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Laboratory Business Requests

Number Category Description Status
10-00025 Laboratory Investment ""I have more than 20 years of molecular Diagnostics and cytogenetics lab expertise and looking for a partnership/acquire a lab space in Hyderabad, India. I am also an NABL lead assessor and offer consultancy services for labd requiring NABL - 17025 or NABL-15189 Accreditation services. Closed
10-00024 Partnership "I am looking for a partner to start a diagnostic/testing lab in either Singapore, Malaysia or India.I have 15 years of molecular/microbiology and regulatory experience." Closed
10-00023 "Seeking a laboratory business opportunity to obtain lab licensure and lab partnership to start-up a specialty environmental lab. Seeking angel investor start-up capital in order to start a home environmental lab or a commercial-based environmental lab." Closed
10-00022 "GC-uECD-FPD, GC-MS/MS, HPLC-UV/VIS-FLD pickering pump, ICP-OES, to arrive shortly - HPLC-MS/MS, + other laboratory equipment; we get qualified people in the laboratory and you can use our equipment! Theme: Pesticide Residue studies in an agricultural catchment, runoff studies possible through to C Closed
10-00021 Partnership "Excel Laboratory would like to partner with pathology lab having good Micro biology and molecular set up in India or abroad(Russia - preferable)" Closed
10-00020 "I am planning to start a contract testing laboratory and looking for partnership" Closed
10-00019 Small Analytical Testing Laboratory (Environmental or Pharmaceutical) ""I am seeking a small (1-5 person) Analytical Lab that could compliment my own small Analytical Lab's capabalities. Currently we are in the Environmental Air Sampling and Analysis Sector and would like to enhance our capabilities in this sector via a small (micro) aquisition (e.g., soil and water Closed
10-00018 Lab Merger "I am natural sciences lisentiate and a pharmacist who managed to discover a natural anticancer latex wich healed three skin cancer cases -traditional essay- I want really to collaborte with your lab; is that possible... I am from Morocco. also I have an imipenem derivative wich need strials..and ma Closed
10-00017 ""Need lab lease in Texas for Phase I/II, beginning September 2011. Please contact with quote."" Closed
10-00016 UK laboratory looking acquire USA partners "UK forensic toxicology laboratory looking to acquire related businesses in the USA." Closed
10-00015 Sludge heavy metal inspection "I would like to build a chemical lab testing for sludge heavy metal inspection. " Closed
10-00014 Molecular diagnostics for cancer - premade assay kits "We would like to partner with clinical testing labs to provide easy-to-use kits for KRAS, EGFR, BRAF mutations. Other tests available. " Closed
10-00013 Looking for partners to take up Inhalation studies on dogs in China, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan Closed
10-00012 "I need to buy or partner with an existing clinical blood testing lab. I have the ability to add draw centers for additional sales. This needs to be in California. " Closed
10-00011 Lab services provider in PCR and Real time PCR technology platform "DSIR approved R&D unit,provides apportunity to provide anlytical and CRO services on advanced PCR and realtime PCR platform,GMO tseting,and food pathogen testing. Opportunity to be as distributor or supplier for our of inhoused developed PCR based kits and 480 range of PCR and Realtime PCR kits Closed
10-00010 "We are Ministry of Environment & Forests approved Lab at Vadodara (Gujarat) India interested to have Business tie-up/Alliance/Collaboration for all Enviroment & Industrial Hygiene related services. We are currently working on NABL/ISO 17025 certification. " Closed
10-00009 """Well equipped, FDA approved GMP testing laboratory in Nova Scotia, Canada is looking for a partner to utilize excess capacity. Facility also has GMP FDA approved pilot plant and scale-up equipment for manufacture of API with excess capacity. Currently manufactures and release test 4 APIs for US Closed
10-00008 Laboratory Partnerships family-run GCP conform GLP laboratory and the services we offer. Over a period of more than 19 years, we have built up and established a strong partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in bioanalytical research into pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Individuality and fle Closed
10-00007 ""My company has been invited for a turnkey contract, this contract is to provide 'fit for purposes' analytical equipment fora new laboratory. The implementation of the contract, therefore, has to be carried out in two phases i.e. 1 and 2 referred to as 'Mandatory' and 'Optional'. this major pr Closed
10-00006 "Want to purchase Clinical Lab that is CLIA approved " Closed
10-00005 Lab Investment "Forensic laboratory needed for investing in Botswana. Botswana is land locked between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zimbabwe which makes it a good business location for forensic services. The lab will serve most of southern African countries. " Closed
10-00004 Lab Leases and Leasing Large Medical Device Mfg looking for a lab facility to rent or a modular unit to purchase. We are located in Lowell Ma and would like to find a location to do chemical R&D. The needed space would be 40 ft x 24 ft." Closed
10-00003 Lab Leases and Leasing "India clinical laboratory with NABL accreditation wants to rent out or for lease " Closed
10-00002 Partnerships "USA Medical Company looking for partnership, with a clinical lab or long term care facilities, enrolled in Medicare. " Closed
10-00001 Acquistions and Mergers Acquisiton of laboratories in India. Closed