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Laboratory Product Requests

Number Category Description Status
09-0121 Reference Materials and Controls NJ Laboratory needs urine specimens that have alredy been GC/MS or LC/MS tested and have a known concentration of Buprenorphine and Tricyclic Antidepressants. We need 80 of each with various low and high concentrations of the drug." more Closed
09-0120 Books and Publications Puerto Rico Electrical Laboratory needs EMC/I certification book catalog" more Closed
09-0119 Laboratory Instruments "India Pharmaceutical Laboratory needs Karl Fischure Moisture Analyzer "" more Closed
09-0118 Sterilization and Lyophilization Equipment "Kuwait Mfg Laboratory needs sterilization Machine EO/Vaccum/Plasma all type of sterilization." more Closed
09-0117 Laboratory Equipment Saudi Arabia Laboratory needs FUMEHOODS PATHOLOGY WORKSTATION  With Grossing for Histopath Specimen Stainless steel construction Fixed-height or elevating work surfaces Hande-free or manual controls Efficient ventilation Work surface dimensions: 33"to 40"W 3 TOTAL VALUE SR" more Closed
09-0116 Laboratory Equipment Middle East Laboratory needs thin section machines from Logitech. These models are,GTS1 Saw,IU30 Vacuum Impregnation ,LP50 and CL40 ,PLJ2, PLJ7 or CJ30 ,BJ6, GTS1, Model 15 or CS30.,PLJ2, PLJ7 or CJ30 ,WG2 Polishing System." more Closed
09-0115 Laboratory Equipment Thailand Forensics Laboratory needs forensic laboratory equipment for my client especially for security agencies" more Closed
09-0114 Cell Cultures and Cell Lines "Biological Laboratory needs H9 or any other cell line suitable for HIV-1 culture. I also need biosafety cabinet level 3 for handling HIV-1/2."" more Closed
09-0113 Reference Materials and Controls BLOOD GAS HOSPITAL LABORATORY NEEDS LATEST NCCLS REERENCE more Closed
09-0112 Laboratory Instruments "Agriculture Laboratory needs Humidity tester (mini-drum hygrothermograph) GMA-128 926264 V, 47 Hz Portable humidity tester 700 GMT Multi-gains, adaptable battery Chronometer DTC Adaptable battery "" more Closed
09-0111 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays "Poland Food Laboratory needs elisa tests or food control" more Closed
09-0110 Reference Materials Canada Government Laboratory needs Water Potability Chart." more Closed
09-0109 Chemicals and Reagents Biotechnology Laboratory needs 5-Nitroisophthalic acid >95 % CAS[618-88-2] , Quantity :25 MT/ more Closed
09-0108 Laboratory Instruments "Laboratory needs SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE (1No) High Vacuum mode (typically 10-5m bar) High Vacuum mode (<270pa) With the inspect S equipped with a motorized x,y,z rotate stage. With inspect S equipped with all necessary detectors to detect secondary electrodes in both vacuum modes. more Closed
09-0107 Chemicals and Reagents India Laboratory needs diagnostic kits ,chemicals and reagents slides etc." more Closed
09-0106 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays Arizona Laboratory needs to buy new reagent to a Lingual Ascorbid Acid test kit we currently have. " more Closed
09-0105 Cell Cultures and Cell Lines "Pharmaceutical Company in Pune wants to purchase T1165 cell line for carrying out bioassays" more Closed
09-0104 Cell Cultures and Cell Lines ""BIOGENIX RESEARCH CENTER needs immediately HCT116 or any other colorectal carcinoma cell lines for purchase."" more Closed
09-0103 Plants New Zealand Company wants to purchase Cloned plants of Wasabia japonica required on regular basis. To be supplied either on grown on bare rooted plants or sterile in vitro. Laboratory must already have mother plants." Be able to supply phytosanitation certificates with plants more Closed
09-0102 Laboratory Supplies - Slides HYDERABAD COMPANY WANTS TO PURCHASE 35*75 mm GLASS SLIDES. more Closed
09-0101 Laboratory Equipment and Instruments Third generation pathology laboratory for a 750 bedded govt medical college with 100 admissions that needs to be set up wants to purchase instruments and equipments as per M.C.I. norms" more Closed
09-0100 Laboratory Equipment "Jamaica Company wants to purchase the following equipment: 1. Multipurpose Autoclave with Forced Heating Drying Cycle (1) 2. Vertical Water Distillation Unit (1) 3. Mechanical Convection Laboratory Oven (1) 4. Horizontal Laminar Flow Station (4) 5. Stands (2) 6. Microwave Oven (1) 7. more Closed
09-0099 Laboratory Equipment "Company wants to purchase a cyclosizer in the UK." more Closed
09-0098 Chemicals and Reagents China Company wants to purchase Platinum catalyst sold as scrap or flotsam. $500-$5000 will be provided according to the different usefulness of your information. Please email us with follow address: MSN:" more Closed
09-0097 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays "Europe Company wants to purchase Histamine test kits" more Closed
09-0096 Chemicals and Reagents Lebanon Company wanting to buy a reference standard solution of sunflower oil with know wax concentration for research purposes? more Closed
09-0095 Laboratory Equipment "Company wants to buy a laboratory table to set a fume hood on and have room to set other equipment and have a small sink to rinse and pour out samples" more Closed
09-0094 Cell Cultures and Cell lines "Malaysia Company wants to purchase mice cell line and mammalian cell culture. " more Closed
09-0093 Chemicals and Reagents Company looking to purchase Vesphene II se more Closed
09-0092 Laboratory Equipment Cement Testing Laboratory wants to purchase platform balance, flamephotometer, conductivitimeter . XRD stands for X-ray difractometer, XRF stands for X-ray fluorescence, XPS stands for X-ray photospectroscopy, I need also DTA, TGA, DSC analyzers (These equipment are used in elemental and phase more Closed
09-0091 Laboratory Equipment Company in SantoDomingo, Dominican Republic wanting to buy laboratory equipment to formulate a forensic laboratory, ballistic laboratory, dactilar tracks laboratory, indentifying DNA laboratory and documentoscopie laboratory . more Closed
09-0089 Laboratory Equipment Established Mexican Laboratory wanting to purchase a Lyophilizer machine for processing mushrooms in Mexico and need for it to having the following features: Cooling System Vacuum system Circulation system Lyophilizing , calinet, condenser 1 metric ton capacity if used or 100 more Closed
09-0088 Chemicals and Reagents Turkish company located in Gaziantep in Turkey wanting to purchase formulation as follows: 1- Waterless antiseptic gel formulation with alcohol 2- Waterless antiseptic gel formulation without alcohol.( Because of muslim people against of alcohol) I am looking to forward your kind reply . more Closed
09-0087 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays - Calgary Company wanting to purchase Haemonetics Color Comparator Card - this card is used for comparing dried plasma and red cell color. It has eight color schemes from very light brown to dark red.could you please let me know if you carry this product and if you do we would like to purchase some. more Closed
09-0086 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays "China company wants to buy test kit elisa complement 4 and interleukin 1b for research." more Closed
09-0085 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays "Zambia Company wanting to buy: "Urease additive for microbiology Selectiva for Neisseria gonorrhoeae human Bilirubin (both total & Direct) Crystal violet- 100grams Oil immersion 100mls Iodine crystals 500grams Pneumocystisis Jiroveci test kits API - Staphylococcus test kit API - more Closed
09-0084 Chemicals and Reagents Vietnam Company wants to buy chemical agents ie. pure pharmaceutical samples for comparative testing. Would you be able to locate a company that sells these pure samples? more Closed
09-0082 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays "Egypt Company wants to buy testing kits for acid ,alkaline phosphatase-acetylcholine esterase,SOD,ALT,AST,CATALSE,lipid peroxidase " more Closed
09-0081 Laboratory Equipment Company looking to purchase Beakers,Pippettes,Burners,conical flasks,Burrettes etc.looking to purchase laboratory products you have in stock. Your quick response will be highly appreciated. Hope to hear from you more Closed
09-0080 Laboratory Equipment "Dubai Company wants to buy rock hammer 4700, hot plate, tower, towel or smal showel, Bensen Burner, with carterige, Seives for wet sample, mash mash 3mm. to mash .25 mm., Abrasive powder 300 to 800 frit, sample evaporatipon dishes, Kanada Balsam Merk, Fema - cell, format S. Patula, Dropper cap w/ more Closed
09-0079 Laboratory Instrument "Hyderabad Company wants to know about ELISA processing instrument for coating and washing of ELISA plate." more Closed
09-0078 Chemicals and Reagents Egypt Laboratory wants to purchase acid ,alkaline phosphatase-acetylcholine esterase,SOD,ALT,AST,CATALSE,lipid peroxidase"""""" more Closed
09-0077 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays Spain Laboratory wants to purchase Histamine test kits """" more Closed
09-0076 Chemicals and Reagents ""Laboratory wants to purchase Chemical Reagents more Closed
09-0075 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays Diagnostic Importer wants to purchase large quantity of RIA kits T3,T4,TSH,FT3,FT4,FSH,TG,LH,Ptolactine,IGF, TSH,ACTH,PSA,CEA,b-HCG,CA 125TCT, Free PSA ect.. Considering the above please inform your Company Details, Product Details, Product list for all of RIA Kits with price offer for open system more Closed
09-0074 Cell Cultures and Cell Lines Research Laboratory wants to purchase spore stocks of Clostridium difficile. Have previous experience with strain 630, but would like to know any availability." more Closed
09-0073 Laboratory Furniture and Fixtures - Used and Refurbished "Needed used Lab casework, preferably Fisher Scientific.""" more Closed
09-0072 Laboratory Equipment Mining lab needs Mickel Standard 1000ppm (1000mls) 1 2. Copper Standard 1000ppm (1000mls) 1 3. 2.5Litre Hydrochloric Acid 10 5. Calcium Carbonate (Lime)500g 50 6. Calico Plastic Bags 320x260mm 500 7. Calico Plastic Bags 700x460mm 300 8. Sodium Peroxide AR 500g 10 9. 50mls Burette 2 10. 50mls more Closed
09-0071 Laboratory Equipment - Used and Refurbished "Laboratory needs used lab equipment or refurbished lab equipment as follows: 1. Plant Growth Chamber: Must be specifically "PERCIVAL" brand. The specifications are: a. Plant Growth Chamber with Intellus Controller, 1250 umoles/m2/s b. Dimmable lighting, Open Loop Control c. CO2 more Closed
09-0069 Disposables plastic sterilized 20 pestri dishes, 1 1ml pipette, and 6 inoculating loops"" more Closed
09-0067 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays Ferroxyl Test Kit required for stainless steel"""" more Closed
09-0066 Laboratory Furniture and Fixtures - Used and Refurbished "Laboratory needs used lab case work. Prefer to have a 60 / 40 mix of cabinets with drawers verses cabinets. need to have about 15 - 20 cabinets. Would like to find locally, Morrisville PA. Cabinets will not be used in a lab. They must be clean and chemical free. Please send information / pics by more Closed
09-0065 Chemicals and Reagents "Gujrat N-diethylnitrosamine needed for lecturer in Shree leuva patel trust mahila pharmacy college, Amreli, Gujrat-Please let me know its delivery price" more Closed
09-0064 Laboratory Equipment "India Tribology Testing Equipment needed to carryout the Load Carrying Capacity Test by JIS K 2519 test method. I would like to know the equipment supplier in India or Abroad who will be able to supply this equipment on urgent basis."" more Closed
09-0063 Laboratory Equipment ""USA Company needs LC/Thermal Energy Analyzer"" more Closed
09-0062 Animal Models ""Pharmaceutical Company requires laboratory ferrets for pharmacological study of anti-emetic effect of new drug substances""" more Closed
09-0061 Samples "Research student at FAMU requires eudragit sample to utilize in research for product formulation. I am ready to buy if you don't provide sample." more Closed
09-0060 Test Kits, Assays and Arrays "ASTM A 967 Ferroxyl test kit and Copper sulfate test kit required." more Closed
09-0059 Laboratory Equipment All laboratory equipment for Food Microbiology Lab for micro-organism testing in food like E-coli etc and all other test in food microbiology in lahore, Pakistan. Lab is based on all equipments related to microbiology testing with respect to food microbiology testing, please send us qoutation and more Closed
09-0058 Laboratory Systems - Water Systems "Satellite Laboratory in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India looking to purchase 2 units of Mini CO2/multi gas incubator "Multi-gas system Water jacketed Capacity: 40 liters (tank 11 liters) CO2: 0 to 20% O2: 0 to 96% Temperature control : 30 to 45 C I need 2 units from Oct 1, 2009. " more Closed
09-0057 Instruments and Analyzers """MIL-A-8625F, and ASTM-D822 Filtered open-flame carbon-arc apparatus needed - A device to carry out light fastness testing. The device must be capable of meeting the MIL-A-8625F, and ASTM-D822 standards."""" more Closed
09-0056 Cultures and Media "Linamarase needed - This enzyme is also called cellobiase b-glucosidase it is extracted from cassava."" more Closed
09-0055 Cultures and Media ""I would like to find a supplier that could provide human serum that is positive for infectious mononucleosis, rheumatoid factor, anti-Streptolysin O and CRP."" more Closed
09-0054 Cultures and Media ""I am in need of parasites (ova and adults) preserved on formalin."" more Closed
09-0053 Laboratory Equipment "Laboratory Equipment for concrete testing Sieves from 100micron to 4.00mm mesh size(1 full set) 2. Air meter type B (2 Nos) 3. Slump cone (2 Nos) 4. Concretre mixer 0.025 cubic meter capacity (2 Nos. 5. Compressive strength machine (3in one) compressive, tensile and flexural (2Nos) more Closed
09-0052 Laboratory Equipment - Incubators "molecular biology research laboratory needs equipment and chemicals like,CO2 cell culture incubator........etc if you inform your Fax No we can send our quotation """ more Closed
09-0051 Laboratory Equipment """Tanzania Geology Company seeking laboratory testing equipment for testing the physical and mechanical properties of rocks and minerals"""" more Closed
09-0050 Laboratory Furniture "Need Biohazard safety cabinets, Bench top centrifuga, freezer, refrigerator,distillation and deionizer plant,water bath, elisa plate reader/washer, egg incubator,autoclave, vortex mixer, microtome,etc."""" more Closed
09-0049 Laboratory Equipment - Sterilization "Laboratory sterlization process/ sterlizers in which we sterilize the medical disposables. It should meet CE and EN550 requirements."""" more Closed
09-0048 Laboratory Equipment """"OIL TESTING EQUIPMENT NEEDED 1. water testing equipment in petroleum products 2. oil sampler 3. Flash point tester """"" more Closed
09-0047 Laboratory Equipment - Microscopes and Imaging ""Geological rock sample & civil lab testing equipment needed: petrological microscope for thin slides of rock minerales-1 nos., crystal system set (all system)-6, streak collection minerals, cleavage collection minerals, fracture collection minerals, habit collection minerals, specific more Closed
09-0046 Laboratory Equipment - Complete Start-Up ""Need (on Turn Key Basis) Forensic DNA Laboratory in Bangladesh. This is and urgent request for bidding, appreciate your prompt reply by return email. """ more Closed
09-0044 Laboratory Equipment - Sampling """Large University needs electrochemical sample holder capable of holding a small conducting glass slide coated in a thin film of conducting polymer so that I can take electrochemical measurements (primarily cyclic voltammetry) of the thin films. The one I have seen (but have no idea where to more Closed
09-0043 Laboratory Equipment - Biosafety Cabinets ""School needs Class I Biosafety Cabinets"" more Closed
09-0042 Cell Cultures and Cell Lines ""Research Institute needs L-02 normal human liver cell lines"" more Closed
09-0041 Accessories "University medical genetics laboratory needs to purchase digoxigenin-labeled probe for non-radioactive southern blotting, probe sequence is about 800bp. "" more Closed
09-0040 Instruments and Analyzers "Laboratory needs laboratory instrument, device or material needed for testing of raw honey for the presence of antibiotics and non-organic contaminations """ more Closed
09-0039 Cell Cultures and Cell Lines ""Canada Supplier of MRC-5 cell line low passage needed"" more Closed
09-0038 Laboratory Equipment "Gel Doc system" more Closed
09-0037 Training Materials DVDs on QA, GLP in biotechnology more Closed
09-0036 Instruments and Analyzers "1-Sediment tester IP 390 (procedure A), ASTM D-4870 2-Automatic freezing point of aviation fuels, ASTM D-2386 3-Sybolt chromo meter ASTM D-156 4-Determination of smoke point , ASTM D-1322 5-Density and relative density Analyzer 6-Micro carbon residue tester ASTM D-4530 " more Closed
09-0035 Disposables "Chemical Company needs laboratory supplier of 50 flaks of LAL reagent water 50ml/bottle " more Closed
09-0034 Equipment Laboratory supplier needed for laboratory equipment for histamine testing (Elisa method). more Closed
09-0033 Laboratory Furniture Clinical Laboratory needs laboratory supplier of laboratory furniture, 18 linear feet of used floor-mounted laboratory casework with chemical-resistant tops. Preferably metal cabinets and epoxy tops. One corner unit and one sink unit needed. Preferably most units with drawers. " more Closed
09-0030 Cell Cultures and Cell Lines "Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer needed for Mouse myoblast cell line (C2C12) with passage number not more than 4."" more Closed
09-0028 Instruments and Analyzers - Spectrometry "Laboratory needs to purchase a Perkin Elmer UV/VIS Spectophotometer model Lambda 25 or Lambda 35 with the Manifold Kit. Used is fine if it works and has the instructions etc." more Closed
09-0027 Laboratory Equipment - Incubators "Canada Paint Company needs laboratory supplier of small incubator or constant temperature bot"" more Closed
09-0025 Laboratory Equipment - Complete Lab Start-Up """Complete Laboratory Set-Up. Minimal use ( approx. 1000 hours). Assessed Biosafety Level 4 capability by Components include a Vacuum/Sterilization/Fumigation walk-in Chamber complete with support equipment. Chamber is 3/8" steel plate with 1/2" x 4" x 4" T-Rib reinforcing at 1' intervals. more Closed
09-0024 Reference Materials and Publications Laboratory Supplier needed for guidelines, A Guide to Good Laboartory Practice, by Alex D. Kanarek, PhD, January 2004" more Closed
09-0023 Instruments and Analyzers "Aerospace Company needs a Tex Test Fx3250 Pick Counter."" more Closed
09-0022 Publications and Reference Materials "US Based Company Requires ASTM D-4236 for toy product to be imported from China. " more Closed
09-0021 Equipment Medical Researcher needs laboratory supplier for need discs 5-8mm for rat subdermal implantation" more Closed
09-0020 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays "Laboratory Supplier of Diagnostic Hormone Panel, Test Kits for saliva samples for Hormone panel testing"" more Closed
09-0019 Instruments and Analyzers - pH Meters ""Laboratory Instrument Supplier needed to purchase a handheld, portable ph meter needed for pH reads on personal care emulsions and gels. Accuracy good, standardization and low maintainance is a must. """ more Closed
09-0018 Instruments and Analyzers - Melting Point "Need Laboratory Supplier to purchase fischer johns melt point apparatus "magnifying glass and small stage for placing samples on coverslips, thermometer tracks temperature ramping.""" more Closed
09-0017 Lab Equipment "Tank Permeations tester for steel tanks to meet EPA 2009. Had ATV 50cc-250cc certificates in 2006. If you could help us to do it,please tell inform us what we need to do.And what we will provide, tank sample,tank drawing and etc.If you need more information,please feel free to ask me. " more Closed
09-0016 Materials Laboratory SUpplier of synthetic hydro-stone for chemical demonstrations. Looking for 2 to 3 inch round slabs.""" more Closed
09-0015 Instruments and Analyzers "Karachi Company setting up ISO Petroleum, Analytical CHemistry Laboratory needs to purchase all equipment for testing Metals, Minerals & ores Agriculture Petroleum Chemicals Oil & Fat Pharmaceuticals Non Destructive Tesing Please qive us detail of each equipment that will be use & quote us rate more Closed
09-0014 Laboratory Equipment ""Nevada company wants to purchase all laboratory equipment for R-Value Tests ASTM 2844 or ASHTO T190, Ele piece high beam stability Versa tester"""" more Closed
09-0013 Instruments and Analyzers "India Vererinary College wants to purchase all laboratory instuments used for detection of aflatoxins in poultry feed. Please do mail me for the same and mention the price list too """ more Closed
09-0012 Chemicals and Reagents "Qatar Company wants to purchase ASTM GRADED SAND (C-109) 50 lb/bag Please specify brand, specifications, place of manufacture and delivery (door to door - Doha office) """ more Closed
09-0010 Instruments and Analyzers - Microscopes and Imaging "India Company wants to purchase 23 new laboratory instruments: Scanning Electron Microscope, Automated DNA Sequencer, HPLC with different columns, Gel Doc system, Atomic absorption Spectrometer with Graphite Furnace, XRD Low/High Angle,ICP-Ms, Real Time Thermal Cycle for PCR, Transmission more Closed
09-0009 Instruments and Analysers - Titration "South Carolina Company wants to purchase a new Metrohm Brinkmann 678 EP / KF Karl Fisher Titrator. If you have an item similar to this one, that is fine."""" more Closed
09-0008 Instruments and Analyzers - Spectrometry "Saudi Arabia Company wants to purchase new laboratory instruments: ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometer GC/Mass Spectrometer BOD Incubator Soxtec 2050 Auto Fat Extraction System TOC 5000 Accu-Scope 3001 Microscope Microcamera "R-350" and monitor, 5435032 Eyepiece video camera,5435033,5435034 Digital more Closed
09-0007 Laboratory Equipment - Complete Lab Start-Up """UK University wants to purchase new laboratory equipment: 1) Permeaters: a) Air Permeameter b) Relative permeameter (Hasslers permeameter) 2) Core Porosimeter 3) Core Trimmer 4) Mud Balance 5) Marsh Funnel 6) Rotational Viscosimeter 7) Filtration Test Apparatus (For Filter Press Test) 8) pH more Closed
09-0006 Equipment Company Laboratory wanted to purchase new lab equipment: 1- optical deviation device 2- solar radiation resistant device 3- visible light transmittance can we equip our laboratory with your devices? more Closed
09-0005 Laboratory Equipment - Freezers and Refrigerators "Government Laboratory wants to purchase new lab equipment: Freezer -80C Freeezer -20C Fridge/Freezer Plate/Plate Washer Low Temperature Incubator CO2 Incubator Centrifuge """ more Closed
09-0004 Laboratory Supplies - Glassware """Eastern Europe Scientific Institute wants to purchase Certified Reference material for XRF-precious metals: Certified reference materials (glass material) for index of refraction -secondary standards, 3 different values, 1 of each Dimensions 15 mm x 15 mm x 4 mm The angle between the active more Closed
09-0003 DNA and RNA ""Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Laboratory wants to find new supplier of deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA)"" more Closed
09-0002 Test Kits, Assays, and Arrays "Israel Veterinary University laboratory needs BETA lactam test kit , Tetracyclines test kit ( 20) SNAP SHOT touch screen reader - pointer Furthermore , please try to send us the following with the offer:  an estimated sea freight cost ( Ashdood port- Israel)  indicate the country of origin for more Closed
09-0001 Lighting, Walls and Flooring "New marine tissue culture laboratory in Middle East needs laboratory supplier of laboratory lighting and walls" more Closed