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Textiles Laboratory Testing Requests

15-00676 Canada textiles laboratory for garment testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00634 India aerospace textiles laboratory needed Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning of Aircraft Fabric as per Civil aviation standard of fabric used in aircrafts. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00599 Vancouver analytical chemistry laboratory needed for chemical testing on fleece material ( read more )....., Closed
15-00544 URGENT: Large company needs Los Angeles California Textile Laboratory for immediate vendor qualification testing: Textiles Testing for Fiber Content. Needs rapid turn around. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00326 Large corporation needs analytical chemistry laboratory for pheool testing for phenolic compound in polyester yarn, industrial soda ash, silicon base softner. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00122 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of 16 samples product is nonwoven textile material required testing is automotive interior material acoustical evaluation impedance and absorption of acoustical materials using a tube, two microphones, and digital frequency analysis system ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00055 Large textiles company needs ISO fabric testing of a wide-ranging emergency relief goods to Attest BS tensile strength for fabric after exposure to UV and moisturizing climate simulation. Exposure in a climatic chamber under ISO 4892-2, type A, 360 hours. Followed by Tensile test under ISO 13934-1. Kindly quote your best price for above mentioned ISO standards. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00034 Uniform company needs textiles laboratory for testing of police uniforms it supplies to large city's police department. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00031 Textile Laboratory needed for fabric testing polypropylene fabric against moisture absorption, abrasion resistance, isolation, stain resistance, color fastness, etc? ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00005 East Coast USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for AATCC Testing and ASTM testing of synthetic leather products to test for anti-microbial properties to ASTM E2180-07 There would be 6 samples and a control.Alsot o AATCC Test Method 30-2013 Test III. Also 6 samples and a control.Finally to AATCC TEst Method 147-2011. Again, 6 samples and a control. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01585 Asia Laboratory needed for FDA testing of nanotechnology surgical gowns to test textiles for barrier protection against pathogen and blood. against EN13795 (CE mark) and FDA standards. We need to test for AMMI, ASTM1670/1671, EN13795 tests, and general textile tests, to prove that this material is suitable for use in the operation room as surgical gown, with sufficient barrier protection against pathogen and blood. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01555 ISLO Asia Laboratory needed for ISO fabric testing to woolworths ISO standards ( read more )....., Closed
14-01534 USA textiles laboratory needed for ASTM chemistry testing for microsilica to Astm c1240, Standard Specification for Silica Fume Used in Cementitious Mixtures , ( read more )....., Closed
14-01428 Textiles Laboratory needed for ANSI standard testing for Hi Vis hunting shirt fabrics in Blaze orange ( read more )....., Closed
14-01417 Textiles Laboratory needed for fabric testing done for a basic tee shirt program. Would like to see how much the rates are for testing and typical leadtimes for having testing done. Would appreciate if you could let me know information needed in order to get a quote. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01119 Latin American Textiles Laboratories needed for textile testing: Free Formaldehyde, PH- ValueAzo arylamine 24 dyestuff carcinogenic, 9Dyestuff allergenic 20*2chlorinated benzenes and toluenes Heavy metal 10 elements , ISO105E04)Cadmium total content, Nickel CHROMIUM VIPCPTECP Concentration Pesticide, Flame retardants, abnormal odor, phthalate pvc identification, Organic compound (TBT/DBT/TPbT)chlorinated organizatio, nColor fastness to washcolor fastness to perspiration, Color fastness to ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01064 California textiles laboratory needed for fabric comparison testing: Fabric Stress test ( read more )....., Closed
14-01048 Testing and Video Interview: San Diego Laboratory needed for fabric textiles comparison study: stress testing to show our fabric is stronger than others. Must agree to be interviewed for video spot ( read more )....., Closed
14-00943 Textiles Laboratory needed for Australian Standards Testing of wall coverings to Australian Standards 2687-1997 Textiles ? Upholstery fabrics for domestic and commercial use ( excluding face fabrics ) ( read more )....., Closed
14-00936 Textile Laboratory needed for fabric identification testing ( read more )....., Closed
14-00890 Manufacturer of expansion joints needs physical laboratory for acoustical noise testing on fabric used for expansion joints based any below standards, AS 1191-2002 Acoustics - Method for laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission insulation of building elements ISO 10140-4:2010 Acoustics - Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements - Part 4: Measurement procedures and requirements Please inform us of time duration of conducting the test ( read more )....., Closed
14-00710 US or Canada Consumer Product Safety / Textiles Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM F903: Textile testing of chemical splash protective fabric. 3 samples per chemical penetration test ( read more )....., Closed
14-00570 Canada textiles laboratory needed for suit fabric testing ( read more )....., Closed
14-00499 Textiles laboratory needed for ISO Testing: ISO 11092 1993 Textiles -- Physiological effects -- Measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state conditions (sweating guarded-hotplate test) ( read more )....., Closed
14-00428 Plastics laboratory needed for textile fiber testing. Form plastic pellets into textile fibers for testing/analysis and carry out testing on those fibers. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00237 Texiles laboratory needed for textile testing a fabric or garment for CLO value? ( read more )....., Closed
14-00072 Textiles Laboratory needed for CLO value testing on fabric/garment. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00006 Textile Laboratory needed for fabric sheet testing of fabric samples for tread count for example like 120's, 130's, or 180's. I also need to test if there 100 percent wool. I'm looking to get 6 samples tested. Please provide price ( read more )....., Closed
13-01611 Materials Certification Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Fire Retardant certification. ASTM on the Fire Retardment for a french textile, ( read more )....., Closed
13-01581 Textiles Laboratory needed for textile flammability testing of fabric for Chinese B1 Flammability standard. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01502 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM E84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ASTM C518, Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the Heat Flow Meter Apparatus ASTM C739, Standard Specification for Cellulosic Fiber Loose-Fill Thermal Insulation ASTM C687,Standard Practice for Determination of Thermal Resistance of Loose-Fill Building Insulation ( read more )....., Closed
13-01318 USA sensory laboratory needed for Tactile Sensory Analysis of nonwoven fabrics. Conduct a sensory panel testing (tactile) for one of the development projects we are working on. We want to assess softness level of Nonwoven films. Please provide a brief description of the outcome measurement (numeric scale, qualitative description, etc), and a cost estimate for the testing. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01270 Textile lab needed for testing of fiber content on a narrow stretch lace fabric 6-7" wide ( read more )....., Closed
13-01206 Canada or USA physical laboratory needed for NFPA Testing: Fire testing on textiles used in the production or roller type window shades to NFPA 701 ( read more )....., Closed
13-00923 Materials laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing of stone wool insulation products ( read more )....., Closed
13-00910 India UV transmission testing on natural dyed fabric which is treated with uv absorber. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00812 USA or Canada Textile Laboratory needed for Federation Internationale de l'Automobile FIA testing on race car protective clothing/textiles per the FIA (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L' AUTOMOBILE)Standard 8856-2000. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00776 Europe contract laboratory needed for leather testing ( read more )....., Closed
13-00710 India Toxicology Laboratory needed for WHO Testing: Mosquito repellancy testing and Toxicology Tests as per WHO guidelines ( read more )....., Closed
13-00534 USA Textile Laboratory needed for textile testing: Property PropertyUnits, Method Result Limits Total Weight Ozs/54 Units Method Result Limits Total Weight Ozs/54" ASTM D751 33 +/- 2.25 Ozs/yd2 ASTM D751 22 +/- 1.5 Total Thickness Mils ASTM D751 49 +/- 5.0 Using Mitutoyo 2416 Width Inch Fed Std 191A-5020 54 2 0 Adhesion of Coating Pounds/inch ASTM D751 W. 3.0 minimum ( read more )....., Closed
13-00383 India consumer products laboratory needed for chemical product safety testing and chemical effectiveness testing of chemical used for the Product but need to do some research for the same like how much its effective while using in live scenario, what modification is beneficial for company, how will improve it more. For more clarification please contact on below number. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00338 Asia textiles laboratory needed for textile testing: Dimensional changes in knitted fabric. timing of washing,measurement in cm,relax time. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00258 USA EPA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for EPA Testing to EPA method CTM-036A, total isocyanate analysis. 1 sample (3 replicates) ( read more )....., Closed
13-00174 USA Textile Laboratory needed for textile testing to identify if the textile damage is chemical or from machinery. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00161 India textile laboratory needed for DIN Testing of nonwoven geo textil as per DIN method for the following properties Sr. No Property Unit Standard Y/N Price 1 Mass (g/m2) DIN 53854 2 Thickness at 0.02 Mm DIN 53855/2 3 Thickness at 2.0 bar Mm DIN 53855/3 4 Tensile strength N/5cm DIN 53857/2 5 Extension at br ( read more )....., Closed
13-00132 USA A2LA Laboratory needed for JIS Testing and AES Testing of Polyester laminate tested to JIS L 1055 JIS L 1055:1987 Testing methods for light blocking effect of curtain materials and AES D 78365. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00078 New Zealand Textie Microbiology Laboratory needed for American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists AATCC Testing: Antibacterial Textile Test the AATCC 147 Parallel Streak Test Method (accredited laboratory) 6 samples ( read more )....., Closed
12-2297 Asia Microbiology Laboratory needed for AATCC, JIS, ASTM, ISO Antimicrobial Efficacy testing on antimicrobial treated textiles AATCC Test Methods 100, 147 JIS L 1902 ASTM E 2149 Multiple submissions through out the year, estimated 8 to 10 samples per submission ( read more )....., Closed
12-2054 USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for bacteria testing to determine the presence of MRSA (and other bacteria) on fabric samples form our workplace. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1932 Eastern USA Toxicology Laboratory needed for biocompatibility testing: Cytotoxic response on L929 mouse fibroblasts ( read more )....., Closed
12-1827 North America Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists AATCC Testing: formadehyde in nonwoven textile AATCC Method 112 Sealed Jar ( read more )....., Closed
12-1777 NJ or India Textiles Laboratory needed for textile testing: textile material for GMW auto body cloth standards ( read more )....., Closed
12-1745 North Carolina Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM F1790, Standard Test Method for Measuring Cut Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1666 Textiles Laboratory needed for fabric emission testing of E-glass fabric coated on both sides with an intumescent coating. In qualifying the fabric we are investigating the gases / vapors that are emitted once the fabric is flamed / burned. We require data on the gases and their individual concentrations. If there's any further info you require please let me know. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1639 European Union Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D 2257, Standard Test Method for Extractable Matter in Textiles. German company or company in EU ( read more )....., Closed
12-1494 Textile Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing to ANSI /ISEA 107-2010, American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear. Two samples ( read more )....., Closed
12-1488 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Taber loss (by ASTM D3389, Standard Test Method for Coated Fabrics Abrasion Resistance (Rotary Platform Abrader)) - Tear strength (by ASTM D624, Standard Test Method for Tear Strength of Conventional Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers or ASTM D470 testStandard Test Method for Determining the Internal and Interface Shear Resistance of Geosynthetic Clay Liner by the Direct Shear Method) - Tensile stress at 100% elongation (by ASTM D412 test ( read more )....., Closed
12-1070 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Standard method of ASTM/BS/ISO Test code number for Testing Woolen yarn/Tops oil extraction through percolation & evaporation detail. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1031 Saudi Arabia textile laboratory neededfor EDANA physical testing of nonwovens ( read more )....., Closed
12-0963 Physical Laboratory needed for Flame retardent testing of textile fabrics by french M 1 Standard ( read more )....., Closed
12-0947 Physical Laboratory needed for NFPA Testing to NFPA 701 Flammability testing of stage curtains must be tested annually for flame resistance. How big of a sample do you need? What will be the cost? ( read more )....., Closed
12-0922 Los Angeles California Materials Laboratory needed for Garment Flammability testing in comliance to 16 CFR 1610 (Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles). ( read more )....., Closed
12-0912 US or Asia genetics and genomics laboratory needed for DNA BiMaterial Genotyping identification of Flax vs Rami vs Linen on import of textiles from China. Needed for US customs ( read more )....., Closed
12-0901 West Coast USA Physical Weathering Laboratory needed for Accelerated Weather Testing Per FED-STD-191 Method 5804 Accelerated Weathering Procedure for Waterproof Weather-Resistant Cloth per MIL-PRF-20696. Test procedure is performed in accordance with Federal Standard 191 Method 5804. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0855 Physical materials laboratory needed for flammability testing of fabric with Certificate of Conformity? What are the requirements? How long will it take? How big is the fabric that you need? How much will it cost us? Please let us know as soon as possible because we have a deadline to meet. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0849 East Coast USA textile laboratory needed for textile testing: 1. Test and evaluate a pollyamid yarn to determine if it may be classified as "anti-bacterial". The classification is crucial for production. 2. Test a microfiber strainer for particulate collection / permeability. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0848 Physical Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Autoignition Temperature Test on one sample of cotton wadding ( read more )....., Closed
12-0813 Europe physical laboratory needed for EU B1 fire rating testing of textiles to see if they will pass the british fire rating specifications for hospitality ( read more )....., Closed
12-0683 Textile export company needs textile laboratory for CPAI and AATCC Testing of 100% cotton Fabric: - 1. CPAI 84 for fire retardency 2. AATCC 22 for water repellency Pl send detail quote for same (also need details about the quantity you need for same). Regards Vivek We are a textile export company & need to go for below mentioned tests on 100% cotton Fabric: - 1. CPAI 84 for fire retardency 2. AATCC 22 for water repellency Pl send detail quote for same (also need details about the quantity you ne ( read more )....., Closed
12-0629 California Textile Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, fabric construction testing to ASTMD1777 & ASTMD3774 (thickness and width) 10 samples machine laundered at 160F for 25 min. 5 machine dry @ Low in laundry bag for 30 min and 5 air dry. Please quote 5, 10, and 15 wash cycles performed. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0615 India textile analytical chemistry laboratory needed for fabric testing of dyed fabrics with natural dyes for colour fastness, was fastness, rubbing fastness, k/s values ( read more )....., Closed
12-0577 Southeast USA Textile Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: ASTM D6413 - Standard Test Method for Flame Resistance of Textiles (Vertical Test) 4 test groups, 2 specimens each Also, need images/video to be taken of each test ( read more )....., Closed
12-0505 Textiles Consumer Products Laboratory needed for apparel testing: apparel shrinkage would be, soil release, and durable press. Thanks look forward to hearing from you soon. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0483 ISO Textiles Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing and ISO Testing, textile testing for azo free and wash test of knitted garment analysis ( read more )....., Closed
12-0454 California Textiles Laboratory needed for Fabric color fastness testing for Chlorine and Seawater. 2 different samples for both tests. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0296 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for AZO Testing 5 SAMPLES OF CLOTHING MATERIAL ( read more )....., Closed
12-0264 China or Hong Kong Microbiology Laboratory needed for EN Testing to EN1276, EN1650, EN13697, Biocidal activity on textiles, longevity of biocidal activity. ( read more )....., Closed
11-2762 Textiles Laboratory needed for laundry testing ladies hair wrap with metallic glitter on liquid lame fabric will stay on fabric. Also to see how fabric holds up when machine washed. Wash 250- 500 times. Air dry only. ( read more )....., Closed
11-2699 Textiles laboraotry needed for AZO testing of denim, cost, asap. ( read more )....., Closed
11-2666 Textile Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D737 Air Permeability Testing of cloth ( read more )....., Closed
11-2538 India textiles laboratory needed for textile colour fastness of washing and drying processes ( read more )....., Closed
11-2533 India Toxicology Laboratory needed for Acute toxicity LD 50 testing of 10 Textile chemical samples ( read more )....., Closed
11-02468 Apparel company needs Textiles Laboratory for clothing testing 15 samples (men's and women's clothing) would you charge per piece or per hour? Any feedback you can send me would be very appreciated. ( read more )....., Closed
11-02466 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for azo testing and pathalate testing on denim and non-denim and knit fabric/garments ( read more )....., Closed
11-02398 Chicago consumer products laboratory needed product cleaner testing to determine which removes stains, and get clothes the brightest. ( read more )....., Closed
11-02234 Asia textile laboratory needed for textile testing for the calorific value of the microdust produced in our textile cotton spinning prcoess ( read more )....., Closed
11-02062 Asia textiles laboratory needed for ANSI Testing, AMSI 107 testing of 100% Polyester Fluorescent High Visibility FL Orange Fabric under ANS107 ( read more )....., Closed
11-01987 Eastern USA textiles, materials laboratory needed for ANSI Testing and ISEA Testing to ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 antimicrobial testing of Hi-Viz poly fleece garments trimmed with reflective tape and with an anti-microbial finish for ANSI 3 certification rating approval. ( read more )....., Closed
11-01980 USA Textiles Laboratory need for washer and dryer testing of depilling and garment enhancer laundry product Visual and microscopic photos needed. At least 7-10 samples (garments) need to be tested. ( read more )....., Closed
11-01952 Physical laboratory needed for gas/ vapor testing of black Nomex material with Nitrile Rubber adhesive applied to it for presence of gases/vapors are present in what amounts at room temperature and also heated in a metal press at 400F for 60 seconds? And also what dangers are involved with the gases/vapors that are present? Also, at what temperatures will the product start to degrade and what happens to it when it does degrade. Thank you! ( read more )....., Closed
11-01949 Italy Textile Manufacturer needs physical laboratory for ISO Testing, ISO 6722 Abrasion Testing for nonwoven ( read more )....., Closed
11-01752 West coast textiles laboratory needed for testing for crocking of fabric ( read more )....., Closed
11-01701 Textiles Laboratory needed for ANSI Class 2 and ANSI Class 3 Garment testing : BAckground, Reflective material, breathability, garment certification (sizing, tags)etc. ( read more )....., Closed
11-01522 Export Company needs Consumer Products Laboratory needed for textiles testing of for aloevera contents on fabric before and after laundering ( read more )....., Closed
11-01508 Law Firm needs textiles laboratory to compare samples of polyester fabric w/ pvc lining to determine relative thread count (i.e., 600D, 500D or 440D) ( read more )....., Closed
11-01499 Sports equipment Mfg needs textiles laboratory needed for textile testing for pressure. I need to test graduated compression apparel in mmHg. If so, what is your method, machinery and cost for such services? ( read more )....., Closed
11-01445 Materials Laboratory needed for standard test method for evaluating heat transfer through materials for protective clothing upon contact with a hot liquid splash.(ASTM F2701-08) ( read more )....., Closed
11-01440 Physical Laboratory needed for flammability testing of a Textile Fabric sample. ( read more )....., Closed
11-01124 GMP Laboratory needed to test a non-woven polyester fabric which is a raw material in one of our patch products per the ASTM's listed below. D4632, D3776, D1777 & D-737. ( read more )....., Closed
11-01054 Asia textiles laboratory needed to test dimensional changes in knitted fabric. timing of washing,measurement in cm,relax time. ( read more )....., Closed
11-01039 Ireland / UK consumer products, plastic and polymer laboratory needed for materials testing outer sole of a fabric slipper tested. We need to establish the proportions of plastic versus textiles in a textile embedded plastic outer sole. ( read more )....., Closed
11-01006 Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing on bleached cotton comber. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00971 India ASTM Textiles Laboratory needed for Radiant panel test Smoke density static electricity as per ASTME648 ASTM662AATCC134 ( read more )....., Closed
11-00945 India ISO Acoustics Laboratory needed to test textile fabrics according to ISO 717 - Acoustics - Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements ( read more )....., Closed
11-00944 India NFP Physical Laboratory needed to test the day light transmission of textile fabrics as per NFP -38.511. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00943 India ASHRAE Physical Laboratory needed for testing specialty textile fabrics according to ASHRAE standards 74-1998 for the following thermal values o Transmission solar (Ts) o Reflexion Solar (Rs) o Absorption Solar (As) o Shading coefficient (Fs) ( read more )....., Closed
11-00790 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for testing textile weight - Oz or Gram ( read more )....., Closed
11-00769 Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial testing a fabric for its antimicrobial properties. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00767 Malaysia Textiles Laboratory needed for textile crumple test. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00735 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for testing and providing an MSDS for a consumer product (laptop sleeve) constructed of neoprene and polyester. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00653 Textiles Laboratory needed for EDANA strike through and LF testing on Non Woven material. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00587 India ASTM Acoustics Laboratory needed to test sound absorption coeffcient as per ASTM E 1050 FREQUENCY RANGE 500HZ TO 6400HZ ( read more )....., Closed
11-00578 Textiles Laboratory needed for testing radiant barrier product for radioactive blocking test. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00443 Large Thailand Fibers Manufacturer needs Textiles Laboratory for testing their product as follows: 1. We would like to get our fibers evaluated and certified for content of BPA (Bisphenol A) against current "Regulations for DEHP & BPA". 2. We would also like to evaluate and get our fibers certified complying to "Proposition 65" and "California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act 1986". ( read more )....., Closed
11-00383 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for physical testing physical to MIL W-4088 or MIL-PRF-5038 ( read more )....., Closed
11-00338 Physical Laboratory needed for flammability testing of aircraft leather tapestry, anti flame test FAR 25.853 for our leather, foams, fabrics, velcro, canvas and products related to aviation upholstery textiles. More specially to our leather. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00274 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for MIL textile webbing physical properties testing to MIL-W-8088 ( read more )....., Closed
11-00251 Textiles Laboratory needed for fabric testing of polyester grage fabric for 1. Fabric parameter (thickness, weave, density (warp & weft), weight, air-penetration, tenacity by warp & weft, yarn composition, rubbing test, melting point by deg C etc. 2. Yarn from the fabric tested for: yarn count, number of filaments, filament count, crimping type and method, yarn twist, melting point by deg C ( read more )....., Closed
11-00212 Canada or USA Textiles Laboratory needed for chemical testing one sample (wrinkle-free dress shirt) to determine which chemicals were used to create the wrinkle-free finish and if possible how harmful the chemicals are. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00196 USA Textiles Laboratory needed to test a 1 inch square sample of soft pvc bath mat by exposing to 1 year equiv. of sunlight and ensure it does not become sticky/tacky. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00098 Europe Textiles Laboratory needed for Flammability Testing to 16-CFR-1610. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00068 UK BS Textiles Laboratory needed for testing as per BS 5853 Flammability : cigarette & match - full Physical test for general domestic use: Martindale, Tear Strength, Tensile strength, Seam slippage, pilling, colour fastness to light, to rubbing and to water quality. ( read more )....., Closed
11-00034 Materials Laboratory needed for fabrics protective testing to NFPA2112 standards. Our fabrics our used in Europe for heat & flame protection and metal splash protection in the metal-chemical, petro and electrical industries (compliant to EN ISO 11611, 11612, etc ( read more )....., Closed
11-00022 WestCoast USA TPCH Packaging Laboratory needed for testing model toxics in packaging. ( read more )....., Closed
10-03032 USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test what chemicals are present on a sample of 18 oz. Vinyl coated polyester that has been used in the field v.s. what chemicals are present on the fabric prior to it's end use. Need to identify if there are any chemicals on/in the vinyl or scrim that wasn't there originally? Specifically we are looking for chemicals that might be used in lawn care that might accelerate breakdown of the fabric or reduce its UV resistance and which would not have b ( read more )....., Closed
10-02807 Singapore Physical Laboratory needed for testing geo textile product for uv resistance and mullenburst. ( read more )....., Closed
10-02729 Canada Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing 2 kitchen 100% cotton cook jackets which have have holes in them after 4 months usage. I want to have a chemical analysis of all products used during washing and dry cleaning and analysis to find out if pressing and temperature used on apparels were adequate ( read more )....., Closed
10-02719 India Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing 2 samples of Non woven fabric for Antiviral and Antibacterial properties. The Non woven fabric is intended for Surgical gown. ( read more )....., Closed
10-02710 Microbiology Laboratory needed to test substance on carpet that has certain species of organisms present within fibers. ( read more )....., Closed
10-02681 Microbiology Laboratory needed for MRSA Antibacterial Assessment Testing on polypropylene fabric ( read more )....., Closed
10-02583 India ASHTO Laboratory needed for transportation testing to obtain certification for geo-textiles for the construction industry. ( read more )....., Closed
10-02442 UK USP Physical Laboratory needed for testing qualities: FARO & DUBLIN: Fr + full physical test report on quality: SNAKE: (1)colourfastness to light (2) breaking strength (3) colour fastness to water ( read more )....., Closed
10-02414 Environmental Laboratory needed to perform biodegradability test on a chemical named "wax" (paraffin used in manufacturing of yarn in the textile industry) ( read more )....., Closed
10-02412 India ASTM Materials Laboratory needed for testing Flame Resistance fabric (100% Cotton) for ATPV Value as per ASTM F1959 ( read more )....., Closed
10-02402 Physical Laboratory needed for USP Absorbency Test on 2 samples of Cotton. Procedure- Prepare a test basket, weighing not more than 3 g, from copper wire approximately 0.4 mm in diameter (No. 26 B. & S.) in the form of a cylinder approximately 5 cm in diameter and 8 cm deep, with spaces of about 2 cm between the wires. Take portions of purified cotton weighing 1 ± 0.05 g from five different parts of the package by pulling, not cutting, the specimens, place the combined portions in the basket, ( read more )....., Closed
10-02396 Canada Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial efficacy testing for non-woven and woven textiles as per JIS L 1902 or ISO 20743. ( read more )....., Closed
10-02364 ISO/ASTM Textiles Laboratory needed for vertical test on flame retardant garment. ( read more )....., Closed
10-02357 M1 European standard and/or Marine Cert IM0471 Laboratory needed for testing stretch fabric. ( read more )....., Closed
10-02331 UK Materials Laboratory needed for the following testing: (1) Cigarette & Match (2) Full Physical test on 3 qualities: Chicago, Tenerife & Rockford ( read more )....., Closed
10-02304 Textiles/Materials Laboratory needed to do the following testing on an urgent basis: 1. Thread count method 5050 Warp ground yarns per inch, Warp pile yarns per inch, fill yarns per inch 2. Breaking Strength Method 5100 Warp LB, Fill LB 3. Shrinkage Method 7550 Warp percent, Fill percent ( read more )....., Closed
10-02197 USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test 1 sample for toxins, heavy metals (including cadmium), formaldehyde, and benzine. ( read more )....., Closed
10-02164 UK Physical Laboratory needed for BS 55852 FR TESTING: cigarette & Match on 'MARTIN FR TMB' sample as per BS 55852: part 1 & 2 ( read more )....., Closed
10-02140 ISO LABORATORY NEEDED FOR FULL ISO PHYSICAL TESTING TO ISO 12947-2 ( read more )....., Closed
10-02027 Brighton UK Toxicology Laboratory needed for testing large items of upholstery for chemical treatments which may be affecting health (respiratory and skin difficulties experienced) ( read more )....., Closed
10-02014 India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing Intrensic viscosity, DEG, Carboxyl groups, melting point, L&b colour of polyester chips ( read more )....., Closed
10-01983 EU Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test Vectran fibre for 6-hydroxy-2-naphthalene carboxylic acid to detection limit of 0.05 ppm. ( read more )....., Closed
10-01952 Materials Laboratory needed for durability testing of seat cushion material as per per SAE J1454. ( read more )....., Closed
10-01786 India ISO Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing Oil Content in a sample of Wax in accordance to ISO standards. ( read more )....., Closed
10-01753 USA Laboratory needed for testing in accordance to CRI Test Method - 101 Reference Documents ASTM Standards: D-5251 D-5252 D-5417 D-5684 D-6199, Lab certification testing (RATING NUMBER 0 - 5) 1 sample per style ( read more )....., Closed
10-01727 Ireland Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing for efficiency of antimicrobial properties in fabric.. test for moisture absorption, durability, effectiveness. ( read more )....., Closed
10-01663 San Diego CA Laboratory needed for flame resistant on fabrics to conform to Fed test 191 and Standard test 59303 as well as NFPA 70E category 2 ( read more )....., Closed
10-01635 ASTM Materials Laboratory needed for testing on PVC industrial coated polyester fabric in accordance to ASTM D2582 for MSHA approval. ( read more )....., Closed
10-01383 Canada/USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for Impact Testing for foam core material in accordance to DIN 53453. 3 samples depending on dimensions required. ( read more )....., Closed
10-01326 Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Nylon and Polyproplene carpets needs ASTM Laboratory for testing. ( read more )....., Closed
10-01290 Textiles Laboratory required to test the aramid fiber. ( read more )....., Closed
10-01220 Pakistan Textiles Laboratory required for testing our textile jackets for Newtons pressure(For ex.400N, 800N). ( read more )....., Closed
10-01195 Textiles Laboratory required for testing nylon material for VW50190 Colorimetric Evaluation VW50185 Resistance to Weathering VW50180 Emission Behavior TL1010 Burning Behavior TL226 paint coatings PV1303 Light Exposure ( read more )....., Closed
10-01180 Mechanical Laboratory needed for tensile test on towels. ( read more )....., Closed
10-01014 Midwest USA Textiles Laboratory needed for testing washing of Hygenically clean laundry, to test the effects of washing proceedure on textiles worn in the medical industry ( read more )....., Closed
10-00981 India Microbiology Laboratory needed or ASTM F2101 Testing Nonwoven filter media for bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) under the standard of ASTM F2101 ( read more )....., Closed
10-00945 Texas Product Safety, Textiles Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, Permeation of Liquids and Gases through Protective Clothing Materials under Conditions of Continuous Contact ( read more )....., Closed
10-00591 Canada Textiles Laboratory needed for testing fabrics for the UV protection index ( read more )....., Closed
10-00560 ISO Textiles Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, antimicrobial topfinish for antibacterial and antifungal properties for automotive interior fabrics ( read more )....., Closed
10-00530 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for USP Testg of cotton coil for fiber length. ( read more )....., Closed
10-00513 Textiles Laboratory needed for 100 wash industrial laundry testing on flame resistant garments. Chemcials and wash process provided. Garments will be tested for shrinkage, color change, and tensile strength at specified intervals through 100 washes. ( read more )....., Closed
10-00477 FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry needed for heavy metals testing of nylon fabric textiles that has DWR (durable, water, repellency) on one side and a PU coating on the other side to be free from lead, other heavy metals, BPA and phthalates ( read more )....., Closed
10-00432 UK Physical Laboratory needed for Rub testing, Blue Wool Scale testing and testing for the ignitability of upholstered composites for seating. ( read more )....., Closed
10-00379 Seattle Microbiology Laboratory needed for JIS L1902 quantative testing of antibacterial faction for our bamboo fiber product. This is confidential. ( read more )....., Closed
10-00191 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for Shrinkage testing for flannel apparel for adults ( read more )....., Closed
10-00164 California Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, ASTM E2149 on one challenge(staph)on fabric ( read more )....., Closed
10-00002 India Sensory Laboratory needed for olfactometry testing, dynamic dilution. ( read more )....., Closed
09-2511 Middle East analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing polyester (one side corona treatment and one side chemical treatment ( read more )....., Closed
09-2501 South Carolina Area Physical Laboratory needed for Accelerated weathering and colorfastness testing, measurement of textile (nylon) Particular emphasis on coloristics after UV exposure (degree of fade) ( read more )....., Closed
09-2462 USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for hand panel study of fabric softness ( read more )....., Closed
09-2461 Hawaii Microbiology Laboratory needed for rodac plate testing on finished hospital/hotel laundry. ( read more )....., Closed
09-2361 Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of fabric, ASTM D3776, Tear Strength ( lbs W x F) - ASTM D1424, Tensile Strength ( lbs W x F ) - ASTM D5034, Laundry Shrinkage ( W x F) - ASTM 1506, Vertical Flame - ASTM D6413, Thermal Manikin - ASTM F1930 Air Permeability - ASTM D737, ASTM 1959 - Arc Rating of Materials for Clothing ( read more )....., Closed
09-2331 Clinical Laboratory needed for DIN testing the fastness to saliva ; LMBG 82-10.01 and DIN 53160-1& 2:2002 ( read more )....., Closed
09-2316 USA Physical Laboratory needed for Flammability testing NFPA701 on fabric used for the manufacture of interior window coverings ( read more )....., Closed
09-2212 India Dermatology Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for dermatological testing effects on the skin in dry & wet conditions and to prove that the dyes are non-irritational, non-allergenic etc; can you put us in contact with some laboratories in india. ( read more )....., Closed
09-2203 UK Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for BS 5853 FLAMMABILITY testing 3 m VELUTO FR 904 Fr following BS 5853 norm: Cigarette & Match for textile materials.. ( read more )....., Closed
09-2169 Materials Laboratory needed for NFPA Flammability testing of fabric used for making roller shades (interior window coverings)according to NFPA 701 California fire marshall, section 13115 Boston fire Dept BFD 1X-1 ( read more )....., Closed
09-2063 USA Materials Laboratory required for EN388 test of latex coated cotton glove ( read more )....., Closed
09-2051 Europe GMW 3417 Physical Laboratory needed to test the interior car carpet for natural weathering exposure ( read more )....., Closed
Full physicall test report on our quality LINETTA ( read more )....., Closed
09-1956 USA Product Safety Laboratory needed for ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 testing 3 materials for visibility. ( read more )....., Closed
09-1903 AATCC Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to evaluate the performance of a dye dispersant for textile applications namely and at least fiber stain (AATCC method), dispersant color (AATCC method 184-2005), and azo dye reduction. ( read more )....., Closed
09-1898 USA Mechanical Laboratory required for Non-woven fabric sample to be tested as per ASHRAE 52.2 ( read more )....., Closed
09-1853 UK BS 5852 Product Safety Laboratory needed to test following the brittish standard norm: BS 5852 part 1 Cigarette and part 2 Match test of the furniture an Furnishings Regulations UPS will delivery you tomorrow 3 m test length in our quality LYON ( read more )....., Closed
09-1796 Materials Laboratory required for crumpling test. We are a Colombian company specializing in textile manufacture. Inside our range of products we offer fabrics for automotive upholstery according to the market requirements regarding weight, resistance and bonding. ( read more )....., Closed
09-1786 USA Microbiology Laboratory required for testing-My textiles are coated with an antimicrobial compound and i would like to determine if the coated textiles are anti-allergen via testing against pet dander, cockroaches, etc. ( read more )....., Closed
09-1784 USA ASTM F903 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for testing coveralls for Product Safety. I am interested in following chemicals: -Acetone 99% -MEK (2-Butanone) 99% -Denatured Alcohol -Lacquer Thinner -Phosphoric Acid 85% -Muriatic Acid 32% -Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) -Boiled Linseed Oil -Any Isocyanate Containing Product ( read more )....., Closed
09-1782 Texas Fire Testing Laboratory required for Textiles Product Safety Testing to test the internal heat of a fire jacket and/or pants with and without the application of a product that retards burning potential and need results certified. ( read more )....., Closed
09-1731 Malaysia Product Safety Laboratory required for testing Azo dye on textile material (Woven fabric) ( read more )....., Closed
09-1723 USA Microbiology Laboratory required for testing several textile products for protection against H1N1 or other viral strains. ( read more )....., Closed
09-1665 Mexicao ISO Materials Laboratory needed for testing weathering and light stability, light fastness to textile mesh" ( read more )....., Closed
09-1440 India Microscopy/Imaging Laboratory needed to test some fiber samples with TEM imaging and microtome analysis. ( read more )....., Closed
09-1431 USA ASTM D737 ASTM F2298-03 Materials Laboratory required for testing air and water permeability of swimsuits (textiles), buoyancy of swimsuits. ( read more )....., Closed
09-1424 ISO Materials/Physical Laboratory required for ISO 811- hydrostatic head pressure test ( read more )....., Closed
09-1327 Canada Materials Laboratory needed for Tearing Strength ASTM D5733-99 and Cold Crack Resistance CFFA- testing. ( read more )....., Closed
( read more )....., Closed
09-1203 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for textiles testing of woven belt sash made up of rayon and silk and maybe some other metarials to determine percentages of each material. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0988 USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for fabric disinfectant testing to determine if textiles are free from bacteria, viruses, and fungus. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0980 Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-viral efficacy testing of organosilane surface protectants applied to surgical mask. We would like to know if the treated item inhibits the growth of the virus. We own patents on a water based organosilane surface protectant which is EPA approved ( read more )....., Closed
09-0957 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test our solvent based ink (yellow) since we have been having printing problems on textiles in particular. We would like to test things such as the sedimentation rate, viscosity, how well the ink tolerates different variables such as temperature variability and exposure to air. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0844 US Microbiology Laboratory needed for H1N1 viral barrier efficacy testing to specific viruses, including H1N1. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0833 ISO India Physical Laboratory needed for fabric flammability test in indian standard-15061 (horizontally) ( read more )....., Closed
09-0823 North America, Asia Electrical Laboratory needed for ASTM F1506-08, Electric Arc Thermal Performance Testing for textiles ( read more )....., Closed
09-0811 Canada or US Textiles Laboratory needed ASTM, AATC, Dupont stretch & water relellency, JIS, ISO, AATC ( read more )....., Closed
09-0757 Textiles Laboratory needed for testing Free Formaldelyde Content and Lead in Substrate, 100% polyester knitted fabric as the substrate for making synthetic leather. Please kindly send us a quote by return. We are urgent, when could we get the results after applying the test. Please advise me your address in Chinese and contact person in order to send you sample. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0753 Asia Materials Laboratory needed for flammability testing to DIN4102 B1 standard. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0473 Turkey Textiles Company needs Europe Laboratory for photocatalytic reaction testing after removing volatile organic components and odor by photocatalytic reaction. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0469 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for Confocal RAMAN microscopy of fiberglass cloth fabric. Cost for testing two samples by Confocal RAMAN microscopy? The samples are fiberglass cloth fabric with sizing treatment. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0353 South America Textiles Laboratory needed for testing CIE values of several samples & colorimetry testing to check CIELab values of several samples against an standard color send it by our customer. Please, if you can do this work, send a quotation , for example measurement of standard white sample and measurement of six white samples against standard white. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0325 University needs UK Materials Laboratory for Electrical conductivity testing of non woven thin fabric. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0322 UK Biomaterials / Microbiology Laboratory needed for Microbial testing , Antimicrobial activity and biocompatibility testing of medical textiles. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0274 USA Textiles, Product Safety Laboratory needed for CPSC flammability testing of garments. Need price quote, per garment and also the lead time you would require. Please advise as soon as possible! Thank you so much! ( read more )....., Closed
09-0238 Europe DIN 4102 Parts 15/16 - Brandschacht (B1)Certified Materials Laboratory needed for product safety testing - fire prevention on textile fabrics ( read more )....., Closed
09-0174 USA ASTM D2863 or ISO 4589-1,-2 Materials Laboratory needed for CITS LOI (LIMITING OXYGEN INDEX) TESTING ON 14 YARN SAMPLES; not for certification seeking relative differences between the samples ( read more )....., Closed
09-0103 USA Textiles or Materials Laboratory needed to test finished goods for fabric weight and finished good size. Need average of several. Simple. ( read more )....., Closed
09-0003 New Jersey USA Textiles or Materials Testing Laboratory needed for AZO free dyes testing in knitted fabric. ( read more )....., Closed
08-2651 ASTM Materials Laboratory needed for Product Safety testing for new product. Napal Nonwovens is a Turkey-based company producing nonwovens for consumer wipes. Currently, we are working on a new product range which will be creating flushability in bathroom cleaning wipes. If you supply dispersibility tests for nonwoven textiles please contact me for further discussion. ( read more )....., Closed
08-2621 East Coast USA Pharmaceutical Textiles Laboratory needed for USP Testing: Fatty Matter, Dyes, Fiber Length tests on Cotton and Rayon as per USP. Can you please provide a price quotation. ( read more )....., Closed
08-2617 Canada or Eastern USA AATCC-100 Microbiology Laboratory needed to test Biocidal effect of textile fabric against E Coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Enterococcus faecalis, Salmonella sp. VHA, VHB VHC, poliovirus ( read more )....., Closed
08-2579 Pakistan Materials Testing Laboratory needed to perform the following tests 1)Formaldehyde 2)Azo Dystuff 3)Lead analysis 4) Carcainogenous dystuff 5)Total Pathalate content 6)Determination of cadmium content. We need these tests and its rates ASAP. ( read more )....., Closed
08-2528 New York Materials Testing Laboratory needed for "M1 - style 2390 flammability testing for contract fabrics for the European Union This is for a vinly coated polyester solar screen for the windows" ( read more )....., Closed
08-2478 USA FFA Textiles Testing Laboratory needed for product safety testing - 16 CFR Part 1610: Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles. ( read more )....., Closed
08-2295 New Jersey Geotextiles Laboratory needed for heavy metals and silver with a fabric containing silver ( read more )....., Closed
08-2290 USA Materials Testing Laboratory needed for ASTM Weathering Testing for Operating Xenon Arc light apparatus for exposure of non-metallic materials, in this case it would textiles (weathering). ( read more )....., Closed
08-2269 Hong Kong ASTM F1006 A2lA, CNAS, HOKLAS Materials testing laboratory needed to certify/ verify vinyl composite tiles (type IV composition 1-asbestos free)to ASTM F1006 (FED SPEC SS-T-312B). ( read more )....., Closed
08-2254 India SES N 3295 Materials Testing laboratory needed to do the following tests on Automotive seating fabrics: 1. Crumpling Resistance 2. Abrasion Resistance III ( read more )....., Closed
08-2205 Canada/USA FDA biomedical laboratory needed for testing garment belt accessory which is a patient contacting device with limited (< 24h) contact duration according to 4.3 of ISO 10993-1:2003. The material to be used shall be neoprene, nylon, elastic and Velcro. The materials to be used in this garment belt will be common known material that has previously had the three required tests (cytotoxicity, sensitization and irritations) ( read more )....., Closed
08-2166 UK ISO Analytical laboratory needed to develop a method for testing the presence of Chitosan in a fabric and test samples. First samples would be w/c 3rd November. Method validation requirements to be discussed/advised. ( read more )....., Closed
08-2134 Laboratorio de Microbiology para Evaluación de efectividad de un agente antimicrobial en textiles ( read more )....., Closed
08-2072 India textiles laboratory needed for testing biodegardable fabric with the following properties : * High tensile strength ( about 7000psi or 48.2 MPa) * High flexibility ( about 1-2 GPa ) * Biodegradable ( preferably 100% ) * Cheap * Water,air-proofness * Anti-fungal/anti-microbial properties * Flame retardency preferable. The fabric can be either a novel material or if it is a composite ,then we would like to use major component of the composite as jute. We are a team based in India from the I ( read more )....., Closed
08-2059 Texas textiles laboratory needed for "wash & dry" shrink testing on cotton polo / golf shirts. ( read more )....., Closed
08-2058 USA/Canada textiles laboratory needed for NFPA certification testing to meet national standards to allow labeling of PPE clothing and items for commercial and military sales ( read more )....., Closed
08-2042 Textiles Laboratory needed for testing garments to determine they are manufactured to specs i.e. to confirm that it made of 100% cotton. ( read more )....., Closed
08-1839 India materials laboratory needed for NFPA / ACT Testing of polyester fabrics for NFPA 701 ACT in India and has to be certified. ( read more )....., Closed
08-1831 Europe Materials Laboratory needed for DIN Testing DIN 22102of Rubber conveyor belt with textiles ( read more )....., Closed
08-1810 Textiles Laboratory needed for NFP701 testing of fabrics. ( read more )....., Closed
08-1743 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for SAEJ369, FMVSS302, ASTM D461 Testing 100% Polyester Sample Size: As per requested Melting Point (Minimum) at 482F (250C) using Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Softening Point (Minimum) at 428F (220C) using Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA) or Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Unit Weight Test at 7.0oz/yd^2 (237 g/m^2) +/- 10% Thickness Test 0.140in +/- 10% by ASTM D461 Fire Resistance according to SAEJ369 / FMVSS302 ( read more )....., Closed
08-1734 Canada Materials Laboratory needed for textile flammability Testing to Health Canada methods ( read more )....., Closed
08-1542 USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM antimicrobial testing on textiles to ASTM E 2149-01 ( read more )....., Closed
08-1453 NY / NJ textiles laboratory needed for testing two swatches of fabric 100% cotton. ( read more )....., Closed
08-1424 Product Safety Laboratory needed for MRSA, HIV/AIDS Virus,TB and Hepatitis testing of fabric for the blocking these items lists here in the description ( read more )....., Closed
08-1423 East Coast USA textiles laboratory needed for CPSA apparel testing for labeling and flammability testing. Underwear and lingerie comes from Russia. We need to get all necessary test done in order to be able to distribute product here. ( read more )....., Closed
08-1337 Canada, Asia Textiles Laboratory needed for textile testing for color fastness to Light, Dry Cleaning, Washing and Perspiration. The test to certified by an accredited lab for Canadian Federal government supplies. The tests can either be done in Canada and/or in China ( read more )....., Closed
08-1303 Textiles Laboratory needed for AATCC testing of applied spin finish and water-proofing finish levels (weight %) using standard soxhlet extraction technique. ( read more )....., Closed
08-1286 Physical Laboratory needed for flammabilty testing of socks made of moda acrylic inherently flame resistant ( read more )....., Closed
08-1272 China or Canada Textiles Laboratory needed for Fabric UV Protection Factor Testing in hats. ( read more )....., Closed
08-1262 UK Textiles Laboratory needed to test fibre linear density by extract cotton/polyester fibres from fabric provided ( read more )....., Closed
08-1258 USA or Canada Textiles Laboratory needed for Size / Composition testing - confirming receipt from vendor matches product specifications ( read more )....., Closed
08-1154 Textiles Laboratory needed for M1 Fire Retardant Testing ( read more )....., Closed
08-1007 Pakistan ISO 17025 Textiles Laboratory needed for Color Fastness Testing to washing and laundering (ISO 1O5 CO1: 1989) Color Fastness to washing and laundering (ISO 1O5 CO2: 1989) Color Fastness to washing and laundering (ISO 1O5 CO3: 1989) Color Fastness to Rubbing (AATCC-08 : 2005) Color Fastness to perspiration (ISO 1O5 EO4: 1994) Color Fastness to Water (ISO 1O5 EO1: 1994) Color Fastness to Sea Water (ISO 1O5 EO2: 1994) Color Fastness to Rubbing: Organic Solvents (ISO 1O5 DO2: ( read more )....., Closed
08-1002 India Textiles Laboratory needed for Suzuki Standard testing of automotive fabric: snag, variable load elongation change,crumpling resistance and seam fatigue. ( read more )....., Closed
08-0997 Textiles laboratory needed to provide a written and visual representation of the weave construction and fiber content and yarn analysis. ( read more )....., Closed
08-0920 UK Textiles Laboratory needed for DIN 53354 Tensile Testing and 53363 Tear testing on PVC coated polyester fabric to DIN standards. ( read more )....., Closed
08-0892 China/Canada lab needed for CAN/CGSB-4.2-M: Textile Test Methods: No. 5.1-M: Mass of fabrics No. 6-M: Woven Fabric Count No. 18.3-M: Textiles-Test for Colourfastness PART B02: Colourfastness to artificial light: XENON ARC FADING LAMP TEST No. 19.1-M: Colourfastness to washing No. 22-M colourfastness to Crocking, Dry & Wet Fiber: 100% Size of yarn: 105-130 tex (5.4 - 4.75's cotton count, 2 ply Weave: Leno Weave (Body) Plain weave 1 x 1 )stabilizing bars) Yarn Count for Leno Weave: w ( read more )....., Closed
08-0887 USA Safety and performance lab needed for testing of infant clothing *16 CFR 1610 - Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles *attachment strength testing (tension test) ( read more )....., Closed
08-0782 USA textiles lab needed to test to verify that our manuf. follows contract rules ( read more )....., Closed
08-0680 NFPA 701 West Coast USA Analytical Lab to perform Verticle burn test ( read more )....., Closed
08-0666 Textiles Lab needed for soil release testing of a lab coat that a medical professional would wear. ( read more )....., Closed
08-0650 India Textiles Microbiology Lab needed for Antimicrobial testing of synthetic Fabrics of Polyester/Polyamide ( read more )....., Closed
08-0644 1Canada or NE USA Textiles lab needed for Testing: .filament or staple fabric 2.woven or knit fabric 3.grams per meter squared ( g/m2 ) 4.all fabrics used in sample ( i.e. 65% polyester 25% viscose rayon 5% cotton 5% spandex ) 5.yarn twist counts 6.yarn size 7.decitex count 8.weave type ( i.e. twill, plain, or other ) 9.if constructed in both weft and warp of 2 ply yarns 10.fabric width ( read more )....., Closed
08-0637 Textiles lab needed in California for identification testing of textile fibre "" ( read more )....., Closed
08-0459 Textile laboratory needed to study the break strength and tensile strength of cotton sheeting ( read more )....., Closed
08-0448 Textiles lab needed for CQWF testing of Fabric Swatch to be colour tested. ( read more )....., Closed
08-0447 Textiles laboratory needed for testing to determine pick up of sized yarn, elongation and tensile strength of sized yarn ( read more )....., Closed
08-0428 UKAS Textiles Lab needed for determination of dye transference ( read more )....., Closed
08-0296 Textiles laboratory needed to test for color fastness, blue wool scale. paper sample with coating. app 6" x 10" piece of coated black paper. ( read more )....., Closed
08-0266 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to have a drapery fabric tested for flame spread rating. a.s.a.p. due to city inspectors request. ( read more )....., Closed
08-0201 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for testing baby blankets (100% cotton and 100% polyester)for flammability ( read more )....., Closed
08-0199 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to test imported blankets for flammability. ( read more )....., Closed
08-0105 Textiles laboratory needed for testing High Temperature Fabrics to meet ANSI Z136.1 standards ( read more )....., Closed
08-0086 Textiles laboratory in India needed for MTL testing. ( read more )....., Closed
08-0081 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to test fiber content ( read more )....., Closed
08-0071 Shoe Manufacturer needs textiles laboratory for testing weigh each material so we have a % of leather, rubber, fabric etc. to total. ( read more )....., Closed
07-2561 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for the following tests: Anti microbial,lead content,Air permiability,Ultra violet test for fabric and garments ( read more )....., Closed
07-2512 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for a solid base report on a few aspects like textile type(Combed-Semi combed or other), garment Wt per GSM, color fastness, Sizes etc. We have received a consignment from one of the supplier from India. We feel that the entire quality has been tampered with. ( read more )....., Closed
07-2496 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for the surface of furniture, walls or clothing tested for the residue of drug abuse. ( read more )....., Closed
07-2425 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test percent fluorine level on a textile (cotton) substrated. Typical levels at less than 0.600% ( read more )....., Closed
07-2418 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to help benchmark the durability of our direct-to-garment dark apparel printing. In particular, measurement of the initial color palette and consistency across multiple product samples, wash-out and peeling of ink over repeated wash cycles, visibility and wash-out of the printer pre-treatment solution, and degree of banding in the printed image. ( read more )....., Closed
07-2403 Physical laboratory needed to test strength of cloth; ball bursting method ( read more )....., Closed
07-2383 Microbiology laboratory needed to test for presence of any infestation and/or larva in a pillow made in China. The product is 100% Cotton Terrycloth filled with Flax-seed and scented with synthetic lavender. ( read more )....., Closed
07-2354 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for non-destructive testing of 7 braided samples size #2, roughly a meter in length to to identify braid construction, identify fiber components (i.e. PET, polypropylene, polyethylene), if Spectra present, confirm it is chain extended UHMWPE or not. ( read more )....., Closed
07-2336 Textiles Laboratory needed for International Marine Organization testing of 100% Polyester FR fabrics for use on an International Oil Rig and they require documentation before purchasing. We would need these tests done rather quickly. I would need to know how much of each pattern and where to send for testing.International Marine Organization - IMO standard (A 652) 8.2 and 8.3. ( read more )....., Closed
07-2331 Physical laboratory needed flammability testing of bed linen for Canada and U.S. requirements. ( read more )....., Closed
07-2312 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test flammability of bedding textiles in accordance with Canadian and U.S. Standards ( read more )....., Closed
07-2311 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing skin absorbption/leech qualities of nano finished textiles intended to have skin and mouth contact with newborns and newborns with skin senstivity or weakened immune systems. ( read more )....., Closed
07-2153 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test for color dye ( read more )....., Closed
07-2031 Analytical chemistry lab needed for antimicrobial textile testing ( read more )....., Closed
07-2011 Textile laboratory needed for Fabric Breaking Strength Testing. Test the strength of biodegradable PGA Biofelts. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1937 Textiles laboratory needed for composition testing. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1898 Textiles laboratory needed for testing fabric composition, yarn linear density, stretch and recovery, weight in grams per square metre, breathability, wicking ability, presence of toxic / hazardous dyes; 6-10 fabric samples requiring testing ( read more )....., Closed
07-1861 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing a woven polyester fabric sample for surface contamination that inhibits bonding with polyester adhesives ( read more )....., Closed
07-1845 Textiles laboratory required to perform flammability testing. We are the manufacturers of Curtains and Upholstery form India. We are going to launch new product range in Flame Retardant curtains and Upholstery. Currently we are ready with Curtain quality-Milano FR We require to test the flammability with following Test Standards. NFPA 701-2004 BS 5867 TYPE B&C NFP 92/503~505 M1 test Please advice how much fabric we require to send? Where to send the fabric? What is the cost of testing? Time req ( read more )....., Closed
07-1704 Microbiology Laboratory needed for Microbiological testing for solid surfaces, including polymers, plastics and textiles. Test types include Survival/ Kill Testing and protocols for Anti-Microbial Textile Testing. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1661 Materials laboratory needed for identity testing of acrylic textile fabrics to industry standards as the colors are running. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1645 Materials laboratory needed for Far Infrared ray testing for ceramic impregnated fabric textiles made of 2 different fiber, Polyester and Polypropylene. The said emissivity tests are requested at the regular ordinary temperature within 4-20 micron of FIR, whose fabrics shall be sent to you, if the test can be done. Thanks. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1642 Materials Laboratory needed for Testing to (Toyota) standards TSL3505-Gand/or TSM0505Gsmell testing for odor strength and pleasantness of 4 material samples. Material is a thick felt similar to carpet padding commonly called "shoddy pad" 1 dry 1 wet 1 heat aged dry (80 deg C) 1 heat aged wet (80 deg C) ( read more )....., Closed
07-1622 Textiles laboratory needed for ASTM/AATCC moisture testing for amount of humidity in garments. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1606 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for AATCC Testing (AATCC Method 112-2003) Formaldehyde content in fabric ( read more )....., Closed
07-1533 Physical laboratory needed for flame retardency testing for textiles on clothing. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1491 Textiles laboratory needed for ASTM Testing(ASTM D5587) on 3 Fabric Types, 2 Specimens from each type, Trapezoid Tear Strength Test ( read more )....., Closed
07-1442 Materials Testing Laboratory needed for EN13795 testing SMS fabric ( read more )....., Closed
07-1438 Textiles Laboratory required for testing for analysis of color fastness of a navy dyed fabric. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1347 Textiles laboratory needed for testing fabric's contents for colorfashess and shinkage ( read more )....., Closed
07-1294 Microbiology laboratory needed for AATCC fabric antimicrobial efficacy testing ( read more )....., Closed
07-1283 Textiles laboatory needed for garment testing for K-mart order. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1240 Materials Laboratory needed for testing to determine the content break down of material in a glove. ie 100% cotton, or a blend of materials. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1234 Textiles laboratory needed for fabric testing of Denim and Cotton Jersey ( read more )....., Closed
07-1172 FDA GMP Texties laboratory needed for testing cheesecloth as FOOD GRADE; safe for to use for food production and processing. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1124 Materials laboratory needed for flammability testing of fabric to british standards that is to be used on Hotel Headboards and around the wood frame base. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1113 Materials laboratory needed for testing grip solution on fabric reaction with vinyl ( read more )....., Closed
07-1071 Textiles laboratory needed for testing for fabric peeling testing to determine if garment-dying process or fabric is responsible for fabric peeling. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1043 Microbiology laboratory needed for Antimicrobial activity testing of Textiles as per JISL, ASTM, AATCC etc. The test carried out should be acceptable in the international market by consumers. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1040 Textiles laboratory needed for ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS testing of synthetic textiles for following attributes: 1. Flammability and LOI test as per International standards like ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS etc. ( read more )....., Closed
07-1017 Textile laboratory needed for ISO 105 Testing of Multifibre Fabrics, Standard Test Fabrics, Light Fastness Fabric, Standard Reference Detergents and Auxiliaries, Testing Chemicals, Martindale Consumables, Assessment Aids and Miscellaneous Products for ISO 105 international British Standards. ( read more )....., Closed
07-0989 Multinational Manufacturer needs physical laboratory for testing each lot of fabric that we provide, assuming that you cut, prep, test the samples 3 across weight 3 across perm 3 across thickness 3 across mullen burst 3 across warp tensiles & elongation @ 50 lb 3 across fill tensiles & elongation @ 50 lb 3 across warp/fill shrinkage 3 across fabric count ( read more )....., Closed
07-0963 Textiles laboratory needed for textile materials testing for garment washing testing: colorfastness, chlorine. sea water, appearance after wash, etc. heat transfer labels applied to garment. ( read more )....., Closed
07-0958 Materials Laboratory needed for Laudry, Fiber and Colorfastness Testing: Appearance Retention in Laundry Testing Colorfastness Testing Identification of Fibre Testing Dimensional Changes Testing ( read more )....., Closed
07-0925 Textiles laboratory needed for FED-STD-191 Testing for Method 5050 according to MIL-C-83429 B yarn per inch both warp and weft ( read more )....., Closed
07-0772 Textiles laboratory needed for color-fastness testing of 80/20 nylon lycra that is bleeding, even after washing. We are trying to find a chemical or process which would stop this bleeding. ( read more )....., Closed
07-0746 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for VDA Testing woven nylon fabric for Low Volatile Substance (Fog) ( read more )....., Closed
07-0742 Automotive Laboratory needed for testing to PSA Peugeot Citroen Specfication. B65 2110. Supplies of Textiles and their Composites General Requirements ( read more )....., Closed
07-0737 FDA GMP microbiology laboratory needed for anti-microbial and water repellency testing of medical textiles. ( read more )....., Closed
07-0634 ASTM Textiles laboratory needed for Arc Rating testing for Nomex protective cllothing. We need to do testing on our protective material made up of 100% nomex fiber. My customer wants end result has to be in terms of " Arc Rating" ( read more )....., Closed
07-0605 AATCC textiles laboratory needed for testing apparel for Ultraviolet Protection Factor ( read more )....., Closed
07-0552 Towel manufacturer needs textile laboratory for materials testing to determine ratio of 10/s cd cotton and modal. ( read more )....., Closed
07-0546 Physical laboratory needed for EN 13758 testing testing of fabrics for UVA and UVB rays and labeling for UPG or SPF with European standard EN 13758-1or-2 ( read more )....., Closed
07-0452 Analytical Chemistry needed for confirmatory testing for benzene/phenol ppm in pvc fabrics ( read more )....., Closed
07-0411 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for testing the effectiveness of activated carbon cloth as an absorbtion agent. I want to find an analytical chemistry laboratory to desorb and analyse the trapped gasses from a textiles sample that I will supply I need to know which chemicals and what quantities have been adsorbed. I expect to find some, or all, of the following chemicals: carbon dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC). I ( read more )....., Closed
07-0357 Microbiology laboratory needed for AATCC antimicrobial testing for Antimicrobial Finish on Textiles ( read more )....., Closed
07-0255 Textiles laboratory needed for ASTM testing fabric weight per sq. yd. tensile strength tear strength ( read more )....., Closed
07-0132 Textiles laboratory needed for shrinkage testing: Critical bady measurements before, Shrinkage after washing/drying under instructions indicated on care label. ( read more )....., Closed
07-0076 Physical laboratory needed for testing the content & water proofing level of 100% nylon water proof fabric ( read more )....., Closed
07-0014 Physical laboratory needed for testing automotive textiles: fogging, xenon, seam strength, flexing, bond strength etc... ( read more )....., Closed
06-2024 Textiles laboratory needed for AATCC and ISO testing (physical & colourfastness testing) ( read more )....., Closed
06-2020 Textiles laboratory needed for color fastness testing of materials. ( read more )....., Closed
06-2002 Textiles laboratories needed for flammability testing some FR materials that will be used around pyrotechnicsUltimately we are looking for a test in varying distances from flame and varying degrees of flame intensity. address: ( read more )....., Closed
06-1952 Textiles laboratory needed for ASTM testing (ASTM D45792)Abrasion and flammability testing ( read more )....., Closed
06-1868 Textiles laboratory needed for materials testing of thermal and fleece products. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1846 Consumer Products textiles laboratory needed for research studies and testing on textiles/fibers including netralization research, identification of compounds in the fibers, irritancy of the fabric to human skin, the toxicity, comparative study with similar consumer product ( read more )....., Closed
06-1804 Textiles laboratory needed for quality testing of garments (shrinkage and lasting). ( read more )....., Closed
06-1787 Textiles laboratory needed for physical and anlytical chemsitry testing polyester synthetic yarns: 1. Denier 2. Number of filaments 3. Cross section of the yarn 4. Tenacity, elongation 5. Intrinsic Viscosity in polyester chips (polymer) 6. Moisture in chips (polymer) 7. Dew point of chips (polymer) 8. Oil content in polyester POY yarn ( read more )....., Closed
06-1758 Microbiology laboratory needed for antimicrobial textile materials testing ( read more )....., Closed
06-1753 Textile laboratory needed for AATCC physical testing (tensile, tear, abrasion, etc) and performance testing (water and oil repellency, moisture management, etc). ( read more )....., Closed
06-1744 ISO and A2LA Microbiology and textiles laboratory needed for Anti-bacterial Testing, Anti-fungal Testing, Anti-Static Testing, Absorption (moisture & wicking properties) Absorption Emission of Far Infrared Radiation, Odor control Testing ( read more )....., Closed
06-1741 Textiles analytical chemistry testing needed for degradation testing of upholstery, which may be attributable to chemicals used on the upholstery. What we need is a test of the chemicals we use, on samples of the upholstery on our vessels, to see if it's the chemicals that are causing breakdown of the upholstery, or if it's an inherent problem with the upholstery. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1734 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for basic textiles testing for presence of cotton, wool, mixture. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1721 ISO textiles laboratory needed for ISO 105/B02 Colorfastness testing to Light and ISO 105/E04 Colorfastness testing to Perspiration ( read more )....., Closed
06-1680 Textiles laboratory needed for Fabric Construction Testing of silkworm duvet and pillow ( read more )....., Closed
06-1646 Textiles laboratory needed for testing five (5) men's dress shirts for shrinkage. Measured by specs in chest, sleeve length and collar size. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1625 Textiles laboratory needed for testing Dimensional Stability ( read more )....., Closed
06-1591 Testiles laboratory needed for flame resistance testing ( read more )....., Closed
06-1585 Physical laboratory needed for thermal testing: 1) Thermal testing to get CLO values for 3 thermal shirts 2) Would like to see thermal picture of heat release from person wearing the thermal shirts However, the second point may be too expensive. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1521 Physical materials laboratory needed for testing water resistance on an outerwear garment ( read more )....., Closed
06-1509 Physical materials laboratory needed for testing waterproofness of golf rainwear apparel ( read more )....., Closed
06-1480 Textile laboratory needed for ASTM Testing (ASTM E48 )fire test on building material. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1477 GMP analytical laboratory needed for testing content and grade of Lycra - compare quality of materials b/w two garments ( read more )....., Closed
06-1443 Physical laboratory needed for full textiles testing: Fabric Weight,Construction Neck Opening Stretchability of t-shirts distributed to Mervins, JC Penny, Sears and so on. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1428 Physical laboratory needed for analytical chemistry and mechanical testing of vinyl solution placed on testiles. Materials need to be waterproof and solution needs to be durable and react with the body heat. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1427 Physical laboratory needed for fire retardancy testing including creepability and thermal R rating ( read more )....., Closed
06-1272 Canada Textiles laboratory needed for Colourfastness testing for artificial light, washing, crocking. 100% cotton Leno weave fabric. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1266 Textiles laboratory needed for colour fastness testing on leno weave cotton, the cost for service, and the turn-around time. The tests required are: to artificial light, to washing, and to crocking. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1240 Textiles laboratory needed for CPSC CFR 1633 or TB 603 testing of mattress ticking fabric. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1235 Physical laboratory needed for ASTM stain release testing or dirt release testing on textiles after they have been treated with a finish. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1204 TTextiles laboratory needed for testing linens to identify materials ( read more )....., Closed
06-1199 Physical laboratory needed for US Fabric Mills Standards testing of textiles for materials specifications. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1147 Physical Laboratory needed for Federal Standard (FTMS) testing 191 and/or 191A, more particularily methods 5850, 5100, 5134, 5960, and 5970. ( read more )....., Closed
06-1136 ISO and Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for AATCC Formaldehyde and azo dye tesing in textile products ( read more )....., Closed
06-1130 Textiles laboratory needed for testing 600d polyester oxford in China ( read more )....., Closed
06-1060 Physical laboratory needed for SPF testing lycra rashguard fabric textiles. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0985 Textiles laboratory needed for testing cotton material to verify contents. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0943 Materials laboratory needed for DIN Flammability testing of textiles (DIN 4102-1). ( read more )....., Closed
06-0874 Microbiology laboratory needed for AATCC (AATCC-147-1988) or ISO antimicrobial testing of fabrics and their anti-bacterial / anti-fungal properties of textiles materials. Interested in obtaining information on time and cost needed for qualitative assessment ( read more )....., Closed
06-0856 Textiles restoration company needs physical laboratory for testing garments for the presence of tear gas, clean them and then retest them. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0847 Textiles laboratory needed for physical testing such as polymerization of imported Towels & Bed Sheet from India/Thailad & China. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0765 Textiles laboratory needed for ASTM testing for colorfastness-- seam slippge- shrinkage ( read more )....., Closed
06-0731 USA Textiles laboratory needed for textiles testing multitude of measurements, fabric make up, color, possibly moisture wicking abilities, and possibly anti-microbial features. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0649 Physical laboratory needed for ASTM and ISO testing - Tensile Testing, Tear Testing, Ozone exposure, hydrolysis, Helium permeability, air holding, cemented seam testing, blocking, oil resistance on textiles: FED STD 191A, Mthods 5100, 5136, 5960, 5970, ASTM D1434-82, ISO 5978, ISO TR 6065 ( read more )....., Closed
06-0584 Physical laboratory needed for textiles testing of several fabrics for: chemicals,fire and water resistance. dimention and construction testing. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0506 Physical laboratory needed for IST 140.1 or ASTM D 1894 textiles testing of non-woven material. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0395 Large commerical products company needs analytical laboratory for textiles testing of materials used in foam and microfiber cleaning pads ( read more )....., Closed
06-0384 European Union ISO textiles laboratory needed for testing pH fibre content and colorfastness AZO ( read more )....., Closed
06-0337 ISO AATCC laboratory needed for textiles testing = colorfastness to light, blue index and azo test ( read more )....., Closed
06-0314 Hospitality industry company needed independent textiles laboratory needed for testing towels supplied to Costa Rica ( read more )....., Closed
06-0292 Laboratory needed for testing for determination of waterproof rating for our fabric textiles ( read more )....., Closed
06-0210 Textiles laboratory needed for testing fiber content and determine if there is any coating on the fiber. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0182 Analytical laboratory needed for testing textiles to automotive standards. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0148 Laboratory needed to design experiment and test garment rags for organic and inorganic contaminants, allergans, heavy metals, etc. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0110 New York Textiles lab needed for ASTM textiles testing to determine yarn count, ends per inch,picks per inch and fabric weight ( read more )....., Closed
06-0063 Apparel manufacturer needs textiles laboratory for testing for shrinkage of cotton lycra materials. ( read more )....., Closed
06-0052 NFPA 701 Flammability testing for a Nylon tricot textiles to be used in installation for an event ( read more )....., Closed
06-0018 are looking for a UK lab that could test samples of curtain fabric textiles to establish if it has been treated as anti microbial and possibly anti MRSA. ( read more )....., Closed
05-0877 Flammability testing to FAA FAR 25.853A for fabric textiles for airplanes seats. ( read more )....., Closed
05-0672 EU REACH directive required testings for toys, ceramics, furnitures, textiles ( read more )....., Closed
05-0454 fabric composition analysis of Polar Fleece. For exportation purposes, need documentation confirming that the composition of polar fleece fabric which was made in the USA to be 100% polyester and that the fabric is not hazardous to environment or humans. Will send samples via Fed Ex. ( read more )....., Closed
05-0436 USA Textiles Laboratory needed for Thermal analysis and physical testing of filament yarnMelting temperature determination through DSC analysis, tensile testing, linear density determination. ( read more )....., Closed
05-0417 Water resistance of fabrics ( read more )....., Closed
05-0329 Textile testing: DIN EN ISO 13 934-1, DIN 53 356, DIN 53 362, DIN 75 200, DIN EN ISO 105X12, VDA 270, DIN 53 377, DIN 75 201, VDA 75 202, VDA 232 101, BANNED SUBSTANCES ( read more )....., Closed
05-0328 Physical laboratory for Textiles performance testing: stain removal, colourfastness, fabric softener, detergent, dishwashing ( read more )....., Closed
05-0303 Test strength of material to judge suitability for use in handbag construction.Test dye fastness of printing, rub test and dye fastness test.Irish Linen which has been printed with injet printing- dyes used are reactive ( read more )....., Closed
05-0278 Textile Water Spray Repellency Testing with Bundesmann rain spray texting of Textiles. The Test procedure is ISO 9865-1991. An equivalent test procedure using the Bundesmann rain tester would be acceptable as well. ( read more )....., Closed
05-0231 Compositional. Determine % ash content(titanium dioxide)in nonwoven samples ( read more )....., Closed
05-0111 Silver content, construction of silverfiber, far infrared ray radiation, antibiosis, color fastness, preventig static, tick. 99% Polysester, 1% Silver Textile Verification of Product Specification Claims ( read more )....., Closed
05-0078 Physical, Microbiology Analytical chemistry Testing as per current USP monographs for purified cotton and purified rayon textiles used for pharmaceuticals ( read more )....., Closed
03-0034 Canada Consumer Product Safety Textiles laboratory needed for DIN4102(B1) certification in Canada or near by. ( read more )....., Closed
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