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Medical Devices

Orthopedics medical device laboratory needed that performs and certifies prosthetic devices with ISO10328, Prosthetics Structural testing of lower-limb prostheses

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START-UP Brewery needs TTB Laboratory for hard cider alcoholic beverage analysis to ascertain the positive values of our cider as well as to submit our formulas and labels to the TTB. Testing to include Alcohol Content Testing Anti-Oxidant Testing Beverage Assays Testing Nutritional Panel incl: calories, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, fats, probiotics, prebiotics, fibre, vitamins, sodium, potassium, etc...

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Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals

LONG-TERM TESTING Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for American Dental Association ADA approved fluoride analysis for the fluoride content in toothpaste using Fluoride ion selective methods

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Medical Devices

FDA cGMP Medical device laboratory needed for product safety and toxicology study testing of water based personal lubricant including

1) Condom biocompatibility 2) Systemic toxicity 3) Vaginal irritation 4) Dermal sensitization

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Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for molality analysis of peanut paste product

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Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals

University researchers needs Contract Research Organization to conduct in vivo study of ability of product to decrease the side-effects of alcohol consumption in an animal model, through neutralization of acetaldehyde. Laboratory animal study of alcohol ingestion and concomitant sampling for measurement of blood and urine levels of acetaldehyde.

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Medical Devices


Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals

Medical Devices


Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals

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Consumer products laboratory needed for metallurgical testing of costume jewelry components for nickel and lead to ensu... see details

Laboratory needed for waterproof testing of medical alert device to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) IP ... see details

Food packaging laboratory needed for FDA direct food contact compliance testing for compostable PLA foam products used i... see details

FDA compliant anaytical chemistry laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis (COA) testing of dietary health care pr... see details

Product safety laboratory needed for ANSI testing of ladder levelers to ANSI 14.8-2013 (Safety Requirements for Ladder A... see details


Construction laboratory needed for materials and toxicity testing of naval thermal insulation testing to various standar... see details

Food laboratory needed for HDPE packaging failure investigation testing to identify cause of smell in dried cereal puff ... see details

Construction materials laboratory needed for bisphenol BPA testing in polypropylene sheets see details

Geological laboratory needed for isotope testing of rock samples using laser fluorination utilizing triple oxygen isotop... see details

Materials laboratory needed for NATO STANAG Testing of gun cases for dry heat, low temperature, impact, and vibration t... see details

Urgent Requests

Plumbing company needs metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of brass plumbing parts to the ASTM B858 standard for stress corrosion cracking. Specifically looking for dezincification test on a new alloy we would like to consider using. see details

Large corporation needs analytical chemistry laboratory needed for water testing to determine the National Aerospace Standard (NAS) value of their demineralized water. see details

LONG-TERM TESTING Packaging laboratory needed to perform a large international cosmetics company's internal package test procedure which evaluates inclined plane drop test of an individual cosmetic compact to evaluate for breakage potential. see details

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Thermal Stiffness property testing as per ASTM D 1043 Stiffness Properties of Plastics as a Function of Temperature by Means of a Torsion Test of 3 rubber parts. The property measured by this test is the apparent modulus of rigidity, G, sometimes called the apparent shear modulus o... see details

University researcher needs environmental laboratory for water testing for the amount of Glyphosate in at least 9 water samples. Analysis is part of graduate research study on the effects of round-up on insect larvae and involves treatment of water at 3 different concentration. see details

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