-00004 Engineering Consultants needed for submersible pumps and motors services."... Closed
10-00003 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "Vancouver Pharmaceutical Mfg just purchased used sterilizer (model SterileMax ST 75925)needs company to clean it. "... Closed
10-00002 Calibration, Maintenance, and Repair "New York City Engineering Company needed for repair of Genesys 10uv spectrophotometer. looks like the lamp is broken.""... Closed
10-00001 Sterilization and Lyophilization India CMO needed to freeze dry herbs.... Closed