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Medical Laboratory Testing Requests

15-00794 United States Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing on a variety of plastic materials for orthodontic usage. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00779 UK Biomedical Laboratory needed for clinical trial testing: 80 x 3 day faecal samples to be analysed for coefficient of nitrogen absorption AND coefficient of fat absorption. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00777 Medical University Researcher needs Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-viral efficacy testing for In vitro antiviral activity of a poly herbal formulation against H1N1 and chikungunya virus. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00771 USA materials laboratory needed for Drapability testing of a medical sterilization wraps (textile) from 2 conditions of differing autoclave time, described below. There will be 40 wrapped samples total (10 samples per condition and item number ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00759 Israel cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for water resistance testing of a cosmetic. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00741 United States Laboratory needed for 12 lead electrocardiograph testing against IEC/AAMI standards ISO 60601-1, ISO 60601-1-2, AAMI EC11 ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00731 United States medical device laboratory needed for formulation testing to add flavoring to denture adhesive remover in Powder form. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00721 Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of medical device: Pressure/force testing - need to measure how much force a fluid has as it is ejected from a device test to: ISO 5367 and EN 12342 ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00720 Medical Device Laboratory needed for Medical Device Testing to ASTM 640-12, Standard Test Methods for Determining Radiopacity for Medical Use ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00717 Northern California biochemical laboratory needed for formulation testing to Finalize chemically based optical sensor formulation for use in a disposable medical device and develop manufacturing specifications ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00708 USA Biomedical Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of Japanese polyester fiber to ISO 10993-5 (cytotoxicity) and ISO 10993-10 (skin irritation) ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00664 United States FDA GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for condom compatibility testing or water-based personal lubricant for condom compatibility. The data will be used to get approval through 510K approval pathway. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00648 Biomedical Laboratory needed for insulin pen testing: test lab to carry out Dose accuracy test (As per ISO 11608-1:2014) of insulin pen device. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00645 ISO Ontario, Michigan, or New York Biomedical Laboratory needed for Biomedical Testing of Plastic models of the Pelvis (axial torsion, strength until failure, etc.) using an Instron (preferably table top) materials testing machine ( read more )....., Lab Needed
Testing of Plastic models of the Pelvis (axial torsion, strength until failure, etc.) using an Instron (preferably table top) materials testing machine ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00595 INDIVIDUAL TESTING: Clinical diagnostics laboratory needed for individual genetics testing of Y chromosome . Samples need to be mailed from Macedonia as there is no genetics laboratory there. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00584 Medical Device Manufacturer needs independent test laboratory for verification testing of device that measures [CO] in expired air. We calibrate this device using primary standards from a well-known supplier. As a risk mitigation, we would like to have an independent laboratory verify the gas concentrations in these primary standards. The two mixtures of greatest interest are: 5 ppm ± 1% CO, balance N2 and 25 ppm ± 1% H2, balance N2. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00582 Medical Device Laboratory needed for Glucose testing of 8 blood collection tubes. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00558 USA Medical Device Laboratory needed for testing to EN388, Gloves Giving Protection from Mechanical Risks: Resistance to abrasion, Blade cut resistance, Tear resistance, Puncture resistance ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00548 University Researcher needs delhi, india genetics laboratory for genetics testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00542 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for development testing for commercialization of isothermal assay (LAMP) ( read more )....., Closed
15-00517 East Coast USA FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for testing analytical specificity of a rapid antigen testing. Testing potentially cross reacting organisms (parasites, viruses, bacteria) in whole blood with our rapid test. testing of 23 BLS2 organisms - some may have restrictions associated with them. Testing of BLS3 would be also requested, but not required if BLS3 facility not available. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00512 URGENT: India Product Safety Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicokinetic Study: Biological Evaluation testing of product as per ISO 10993-16:2010 (Biological evaluation of medical devices -- Part 16: Toxicokinetic study design for degradation products and leachables). ( read more )....., Closed
15-00474 Clinical bioanalytical Laboratory needed for medical device diagnostic kit's effectiveness for for testing testosterone antibodies in pregnant women's urine ( read more )....., Closed
15-00464 New Jersey bioanalytical laboratory needed for enzyme analysis of lubricating gel for Enzyme detection (analysis). ( read more )....., Closed
15-00460 United Kingdom medical device laboratory needed for Fatigue testing on breast medical implant device (breast)to ISO 14607 Annex E, Non-active surgical implants. Mammary implants. ( read more )....., Closed
15-00417 Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of air ventilators to ASTM D5466-01 Standard Test Method for Determination of Volatile Organic Chemicals in Atmospheres (Canister Sampling Methodology) ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00412 USA Medical Device Laboratory needed for dental sterilization testing to ISO 14457 : 2012 Dentistry ? Handpieces and motors (including Section 5.10 Repocess(250 sterilization cycles) test) Item: Dental Handpiece and coupling. This Requestor requires a Quote. Please respond with a quote. ( read more )....., Closed
15-00407 Canada FDA GMP medical device laboratory needed for personal lubricant testing in support of a FDA 510(k) for the intent to sell in the United States. ( read more )....., Closed
15-00387 USA Bioanalytical Preclinical Laboratory needed for bioanalysis: cytokine testing from micro-dialysis fluid for company completing research on burn scars and testing for certain cytokines levels in micro-dialysis fluid from the scar areas. Approx 72-108 samples. Cytokines to be analyzed include TGF-beta, TGF-B1, Decorin, TNF-alpha, IL-4,6,10, LSP-1, CTGF and VEGF ( read more )....., Closed
15-00369 University Researcher needs external biomedical laboratory needed for human patient plasma and cerebrospinal fluid teting to measure the cholesterol metabolites 24S-hydroxycholesterol and 27-hydroxycholesterol in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid from human patients (~100 samples total) ( read more )....., Closed
15-00360 Biomechanical Laboratory needed for mechanical testing for our orthopedic implants to procure CE NOTIFIED CERTIFICATE ( read more )....., Closed
15-00344 Medical Technology Laboratory needed for biomedical testing of urinalysis dipstick analyzer device. Analytical performance testing analytical specificity (interference testing) and detection limits for a urinalysis dipstick analyzer device ( read more )....., Closed
15-00333 Medical Device packaging laboratory needed for shipping validation study on non-sterile, single use, medical devices according to: Environmental Conditioning guided by ASTM D4332-14 - 23C ± 2C @ 50% RH ± 5% RH for 72 Hrs - Perform on all 120 units Shipping & Handling guided by ASTM D 4169-14: DC 13, AL I - Test Sequence - 30 post environment conditioned units - Schedule I will not need to be performed since packaging in non-sterile and porous We would require 30 units to be tested, each unit i ( read more )....., Closed
15-00329 Laboratory with capacity for measuring radioactivity needed for ceramic dental implant radioactivity testing according to ISO 13356 ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00306 Biomaterials Laoratory needed for determining the ELASTICITY and ADHESIVENESS and GAS PERMEABILITY of our research product (ongoing) which is a coating to surface of wounds. This coating is film-like and is 0.001 to 0.02mm thick (mean thickness). ( read more )....., Closed
15-00300 Laboratory needed for dental care product testing ( read more )....., Closed
15-00257 Microbiology laboratory needed for pyrogen testing of medical examination gloves. Please indicate test method, price, quantity sample required and duration time ( read more )....., Closed
15-00248 Medical Textile manufacturer needs materials Laboratory needed for breathability testing. (1) Non woven fabric and (2) PU film medical grade. Both materials need to be tested as per: 1. ASTM E 96, Procedure B (upright cup method) or 2. ASTM E 96, Procedure BW (inverted cup method) or 3. JIS L 1099 (desiccant inverted cup method) ( read more )....., Closed
15-00244 FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for API Testing of developed test method for a pharmaceutical transdermal patch. We need analytical testing done for these patches. At first we only need one API tested. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00239 Packaging laboratory needed for ASTM Testing or ISTA Testing of Fecal Incontinence Management Device, Class IIa (as per EU regulations), Non-sterile single use device to ASTM D-4169 and ISTA Methods ( read more )....., Closed
Treatment of human gum disease using bacteriophage cocktails. ( read more )....., Closed
15-00230 Large healthcare organization needs analytical chemistry lab for water testing: checking the BET content of existing purified water. ( read more )....., Closed
15-00228 FDA Medical Device product safety laboratory needed for fda modified draize-95 test for human patch test For low dermatitis claim and no thiurum, carbamate and claim. ( read more )....., Closed
15-00219 Biomedical laboratory needed for Ash testing for Ash content on organic sample, collagen ( read more )....., Closed
15-00203 Medical Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory needed for medical testing: patient urine analysis / ICP-MS analysis of urine samples. We will be running a few hundred samples per week. ( read more )....., Closed
15-00199 Medical School Researcher needs Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory for Human Fecal Calprotectin test by ELISA ~200 human stool samples need tested for fecal calprotectin using ELISA ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00193 Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for ISO10993-5:2009 Cytotoxicity and Sensitization, Irritation or Intracutaneous reactivity testing. is required for our Nasal Suction Tube product. Testing is required to allow the product to meet the standards outlined in ISO10993- Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices. Any number of samples required for the testing can be provided. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00181 In-Vitro Diagnostic Manufacturer needs clinical laboratory for long-term testing of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in the breath samples for up to 200 different compounds ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00174 Clinical diagnostic laboratory needed for comprehensive stool testing and blood culture ( read more )....., Closed
15-00154 Optical manufacturing company of ophthalmic lenses needs Texas materials laboratory for lens testing of UV-reactive coating for viscosity and water content. ( read more )....., Closed
15-00134 USA FDA GMP AND ISO medical product safety laboratory needed for medical devices safety testing of cathether EDV : cytotoxicity, sensitization, irritation, acute systemic toxicity, material-mediate pyrogenicity, and hemocompatibility (hemolysis, complement activation, and in-vivo thrombogenicity). Methods and results from biocompatibility testing of your device according to a recognized standard (e.g., ISO 10993-10) and FDA ( read more )....., Closed
15-00106 University Medial Researcher needs Saudi Arabia Preclinical laboratory needed for Insulin and Hb1ac testing Superoxide dismutase(cu/zn) catalase, glutathion peroxidase, Total antioxidant capacity, Thiamine &thiamine pyrophosphate, Vitamin C&E estimation kits, Cu&Zinc estimation kits in mice, ( read more )....., Closed
15-00101 East Coast US Laboratory needed for medical device testing of: EC53 ECG lead wires and cable ( read more )....., Closed
15-00091 Europe/US Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Biomedical Research for ASTM Detection of protein Ubiquitination. The procedure will involve transfection of tagged ubiquitin into pretreated cell culture and subsequent processing with Western Blotting as outlined in the following: J Vis Exp. 2009; (30): 1293. Published online Aug 19, 2009 ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00086 Preclinical COntract Research Organization needed for preclinical studies and biocompatiability testing of medical device implant: implantable membrane for breast reconstruction (tissue reinforcement matrix, class III device), to be associated with tissue expanders and breast implants. The membrane is a modification of an already implantable silicone membrane, which is modified on the surface by plasma treatment. We would like to know if possible an estimation of the costs and timeframe ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00085 FDA ISO California independent lab needed for failure investigation testing for root cause analysis luer lock issue in our breast pumps. I am looking for a lab that can perform root cause analysis. ( read more )....., Closed
15-00082 Medical Device Laboratory needed for physical, safety and biocompatiability testing of around 20 variations of Personal lubricants for FDA 510k submission ( read more )....., Closed
15-00070 South America medicinal chemistry laboratory needed for quantitative analysis of Macaine (alkaloid of "maca" lepidium meyeni) on liquor of maca samples and in maca powder samples ( read more )....., Closed
15-00066 South Africa biomolecular laboratory needed for molecular characterization of microbial organisms ( read more )....., Closed
15-00065 Europe FDA GMP Biophysical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM F 2392-04 Standard Test for Burst Pressure Strength of Surgical Sealants. Need to evaluate surgical sealants strength using the ASTM F 2392-04 Standard Test Method for Burst Pressure Strength of Surgical Sealants. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00047 Medical Device Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for Product Safety Studies: System toxicity (acute) for medical deviceTesting collection system for autologous fat; collecting fat in a container, then immediately reinserting that person's fat back into their body in a different location. ISO 10993 Part 1 ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00042 US Electical laboratory needed for EMI/EMC Medical Device Safety Testing EMC 60601-1-2 Testing to 60601-1-2 (EMI/EMC) for class II hand-held, wireless (BT/G3) Medical Device ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00039 Ireland or UK ASTA Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Biomedical Research for Detection of protein Ubiquitination. The procedure will involve transfection of tagged ubiquitin into pretreated cell culture and subsequent processing with Western Blotting as outlined in the following: J Vis Exp. 2009; (30): 1293. Published online Aug 19, 2009. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00030 DEA Biomedical laboratory needed to test cross re activity of some substances of urine DOA rapid tests which we manufacture. We will supply the DOA rapids tests and the list of substances that we need to test their cross reactivty with the tests.The substances need not to be spiked to a human urine sample, they can be spiked to distilled water or buffer. The lab will have the responsibility to avail the substances. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
15-00028 Mobile Drug Testing Company performing steroid, workplace, background check testing with Business, School and Individual clients needs clinical laboratory for testing their client samples: 1. ancestry 2. heavy metals/poisoning ( read more )....., Closed
15-00022 USA FDA GMP medical device laboratory needed for bench testing of x-ray sensor testing to support FDA 510k ( read more )....., Closed
14-01618 Europe biophysical lab needed for biomaterials testing: conduct three Y-tests ( read more )....., Closed
14-01595 USA Radiochemistry Laboratory needed for radioactivity Testing of dental materials by the dental standards ISO 13356 and ISO 6872 by gamma spectroscopy. Standards for dental ceramic restoration and implant materials. Samples are fine, processed zirconium oxide powder for producing dental restoration milling blanks. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01585 Asia Laboratory needed for FDA testing of nanotechnology surgical gowns to test textiles for barrier protection against pathogen and blood. against EN13795 (CE mark) and FDA standards. We need to test for AMMI, ASTM1670/1671, EN13795 tests, and general textile tests, to prove that this material is suitable for use in the operation room as surgical gown, with sufficient barrier protection against pathogen and blood. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01579 Asia ISO NABL or ISTA Packaging Laboratory needed for Packaging, Transport and Storage Validation Testing We would like to establish the following parameters for our electrosurgical medical devices (electrodes/forceps) in accordance with ISTA Procedure 2A ? Accelerated Storage Profile ? Simulating the aging process (according to ASTM 1980-07) to establish an accelerated aging study of 12 month storage conditions from the date of delivery and manufacture. Environment storage conditions ar ( read more )....., Closed
14-01566 FDA Toxicology Laboratory needed for cytotoxicity Testing per ISO 10993 -5 for an Adhesive that I am using in a Medical Device that comes into contact with human skin for less than 24 hours. The contact is on average in contact with the victim for less than ten seconds. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01529 USA clinical diagnostic laboratory needed for urine analysis: 1 to 2 panels ( read more )....., Closed
14-01500 East Coast Biological Laboratory needed for FTIR analysis on blood particles from an insulin delivery device ( read more )....., Closed
14-01495 USA, Argentina, Germany, France biomedical labroatory needed for IEC Testing: Ultrasound for physiotherapy - samples - 01 und Stimulator for physiotherapy - samples - 01 und Test for Medical electrical equipment - Part 2-5: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of ultrasonic physiotherapy equipment ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01479 Medical products manufacturer and distributor of conductive medical gels needs biomedical laboratory for establishing the testing criteria for our ultrasound conductivity gels. Will you be able to perform acoustic impedance or attenuation testing for our ultrasound gels? Z=p×V Z= acoustic impedance p = substance density V = speed(Velocity) of ultrasound Velocity (V) = Frequency of ultrasound(f) × Wavelength (?) Sound frequency 2MHz ? 10MHz Temperature 25° C ( read more )....., Closed
14-01452 Biomedical Laboratory needed to measure the concentration of oxygen released from a biomaterial over time ( read more )....., Closed
14-01451 Biomedical Laboratory needed for small-capacity Izod impact test. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01446 Product Safety GLP Laboratory needed for OECD eye irritation potential of four products with study design in accordance with the OECD TG 405, EU Guideline B.5 and conforming to the OECD Principles of GLP. Therefore we would like to ask if you could provide us a cost estimate, time-line, invoicing procedure, details of sample delivery and a relevant test protocol for In Vivo Eye Irritation GLP testing. The samples are aqueous dispersions of styrene-butadiene based polymers including further addit ( read more )....., Closed
14-01440 Manufacturer of medical gels needs biomedical laboratory for acoustic impedence and transmission coefficient testing. ( read more )....., Closed
Accelerated aging test to be conducted on sterilized medical orthopedic implants. Pre and post aging tests including Dye penetration, seal strength test and microbial tests needs to be conducted. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01415 Medical Device Manufacturer needed for accelerated aging and post accelerated aging tests medical orthopedic implant. The specifications are Medical package (ISO 11670) -Accelerated ageing ASTM F1980 Visual test ASTM F1886 -Seal Strength /peel test ASTM F88 -Dye penetration (package integrity) ASTM F1929 - microbial barrier ASTM F2638 email: phonenumber: address: ( read more )....., Closed
14-01413 Dental manufacturing company needs preclinical contract research organization for medical device product safety studies including oxicology and biocompatibility studies on medical device of macroporous hydroxyapatite powder (calcium phosphate) used in dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics and traumatology in order to replace or substitute the bone tissue. In order to check its biocompatibility we need following tests according to ISO 10993-1: - Cytotoxicity. - Sensitization. - Irritation ( read more )....., Closed
14-01407 Asia Biomedical Laboratory needed for Accelerated aging testing for medical implants to ASTM F1980,Standard Guide for Accelerated Aging of Sterile Barrier Systems for Medical Devices ( read more )....., Closed
14-01378 Microbiology laboratory needed for bioburden testing on woundcare dressing sterilized via E-beam radiation to calibrate the radiation levels. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01376 Biomedical Laboratory needed for therapeutic wound dressing testing including: initial biocompatibility testings for: -cytotoxicity -sensitization -irritation Intended use will be for: over the counter use -minor abrasions -lacerations -minor cuts -minor scalds and burns under supervision of a healthcare professional -MRSA wounds -diabetic ulcers -leg ulcers (venous status, arterial ulcers and leg ulcers of mixed etiology) -pressure ulcers/sores (partial and full thickness) -1st and 2nd degree ( read more )....., Closed
14-01362 FDA cGMP Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for Cytotoxicity (1 item) Sensitization (2 items) Irritation / Intracutaneous (2 items) ( read more )....., Closed
14-01360 Toxicology Laboratory needed for Cytotoxicity testing of medical device packing material ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01339 Asia Biomedical Laboratory needed for ANSI / AAMI / ISO and ASTM Accelerated and real time aging studies to be conducted on sterile medical device to calculate shelf life to ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11607-1:2006ASTM F1980-07 (2011) ( read more )....., Closed
14-01325 University Researcher wants Product Safety Toxicology Laboratory for Carcinogenicity Researc Studies: in vitro testing of a new material to be used for discovering leakage in electric cables. What tests you recommend, how long does it take, and how much does it cost per sample?. Thank you. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01322 FDA Laboratory needed for evaluation of organic oil marketed under FDA as "personal lubricant". Need oil analyzed as well as tube packaging materials. 510(k) consulting services neede as well. What is recommended complete process to achieve FDA approval and accompanying charges for services? ( read more )....., Closed
14-01298 Dental Medical Device Manufacturer needs France biomedical laboratory for ISO 21563 dental alginates testing - 2 samples ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01297 UAE NABL / ISO Medical Microbiology Laboratory needed for clinical microbiology testing ( read more )....., Closed
14-01289 Uniersity Researcher needs cinica laboratory for breast mil testing: Biological composition analysis of breast milk: creamocrit analysis of fat and sodium content by flame photometry is required on an ongoing basis for about 2 years as part of my PhD research. Likely to be repeated samples from around 100 women, so around 500 samples across the 2 years. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01284 Aalytical laboratory needed for California Proposition 65 Nitrosamine Testing on rubber. Please respond quickly so we know if we are moving forward with your laboratory. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01263 Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for Bee Venom testing as medical components and also for melittin concentration testing . ( read more )....., Closed
cytotocity., vaginal irritation and systematic toxicity,maximum sensitization, condom compatablity ( read more )....., Closed
14-01262 FDA Medical Device Preclinical Laboratory needed for medical lubricant testing for FDA 510k: cytotocity., vaginal irritation and systematic toxicity,maximum sensitization, condom compatablity and All tests needed for personal lubricants including condom compatibility. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01238 University Medical School needs USA FDA GMP Clinical Laboratory for serology testing Hep B/C and HIV serology testing on cadavers. I will need testing done whenever donor bodies are delivered to the Med School. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01235 India Laboratory needed for analytical testinf for Analytical report in respect of IV Extension Sets PVC Free. ( Medical Device ) HS Code 9018. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01232 Europe GMP Biomechanical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of surgical adhesive: F2255, F2256, F2258 ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01224 Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for Performance testing in a canine jaw model ( read more )....., Closed
14-01222 Need to Source a Mainland Europe or Par East Lab to perform retention testing in accordance with ISO 7864:1993, Sterile hypodermic needles for single use, section 13.1 Bond between hub and needle tube, which states; ?The union of the hub and the needle tube shall not be broken by the minimum force given applied as push or pull in the direction of the needle axis.?. The force taken from the referenced table gives a minimum specification of 22N. The requirement is also stated under ISO 11608- ( read more )....., Closed
14-01183 FDA cGMP biomedical laboratory needed for FDA testing of new feeding tube. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01159 Asia Medical Device Laboratory needed for cleaning validation testing on stainless steel implants. Before packaging, we will have an IPA ultrasonic cleaning to remove fine particles/dust and finger print. But we do not know how to validate this. So would like to check if your lab has experience in this? ( read more )....., Closed
14-01140 Canada ISO FDA GLP Accredited Laboratory needed for GLP testing on bone like material, to meet the ISO 13485 requirement. looking for accredited lab (GLP) 10993-6, and 10993- 4, 10993- 5 ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-01116 India Clinical Laboratory needed ( read more )....., Closed
14-01102 Canadian laboratory certified to conduct tests with Geobacillius spp. needed for pathogen testing. Conduct validation tests with indicator microorganism biomedical patogens + challenging testing protocols ( read more )....., Closed
14-01089 University Researcher needs USA Toxicology Laboratory for human serum testing: Polychlorinated Biphenyls in human serum. Congener speciation and quantification. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01050 USA Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for USP Functionality testing with modification: USP<381> Functionality Tests: Self-sealing (n=575); and Fragmentation (n=575) ( read more )....., Closed
14-01035 Product Safety Laboratory needed for anti-retroviral testing: Intravaginal ring containing antiretroviral compounds. Condom Compatibility testing to include the following: 1. air burst pressure and volume 2. tensile strength 3. viral particle penetration ( read more )....., Closed
14-01031 Europe Biomedical University Researcher needs Europe Bioanalytical Laboratory for serum testing: Insulin analysis for an accurate measurement of insulin in 8-10 samples of rat serum. Currently the samples are stored at -80C. ( read more )....., Closed
14-01006 US FDA GMP laboratory needed for Quality Control . testing for color test Capable of running a color test using a colorquest xe or equivalent instrument ( read more )....., Closed
14-01003 USA FDA cGMP Microbiology Laboratory needed for CLSI Metho M40-A, Bacteriostasis Testing in Microbiological Transport Devices Testing ability of C&S and Cary Blair medium to maintain inocula at +/- 2 log using specific organisms in the presence of fecal matrix: Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, Shigella dysenteriae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enterica, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Clostridium difficile, Campylobacter jejuni, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis. Plate count afte ( read more )....., Closed
14-00993 Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Manufacturer Requests for Quotation from FDA cGMP Microbiology Laboratories for Virucial Efficacy Testing: *One Test Virus - Duck Hepatitis B virus as a surrogate for Human Hepatitis B virus *7 different test materials to be provided by the manufacturer *3 different disinfecting wipes to be provided by the sponsor ( read more )....., Closed
14-00989 Dental Alloy Manufacturer needs GLP and FDA accredited laboratory for subcronic toxicity test (according to ISO 10993-11). This test has to be performed by a GLP and FDA accredited laboratory aiming to obtain CFDA registration in China and also the Taiwan registration. Test methods comply with the requirements of ISO 10993-11 :2006, and the report content is integrity. In particular, the experimental animals and the drug delivery cycle are need to meet with the requirements of ISO 10993-11 :200 ( read more )....., Closed
14-00985 Medical Device Manufacturer needs preclinical contract research organization for ISO Biological Evaluation of "Pressure Monitoring Kits". Tests to be perform as per- ISO 10993(External communicating device/Blood path, indirect/Limited duration) -Cytotoxicity -Sensitization -Irritation or Intracutaneous reactivity -Acute systemic toxicity -Pyrogenicity -Hemocompatibility Pls address: ( read more )....., Closed
14-00984 University Medical School Researcher needs preclinical contract research organization for blood glucose drug comparison study of preexisting drug that can reduce blood glucose and potentially be used as a diabetes drug. We would like to compare the HbA1C between placebo and treated group. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00982 USA Product Safety Laboratory needed for ANSI / AAMI Testing of table-top steam sterilizer to be tested according to ANSI/AAMI ST55 ( read more )....., Closed
14-00972 USA FDA GLP Biochemical laboratory needed for Solid state and chemical analysis of particulates using Raman spectroscopy. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00965 Middle East Clinical Laboratory needed for serum testing for determination of vitamins ( read more )....., Closed
14-00959 USA or Canada CLIA Clinical Laboratory needed for genetics testing: (DNA) Blood testig for genetic disease ( read more )....., Closed
14-00954 Biomechanical Laboratory needed for dental implant testing: SEM of a clean and sterile titanium dental implant surface to document absence of particles from manufacturing process. This documentation is necessary for FDA clearance. We will provide 3 samples and we need couple of views from each sample. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00953 USA Biomedical Laboratory needed for medical device testing: Biocompatibility testing, preservative efficacy testing, condom compatibilty testing, Biocompatibilty compliant with ISO 10993 to include acute systemic toxicity, vaginal irritation, sensitization and cytotoxicity. Preservative efficacy USP 36, condom compatibility ASTM D7661-10. Testing required for the submission of a premarket notification (510(k)) to FDA for a personal lubricant. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00947 Medical Device Manufacturer needs Medical Comliance Lab for ISO Compliance testing service per ISO 27186 (section 4.3.9 Corrosion/environmental) for our new product, an implantable connector for pulse generator or defibrillator. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00938 Medical Technology Laboratory needed for ANSI / AAMI Testing: disposable medical electrode testing to ANSI/AAMI EC12. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00921 University Researcher needs Pakistan bioanaytical laboratory for serum testing for cc16 protein. Please spedify the cost per sample. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00907 Large Medical Research Center needs biochemistry laboratory for Protein isoelectric focusing to identify alpha-1 acid phenotypes in approx 200 samples ( read more )....., Closed
14-00901 Large healthcare company needs clinical laboratory for blood testing: bioanalytical testing using blood per CLSI EP25-A, EP17-A, EP9-A2, EP05-A2, EP06-A, EP07-A2. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00888 Pharmaceutical physical chemistry laboratory with an APSS-200 instrument needed for particle analysis: particle count on a sample of medical solution. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00874 Physical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Testing on compound ordered from organic synthesis company (p - carboxybenzenediazonium tetrafluoroborate, CAS# 456-25-7) from an international organic synthesis company a ( read more )....., Closed
14-00873 Large Universitry Medical Center Researcher performing xenograft experiments needs laboratory with gas sterilizer for sterilization of plastic cassette tubing for experiments. The tubing that I use is 0.030 in. I.D.; 0.065 in. O.D.; Wall Thickness: 0.017 in. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00871 Microbiology Laboratory needed for pyrogen endotoxin testing. Please provide a quote. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00861 USA certified laboratory needed for Product safety testing of our heat packs (used to treat body aches and pains) ( read more )....., Closed
14-00857 FDA GLP Contract Research Organization CRO needed for FDA GLP Study: Biocompatibility Testing Name of testing: Modified Draize-95 Test Testing Description: The purpose of this test is to evaluate whether residual chemical additives at the level that may induce Type IV allergy in the unsensitized general user population are present in a finished natural rubber (NR) containing medical device. Test Subject: Human ( read more )....., Closed
14-00849 Medical Device Laboratory needed for Dental Ceramics Testing. We need 3 samples of ceramic zirconia tested for porosimetry by mercury intrusion, porosity by nitrogen and include the surface area (BET). ( read more )....., Closed
14-00817 Electrical Laboratory needed for Electrical testing according to ANSI/AAMI EC 53 of leadwires for ECG electrodes. (Dielectric strength, noise testing,...) ( read more )....., Closed
14-00803 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for contract synthesis: synthesize diazonium salts. The procedure is as follow: "4-Aminobenzoic acid, obtained from Alfa Aesar, (6.85 g, 50 mmol) was dissolved in 36.25 ml of 48% fluoroboric acid, obtained from BDH, (200 mmol) and 50 mL water. The solution was heated until all the solids dissolved completely and was then cooled in an ice water bath. Sodium nitrite, from Alfa Aesar, (3.65 g, 53 mmol) dissolved in 10 mL water was added dropwise to the ( read more )....., Closed
14-00802 South America Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical analysis of samples of methanol and acetonitrile Please send quotation for laboratory analysis of samples of methanol and acetonitrile ( read more )....., Closed
14-00796 ISO Netherlands Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing : On site environmental monitoring for viable counts in clean room" ( read more )....., Closed
14-00735 Biomedical Laboratory needed for extraction testing on Polyurethane gel adhesive strips to test for human skin contact safety and contaninates ( read more )....., Closed
14-00730 Canada Medical Marijuana Grower needs medicinal chemistry laboratory for medical marijuana product tested for Cannabinoids, THC percentage etc. Including any pesticide or microbial screening that might go along with this type of testing. Please provide me with an outline of the submission process and costs. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00698 Australia medical device laboratory needed for MSDS testing for Povidone Iodine Swabsticks ( read more )....., Closed
14-00695 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for ISO biocompatibility testing to ISO 10993-1 of our surgical materials as per ISO 10993-1 ( read more )....., Closed
14-00691 European Union Microbiology Laboratory needed for Endotoxin Testing: LAL Testing (Bacterial Endotoxin Test ) & Rabbit Pyrogen Test for our Infusion/ Transfusion Set(medical Devices) Test Reference: As per USP Chapter 85 & 151 Note: The test Shall be conducted at any laboratory from European Union Countries. let us provide testing charge for LAL Test & Rabbit Pyrogen Test (03 tests each) if you have testing facility ( read more )....., Closed
14-00679 ISO Certified Packaging Laboratory needed for Leak testing on a combination medical device / pharmaceutical product. Vacuum Decay test per ASTM F2338. 20 samples will be used to validate method (urgent need). Will require testing of 1000 units in future months. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00671 Experienced California physical laboratory needed for multi-axis, multi-measurement head vibration analysis to find root cause of unacceptable vibration on some of our devices ( read more )....., Closed
14-00653 United Kingdown medical device laboratory needed for Medical Device Testing of pneumonia diagnostic devices - both respiratory rate timers and pulse oximeters. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00650 Africa Histology Laboratory needed for histopathology analysis of clinical samples. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00640 Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing and ISO Testing of medical devices: Biocompatibility testing,ETO Residual testing and Packaging validation testing 1-Biocompatibility of medical devices products (Syringes,blood lines ,......) to (ISO 10993-5)2 2- ETO Residual Test of the medical devices to (ISO 10993-7)3 3- Packaging validation for Peel pack (Paper) and PE pack ISO 11607 Part-1:2006 ISO 11607 Part-2:2006 BS EN 868 Part 1 BS EN 868 Part 5 ISO 111 ( read more )....., Closed
14-00610 Dentist from Dental Lab needed for medical product safety testing quality testing: Verification Testing of zirconia from China to see if is good quality Good strengh and safe in the mouth. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00604 Northeastern USA FDA cGMP biomedical laboratory and toxicology laboratory needed for medical device prototype testing. Test sensor for responsiveness to cyanide gas. We are prototyping an invention - a point of care diagnostic device for cyanide poisoning that uses a polymer as a sensor to detect cyanide in blood. The polymer will generate voltage and current upon exposure to cyanide gas released from blood. We have a lab to iterate polymers (although we are open to talking to others). We are lo ( read more )....., Closed
14-00601 UK Microbiology Laboratory needed for dust drum microbial challenge testing of packaging for Orthopaedic implant ( read more )....., Closed
14-00597 Medical School University Researcher needs biophsica laboratory for Xenopus oocyte transfection, patch clamp electrophysiology of 2 receptor subunit cDNA clones that I want to co- transfect onto Xenopus oocytes or another cell line to determine electrophysiologically whether these subunits can form a functional ligand gated cation channel. I do not have the facilities to do the electrophysiology. Can your facility perform these patch clamp studies? ( read more )....., Closed
14-00591 Biomedical laboratory needed or dietary supplement testing: - ergothioneine - 3'-deoxyadenosine - uridine ( read more )....., Closed
14-00554 Research and Development Contract Research Organization for product development of a new pharmaceuticals transdermal patch. Our company is seeking initial product and prototype development. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00534 Packaging Laboratory needed for EN - ISO Transportation Study: packaging validation testing against (Transportation/ distribution Testing) Our products consist of film and paper sealed on site (produced by our company), we need to know the efficiency of our packaging. For any clarification and more info. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for your usual support! ( read more )....., Closed
14-00527 Los Angeles Biomedical laboratory needed for blood plasma testing for drug determination ( read more )....., Closed
14-00519 Biomedical manufacturer needs toxicology laboratory for heavy metal testing & acute toxicity testing: LD50 testing on biomedical product. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00518 Medical Device Manufacturer needs Florida product safety, medical device laboratory for NFPA Testing and ASME Testing to ASME PVHO 1, Safety Standard for Pressure. Vessels for Human Occupancy and National Fire Protection Association NFPA 99, Healthcare Facilities Code. One sample - Soft hyperbaric chamber - No specialized shipping or handling required. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00506 Microscopy and imaging non-destructive materials laboratory needed for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Analysis color SEM images? Is there any other technique which can provide color imagery at approximately 150/200x magnification? If so, what is the approximate price per hour or per samples and turnaround time for the testing? ( read more )....., Closed
14-00484 Physical Laboratory needed for Ophthalmic instrument testing. Physical and/or organic chemist with experience with dyes such as gentian violet and indocyanine green to help us in our research. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00481 Packaging laboratory needed for International Safe Transit Association ISTA Testing. Packaging/Shipping Testng to ISTA 2B, Preshipment Testing Procedures - Combination Tests for packaged-products weighing over 150 lbs. (68kg) ( read more )....., Closed
14-00450 Contract Serology Lab needed for blood testing that can measure the level of soybean oil in blood ( read more )....., Closed
14-00422 Medical Device Laboratory needed for mercury porosimetry testing to measure the porosity of UHMWPE samples with the method of mercury porosimetry? Thank you. Best regards. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00409 Asia or US materials laboratories needed for ANSI Testing or EN388 Testing: cut level test on a glove that we import from China and wholesale to distributors. The confusion between ANSI and EN388 is incredible and I am caught in the middle. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00372 Clinical Enviromental Microbiology Laboratory needed for clinical waste testing of spore strips. Similar to spore strip testing, we use a spore suspension into a clinical waste disposal machine and validation is confirmed when a minimum log 4 kill has been confirmed. A waste water test will also need to be carried out for discharge into public sewer with treatment plant. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00356 India Certified Biochemistry laboratory needed for medical grade silicone testing. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00331 US Toxicology Laboratory needed for Acute toxicity testing, Antibacterial testing and Chemistry testing ( read more )....., Closed
14-00326 Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical studies: Cytotoxicity, Sensitization, Hemocompatibility. . ( read more )....., Closed
14-00324 Medical Device Laboratory needed for validation study to validate EO sterilize 3 pallets of medical devices in one chamber What costs are associated with validation of the product through one fractional, 4 half and one full cycle? ( read more )....., Closed
14-00303 Biomedical Manufacturer needs biomaterials laboratory for biomaterials testing: measurement of the rate of evaporation of solvent from a polymer solvent solution after it is applied in a thin film/spray type application (i.e. dry time after application). ( read more )....., Closed
14-00296 Medical Device laboratory needed for ASM Testing to support FDA 510(k) of feminine hygiene products and are targeting markets worldwide recently. As for FDA 510(K) pre-market notification purpose, we seek for an agent who will do the condom test-ASTM D7661-10- with our product, personal lubricant. It would be appreciated if you share related information with us. - Expected cost / period - Related Process ( read more )....., Closed
14-00270 West coast Clinical Toxicology laboratory needed with LCMS Machine to run UA samples and provide reports.. WE bring approx 1,000 samples ( read more )....., Closed
14-00268 Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory needed for clinnical testing for psychiatric care facility that averages about 5-10 labs per week. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00266 We're looking to contract with a State of Illinois medicare / medicaid certified diagnostic lab that can go to retirement community and collect specimen (panel of testing) from senior per their Doctor's script. Must be State of Illinois medicare / medicaid certified. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00242 Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for nitrile examination glove testing. These tests will be used in support to our 510k submission to FDA for exam gloves with Low Dermatitis Potential claim. ? Modified Draize-95 Test ? Patch Test on Sensitized Individuals Please provide us quote and lead time for these testing. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00241 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing and certification of the products according ASTM F-1674. Joint Restraint Products for Use with PVC Pipe 2. Can you test this kind of joint according the above mention standard? 3. If yes ? what more information you need? 4. In not ? ( read more )....., Closed
14-00229 Orthpaedic Implant Manufacturer needs medical device laboratory for orthpaedic implant testing of finished products like bone screws, Bone plates, Interlocking nails, Hip Prosthesis, Clamps tested mechanically as per International standards. Kindly provide No. of samples required, Time duration and cost of testing. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00227 Clinical laboratory needed for microfilaria testing ( read more )....., Closed
14-00205 USA Serology Laboratory needed for clinical testing: serology testing on human skin samples. Samples can be shipped fresh in suspension, or frozen in LN2. EBV (IgG, IgM)CMVHep BHep CHIV ( read more )....., Closed
14-00189 Physical Laboratory needed for drop ball testing to (21CFR 801-410). : ( read more )....., Closed
14-00186 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for woundcare testing: amino acid analysis for amino acid composition/profile (including glycin, proline, hydroxiprolin, tyrosine and cysteine) in such a product. If so, I would appreciate it if you send me a price quote. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00174 Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical study of dental stain blocker with effectiveness testing, safety testing ( read more )....., Closed
14-00155 Medical Deice, Biomedical laboratory needed for ISO testing of implantable medical devices: biocompatibility testing to ISO 10993-1, Biological evaluation of medical devices 5 samples, orthopaedic implants ( read more )....., Closed
14-00143 ASIA Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Lubricating Jelly to ASTM D7661, Standard Test Method for Determining Compatibility of Personal Lubricants with Natural Rubber Latex Condoms ( read more )....., Closed
14-00135 Midwest Microbiology Laboratory needed for medical cannabis testing: Microbiological Test, Mycotoxin Test, Pesticide chemical residue test or solvent residue test of medical cannabis ( read more )....., Closed
14-00132 Southern USA FDA Registered and cGMP compliant laboratory needed for to perform ASTM D7661 testing to ASTM D7661, Standard Test Method for Determining Compatibility of Personal Lubricants with Natural Rubber Latex Condoms , compatibility, latex, lubricants, natural ( read more )....., Closed
14-00122 Biochemistry Laboratory needed for Use of a microneedle rolling device to determine whether it affects melanin production. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00117 Mumbai clinical laboratory needed for blood esing: 10 SAMPLES, BLOOD SAMPLE. ( read more )....., Closed
( read more )....., Closed
14-00112 FDA cGMP USA biomaterials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Bone Cement and control sample according to ASTM F451 for FDA compliance ( read more )....., Closed
14-00094 San Diego Clinical Laboratory needed for blood testing. in vitro/ RAST/ IgE for Mold antibody blood test,results for the 15 most common molds and Stachyletrys. Our home is infested with mold and we were told to find what specific kind of mold is making us sick in our blood. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00083 Microbiology Laboratory needed for viral URI Testing from nasal swabs. Infectious agent detection by nucleic acid (DNA or RNA); respiratory virus (eg, adenovirus, influenza virus, coronavirus, metapneumovirus, parainfluenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus), multiplex reverse transcription and amplified probe technique, multiple types or subtypes, 12-25 targets Nasal swab for testing viral URI's ( read more )....., Closed
14-00069 Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO testing for respiratory tubes ISO 5367, Breathing tubes intended for use with anaesthetic apparatus and ventilators ( read more )....., Closed
14-00051 United States medical device laboratory needed for medical device testing: ASTM Testing of the hydrophilic coating on a urology catheter to determine the Coefficient of friction as compared to other similar devices to Coated medical tubing ASTM D1894 ( read more )....., Closed
14-00049 FDA cMP, NABL medical device laboratory needed for ASTM testing: Coronary Stent and Balloon Cathether testing of Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System Testing. PTCA balloon Catheter Testing. Polymer Testing. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00046 FDA cGMP Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D3492. Declaration of conformance with consensus standards. For FDA approval we need the condom to be tested in all the respects with the requirements of the current edition of ASTM Standard Specifications for Rubber Contraceptives (Male Condoms), D3492 ( read more )....., Closed
14-00025 IV sets and IV extension sets manufacturer needs physical laboratory for IV testing: Tensile testing done to check the bond strength on the luer to tubing connections that we make here by a solvent bonding process. ( read more )....., Closed
14-00016 Chennai clinical toxicology laboratory needed for Urine testing ( read more )....., Closed
14-00009 Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing: microbial identification of micro-organisms from 25 swabbed Petri dishes ( from stethoscopes of registered nurses). ( read more )....., Closed
13-01666 USA or Asia FDA GMP Preclinical Laboratory needed for preclinical testing: nose filler - strontium hydroxyapatite 1. MTT assay on human epithelial fibroblast 2. in vivo testing on rabbit frontal sinus ( read more )....., Closed
13-01662 Medical device manufacturer requires Canada or US Bioanalytical Laboratory for standardized, non-developmental testing methods for bioanalytical testing of bovine serum albumin powder for presence and concentration of total bovine IgG, IgG1 and IgG2, as well as fatty acids. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01635 Europe, Japan, USA FDA GMP, ISO Biomedical laboratory needed for CE Marking and ISO testing of medical disposbles: disposable Respiratory function test, bacteria and Humidity Moisture Exchange(HME)filters. We want following parameters to be tested and certified. dead volume moisture output air resistance ( read more )....., Closed
13-01623 Africa preclinical laboratory needed for preclinical testing: Medical Research-Nuclear Extracts and Serum samples. There would be need for ice pack ( read more )....., Closed
13-01613 FDA GMP Preclinical Laboratory needed for FDA Preclinical testing. Dental implants to be implanted in non-human primates in the mouth. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01594 USA clinical laboratory needed for HIV plasma testing: detect virus in human plasma using TEM Need to visualize HIV particles in human plasma using TEM to correlate with viral load measurements. Must detect HIV by size and morphology only. Have successfully used TEM to detect two different clones of HIV added to plasma at concentrations of 1 million particles/ml and above. Must be able to detect virus at concentrations typical of viral load numbers, which range from 10 to 1000-fold below the pra ( read more )....., Closed
13-01520 California Laboratory needed for All clinical laboratory testing for a mobile phlebotomy startup. ALL clinical lab testing from ABG, stool, wound cultures to all blood tests available for doctors ( read more )....., Closed
13-01513 Canada pharmaceutical laboratory needed for medical marijuana testing: specific test requirements, but these are a fewheavy metals, Aflatoxins, microbiological purity, pesticides, moisture content, Potency THC CBD, chemical identity...cannabinoids profile Need testing of medical marijuana, normally one or two samples, every week. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01505 Biomaterials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: compatibility of non lubricated latex , poliurethane and polyisoprene condoms with a lubricant to ASTM D7661-10 : Standard test method for determining compatibility of personal lubricants with natural rubber latex condoms ( read more )....., Closed
13-01483 Biomechanical laboratory needed for USP Testing: Biomaterial testing for properties of bio materials for sutures mechanical and biological tests as per USP standards for needles and sutures [knot pull, tensile stregth, straight pull, needle attachment, strength retention studies, penetration force, cross section, anti microbial coating test efficiency, throw test, elasticity] will provide samples and shipping. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01450 FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for food contact testing to FDA CFR 175.3 Resinous and polymeric coating testing that may be safely used as the food-contact surface of articles intended for use in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food, in accordance with CFR 175.3 ( read more )....., Closed
13-01449 Asia electrical laboratory needed for IEC Testing: Determination of the halogen acid gas content in GRP/FRP(Fiberglass Reinfored Plastic) to IEC 60754-1 ( read more )....., Closed
13-01442 Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-microbial testing of cold sterilizing solution by Immersion of medical equipment, formulated with glutaraldehyde to need to evaluate its antimicrobial properties, with elimination trials, especially bacterial spores, mycobacteria and viruses, with some international standards (ASTM, AOAC, EPA Test,). Initially i do the consultation about in wich laboratory can make this kind of test and if so what is the cost and requirements to perform. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01438 Asia Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, ISO Testing, medical device testingto quantify the Stethoscope (medical device performance)- Sound Amplification and attenuation e.g. Frequency, Loudness(Decibel) ( read more )....., Closed
13-01433 USA Biophysical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM F 2392-04 Standard Test for Burst Pressure Strength of Surgical Sealants.Need to evaluate surgical selants strength using the ASTM F 2392-04 Standard Test Method for Burst Pressure Strength of Surgical Sealants. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01431 Middle East Clinical Laboratory needed for plasma protein testing ( Plasma ) ( read more )....., Closed
13-01412 California Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical testing: Blood Testing for Blood circulation and lactic acid level ( read more )....., Closed
13-01407 New Jersey biophysical laboratory needed for tensile testing. Lab to tensile test sample in the 25kN range. There are two conditions: 1. The lab needs to be in NJ. 2. I would like to be present during the test. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01405 Contact Lenses Manufacturer needs medical device USA laboratory for physical testing and chemistry testing: Physi0chemical Testing for verification of the physico-chemical properties of materials - Test of exhaustive extraction (Soxhlet extractor) for at least 4 hours with a polar solvent (eg water) and a non-polar solvent (eg methanol) for each model of the lens - Test of spectral transmittance and rub test for adhesion. May you kindly recommend to us if there are laboratories in the USA. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01368 Pennsylvania Clinical Laboratory needed for serum testing for Serum EP ( read more )....., Closed
13-01362 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM F640-12 radiopacity for a PP fibre filled with BASO4. diameter 152µm & 380µm ( read more )....., Closed
13-01355 Virginia Laboratory or North Carolina Laboratory needed for clinical testing. Testing done for criminal trial to connect strands of Genital Warts from assaulter to the victim. " ( read more )....., Closed
13-01351 India Medical Device laboratory needed for medical device certification testing: certify Medical grade silicone products for implants and other uses(bottle nipple). Please send me the addresses and contact details of all labs that are approved by the Govt of india who can carry out such tests. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01350 California FDA medical device aboratory needed for FDA certification testing of illuminating device used in sports type scopes. Need to certify if it's a LED device or class 1 laser as light source ( read more )....., Closed
13-01314 India NABL Laboratory needed for Alcohol Breath Analyser Testing ( read more )....., Closed
13-01281 PA, NY, NJ, FL, DE medical device laboratory needed for stability testing: shelf life testing of medical device wraps used with cooling system ( read more )....., Closed
13-01263 Southern USA medical physical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM F543. Insertion torque and pullout testing of 10 different styles of medical devices for orthopedics. 5 samples of each device (50 total). ( read more )....., Closed
13-01259 Dental composite filling material manufacturer needs accredited laboratory for Biocompatiability Testing, PHysical Testing and EN ISO Testing EN ISO 4049:2009 standard procedure and also provide us the test result reports as they are also indicated in this standart. Test names: Polymerisation - Flexural Strength - Diametral Tensile Strength - Water Absorption - Biocompatibility? . ( read more )....., Closed
13-01258 New Zealand FDA GMP materials laboratory needed for Solubility testing of ceramic (glass ceramic, surface area >30cm2) in acetic acid. We supply you the ceramic plate with specified surface area. Soak the ceramic plate, which is pri-dried at 150C for 4hrs, in 4vol% acetic acid (analytical grade), staying in oven 80C for 16hrs. After that, find out a weight loss by comparing the weights of the ceramic plate before and after soaking. The test procedure must follow Standard ANSI/ADA 69/ISO 6872 ( read more )....., Closed
13-01244 FDA GMP US analytical chemistry laboratory needed for plastics Extraction testing outlined by FDA 21CFR177.1520 and 21CFR176.170 for molded parts based on polypropylene. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01223 FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed for Medical Device Testing of Intraloral Orthodontic appliances for long and short term use 1 clear acrylic disc 18mmx100mm ( read more )....., Closed
13-01222 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for nitrogen testing. Test the dew point of nitrogen of capacity plant 2NM3/hr. It is urgent pl provide contact details ( read more )....., Closed
13-01205 Histology Laboratory needed for histological tissue preparation followed by TUNEL and activated caspase 3 immunohistochemistry on human tissue ( read more )....., Closed
13-01204 USA biomedical laboratory needed for Validation Testing between two blood collection devices for hematology and common blood chemistry analytes. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01188 Microbiology laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Virucidal Testing to ASTM E1053 - 11 Standard Test Method to Assess Virucidal Activity of Chemicals Intended for Disinfection of Inanimate, Nonporous Environmental SurfacesASTM E2362 - 09 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Pre-saturated or Impregnated Towelettes for Hard Surface Disinfection. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01181 Large multinational medical device corp needs analytical chemistry laboratory for polymer testing: TGA testing with either FTIR or mass spec analysis of evolved gas to determine temperature for onset of HF generation. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01180 Toxicology Laboratory needed for DNA-Adduct testing using LC/Tandem MS on human serum for quinolones Requesting the availability of DNA-Adduct testing on human blood/serum using LC/Tandem MAS (LC/MS) for the protocols to identify [1,5-Dimethoxy-9, 10-Anthraquinone] which is formed upon DNA cleving of 4-quinolone antibiotic forming an Anthraquinone [Ethyl 6,8-difluoro-4-hydroyqinoline-3-carboxylate] the backbone to Levofloxin/Fluroquinolone [1,8 Dimethoxy-anthraquinone] linked to ( read more )....., Closed
13-01173 India Histology Laboratory needed for Histological analysis of chick embryo ( read more )....., Closed
13-01134 United States biomedical laboratory needed for AAMI Testing of blood pressure transducers according to AAMI standard. The test will be performed to medical equipment ( read more )....., Closed
13-01128 Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical testing. hair tests (heavy metals and toxins. Rates, expedite, schedule. email: phonenumber: address: ( read more )....., Closed
13-01097 Asia Medical Device Laboratory needed for Catheter Testing: Mechanical Properties Testing as per FDA regulations for medical device registration. PTCA catheter in USA, could you give us some help about the product testing? the below is a guidance link about PTCA catheter. could you conduct the below test ? 9, Flexibility and Kink Test 10, torque test 12, coating integrity test 13, particulate test if you are able to conduct these tests, could you give me a qu ( read more )....., Closed
13-01079 IS Medical Device Laboratory needed for CE Certification medical device stability testing: accelerated aging test for ETO Sterile Tyvek Pouch Packed Hydrophobic Intraocular Lens and also for Steam Sterile Tyvek Pouch Packed Hydrophilic Intraocular Lens ( read more )....., Closed
13-01049 US FDA GLP bioanalytical laboratory needed for bioanalytical testing: capable of conducting aPTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) testing on wound dressing samples. GLP certification preferred. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01047 USA preclinical laboratory needed for kidney surgical testing. Post kidney removal testing with high reactivity carbon mixture (HRCM, or graphene) in rats. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01038 ISO Materials Laboratory needed for ISO Materials Testing of medical device (hydroxyapatite)to ISO 13779-3 Implants for surgery -- Hydroxyapatite -- Part 3: Chemical analysis and characterization of crystallinity and phase purity for crystal characterization, purity and other chemical analysis in order to comply with ISO 13779-3. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01032 ISTA Packaging Laboratory needed for International Safe Transit Association ISTA testing on the small packaging which is ISTA-3A, Pacaged - Products for Parcel Delivery Systems Shipment 70 kg or less ? Please specify the following: how much will you charge for the test? How many samples do you require? How long will the test take? ( read more )....., Closed
13-01021 Europe Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for Sensitization Testing , according to 11979-5, applied to intraocular lenses ( read more )....., Closed
13-01013 Southern California Materials Laboratory needed for coating testing. Test light transmittance of a coating that is on a glass slide. We have 3 slides to be tested ( read more )....., Closed
13-00979 India clinical microbiology laboratory needed for urine testing ( read more )....., Closed
13-00969 Ireland Medical Device Laboratory needed for medical device testing. Develop a test method and carry out particulate testing of a minimally invasive catheter device. Approx. 100 per annum Carrying out the testing in a clean room standard Class 7 or Class 8 is an optional requirement. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00961 FDA GLP Medical Device Laboratory needed for adhesive testing to evaluate physical properties of hydrocolloid adhesives - such as adhesive strength, removal force on human skin; preferably living human skin or a well-documented substitute ( read more )....., Closed
13-00952 Clinical Laboratory needed for plasma testing for primaquine plasma levels ( read more )....., Closed
13-00943 Canada Clinical Microbiology Laboratory needed for semen testing Chlamydia Culture and general semen culture on previously frozen donor sperm. Swabbed at our location and shipped. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00940 North America Microbiology or TOxicology Laboratory needed for disinfectant testing: hard surface disinfectant in development, requiring toxicology testing ("6-pack") for an EPA submission. It is a ready to use solution incorporating quats and low amounts of alcohol; common to existing formulations. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00919 Middle East / Egypt clinical laboratory needed for serology testing: full serology (to serotype isolates)in Egypt ( read more )....., Closed
13-00913 NABL Certification laboratory needed for NABL certification testing of R.O. Machine we require NABL Test Report to obtain SON Certificate. us know the procedure for obtaining the NABL Testing Report and the cost for the same. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00916 Toronto Clinical Toxicology laboratory needed for blood testing to review/test blood and urine samples, taken during a autopsy,alcohol levels. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00890 FDA 510(k) CRO , FDA GMP Contract Research Organization needed for Medical Device Research and Development: Test Kit Manufacturing e are based in Washington and looking for a CRO who can handle 510(k) analytical studies and a 3 site trial on an MMRV multiplex based test. We are ideally looking for a CRO who has their own laboratories or access to labs for testing work ahead of the final studies. Ability to also manufacture test kits in a GMP/ISO13485 environment would be an advantage. " ( read more )....., Closed
13-00885 Hospital Pathology Laboratory needs clinical laboratory for viral testing: Hiv resistance testing ( read more )....., Closed
13-00882 Microbiology Laboratory needed for parasite testing. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00869 Accredite USA Materials Laboratory Molded parts made of needle-Punched Nonwoven need to be tested to TL52662 material requirements." ( read more )....., Closed
13-00815 International Organization needs Middle East forensic and toxicology laboratory for forensic and toxicology testing here in Afghanistan. Especially interested in the potential for samples testing in Kabul. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00808 Physical Laboratory needed for physical testing: ANSI Testing physical glove performance testing for cut, puncture, abrasion according to ANSI 105 - 2011.Hand Protection Selection Criteria International Safety Equipment Association ( read more )....., Closed
13-00803 Toxicology, Bioanalytical and Environmental Laboratory needed for materials testing of face mask material for respirator with the characteristics of dustproof, antibiotics, and antipollution for protection from respiratory hazards, such as chemical and environmental hazards, as well as airborne biohazards. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00787 USA, Canada or Europe microbiology laboratory needed for Time kill study of H7N9 influenza virus ( read more )....., Closed
13-00786 California FDA GMP Laboratory needed for FDA impact testing to 21CFR801.410 impact testing Select 200 pcs random samples of sunglasses from 8200 pc lot in bonded Customs storage in Los Angeles. Conduct impact testing under 21CFR801.410 and report results. These are promotional sunglasses, to be given away as advertising. Supplier in China sent goods with fake testing docs and FDA is allowing us to correct ( read more )....., Closed
13-00770 Florida pharmaceutical laboratory needed for ICH Testing: Photostability testing for a combination drug/medical device product for aging studies to ICH Q1B. A biodegradeable drug delivery device. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00763 China medical device laboratory needed for testing dental implants according to SFDA standards,China SFDA Approval and Registration for Medical Devices ( read more )....., Closed
13-00748 EO and ECH residual testing ( read more )....., Closed
13-00733 USA clinical laboratory needed for human plasma testing for curcumin (and its' metabolites) concentration analysis in human plasma using HPLC. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00731 Eastern USA Medical Device Laboratory needed for Medical Device Testing of Hemostasis Valve Introducer Sheath. 1. Valve resistance to flow- Arterial pressure. 2. Durometer of dilator tube & sheath tube. 3. Hub/to tube pull test ( read more )....., Closed
13-00679 Clinical chemistry laboratory needed for formaldehyde testing to analyse Formaldehyde in keratin , PPd ( read more )....., Closed
13-00667 USA Physical Chemistry laboratory needed for particle analysis: Quantitate particles, including silicone oil, present in prefilled syringes filled with water. measurements must be made using a brightwell Microflow imaging device (MFI). ( read more )....., Closed
13-00663 India preclinical contract research organization needed for implantation and extractable testing of LDPE+BaSo4 as per 10993 and 12418 standard ( read more )....., Closed
13-00642 UK Medical device laboratory needed for Biocompatibility testing for Class-III (EU Classification) personal lubricants. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00638 India Clinical Laboratory needed for urine testing and blood testing for phenol ( read more )....., Closed
13-00635 Physican's Medical Group needs clinical laboratory for nutritional analysis of breast milk. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00631 "ISO Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicology testing of medical device with mucosa contact for 510k G95-1 compliance" ( read more )....., Closed
13-00585 USA physical laboratory needed for Flow rate testing for tubing. We are developing tubing for use with a Vista pump and need to test the flow rates with the pump. We have both the pump and tubing avaliable. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00582 USA ISO Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of Urine Collection Bag Testing as per ISO 8669 (Part 2),Urine Bags, Requirements and test methods. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00581 Eastern USA EPA clinical laboratory needed for urine testing for urinary uranium ( read more )....., Closed
13-00580 Las Vegas Physical Laboratory needed for physical certification testing: drop ball testing for optical lenses 1.56 hard, AR coated lens ( read more )....., Closed
13-00571 Florida Clinical Laboratory needed for Clinical Testing: Epstein Barr Virus VCA Antibody IGM, VCA Antibody IGG, and EBNA Antibody IFF all Epstein Barr Virus, Vitamin B12, Folate Serum, and TSH 3rd Gerneration ( read more )....., Closed
13-00570 India toxicology laboratory needed for toxicology testing for Extractable & Leachable Study for rubber closures ( read more )....., Closed
13-00564 Eastern USA Medical Device Laboratory needed for RoHS Testing: Test 17-4 Chrome Material for RoHS product certification. Need quote, number of samples required..... ( read more )....., Closed
13-00522 UK Hospital needs UK Clinical Laboratory for clinical testing for Kidneys LFT U and E Full blood count Glucose Hbaic cholestrol levels Prolactin Lithium levels Clozaril ( read more )....., Closed
13-00488 India Clinical laborator needed for urine testing and blood testing: Thiamine Estimation by following 3 methods: 1. Urinary Thiamine Estimation 2. Blood Thiamine Estimation 3. ETKA(Erythrocyte Transketolase Activity) Estimation. I want this information for an epidemic of peripheral neuropathy induced by Thiamine deficiency ( read more )....., Closed
13-00485 USA Imaging Laboratory needed to x-ray image 5-20 micron thick aluminum/nickel/combination of layer on PC/ABS and/or ABS plastic. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00468 India clinical laboratory needed for urine testing and blood testing for thiamine ( read more )....., Closed
13-00458 Europe or UK plastics laboratory needed for PVC testing in PVC materials for medical device. Determination of: 1.Jellification degree2.K-Value3.Shore A hardness ( read more )....., Closed
13-00450 USA Medical Device Laboratory needed for Blood collection set simulated-use testing for 510k. 10-20 phlebotomists needed to test safety feature of butterfly blood collection set in simulated patient use. Sample size 500 each. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00442 Mechanical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for ASTM F1717 standard Standard Test Methods for Spinal Implant Constructs in a Vertebrectomy Model ( read more )....., Closed
13-00441 Chicago Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for microarray screening. Specifically for MicroRNA ( read more )....., Closed
13-00437 USA bioanalytical laboratory needed for Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture testing on human plasma products. (product is lyophilized) ( read more )....., Closed
13-00429 Central America Clinical Laboratory needed for aluminum testing of Home test kits to verify level of aluminum in patients hair samples ( read more )....., Closed
13-00408 Pakistan Clinical Laboratory needed for clinicla testing: Real time PCR and routine bio chemistry and Microbiology ( read more )....., Closed
13-00400 Canada or USA Contract Research Oranization CRO needed for comparative in-vitro studies for BA and BE of spray device ( read more )....., Closed
13-00398 USA cinical aboratory needed for pheblotomy testing ( read more )....., Closed
13-00394 Radiochemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM x-ray imaging of wound dressings incorporating radiopaque markers ( read more )....., Closed
13-00388 USA medical device laboratory needed for Euglycemic Clamp testing. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00387 Texas medical device laboratory needed for suture testing for the Tensile strength of four suture types (total of 160 samples) ( read more )....., Closed
13-00380 Vienna, Budapest or Europe Medical Device Laboratory needed for medical device ASTM Testing to ASTM D4169, Distribution Cycle 13, Assurance Level = 2. Schedules A, C, F, E and A. Omit Schedules I (Tyvek lid) and J (double walled box). 8 boxes of medical devices 10.25" x 9.5" x 23" ( read more )....., Closed
13-00368 USA physiological chemistry llaboratory needed for Measuring cellular energy parameters pre and post usage of a PEMF device which visibly rejuvenates skin. We want to determine what is happening at the organelle level. ATP, Ca++, electrical potential ( read more )....., Closed
13-00361 Medical Device Preclinical Laboratory needed for implantation of a PMMA bone cement with bonded P32 radionuclide into the vetebrae and spinal canal of sheep or goat ( read more )....., Closed
13-00351 Medical Device Research and Development Laboratory needed for prototype development / contract manufacture MEMS of either the cantilever or nanotube type ( read more )....., Closed
13-00349 Canada clinical laboratory needed for serology testing for serology titres for IgA, IgG and IgM for malaria (plasmodium spp.) ( read more )....., Closed
13-00340 Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Testing to ISO 10555 - Sterile, single-use intravascular catheters for 510(k) submission ( read more )....., Closed
13-00317 India Opthalmic Laboratory needed for compliance testing to 15004 ( read more )....., Closed
13-00303 USA medical laboratory needed for experimental medicine testing or euglycemic clamp test ( read more )....., Closed
13-00302 CClinical Laboratory needed for carrier testing for HBV,HIV(interfereing substances: minimum 50% whole blood) as per TG054 guidelines, Clause 6.4.5 (g) ( read more )....., Closed
13-00295 Middle East Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory needed for biochemistry testing: oxidative stress, tumor markers, hormones, adipokines, and hormone receptors ( read more )....., Closed
13-00260 UK medical device laboratory needed to Evaluate existing test data, conduct gap analysis, write assessement report using the requirements of ISO 10993 series as appropriate. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00254 Large medical device manufacturer needs FDA GLP and GCP clinical Laboratory for Baclofen analysis in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) ( read more )....., Closed
13-00250 FDA GMP electronics laoratory needed for ANSI AAMI Testing to ANSI AAMI EC12 ( read more )....., Closed
13-00248 Medical Device Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Burst Strength of Surgical Sealants according to ASTM F2392 ( read more )....., Closed
13-00246 USA or Europe FDA GMP electrical laboratory needed for FDA 510 (k) ANSI Testing, AAMI Testing and IEC Testing to IEC 80601-2-30:2009 ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1:2005 IEC 60601-1-2:2007 ( read more )....., Closed
13-00241 FDA GMP Physical laboratory needed for dimensional verification, force to fire testing, material hardness, etc. The equipment required would be the likes of calipers, optical comparators, Instron/RAM/Zwick... The product is a firing assembly for an auto injector. I'd be happy to talk through what we are looking for, you can call me (215)-259-3592. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00234 USA Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Test ing for latex on 4 different components: ASTM D6499 Inhibition ELISA ( read more )....., Closed
13-00192 UK food laboratory needed for fruit testing for medical benefits. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00180 USA FAA aeronautical Laboratory needed for FAA Testing: AeroMedical device certification for airlines Portable ECG device for airplanes and other transportation needs EMI test for interference with NAV COM of airplanes during flight ( read more )....., Closed
13-00178 Canada FDA Laboratory needed for Shelf life testing and accelerated aging testing ( read more )....., Closed
13-00153 Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical testing: urine analysis of 1000 urine samples that we would like to have analyzed for leukotriene E4 (LTE4) for an NIH funded project. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00135 Biopharmaceutical Medical device company needs materials laboratory with analytical method to quantify the oil and grease for our plunger springs of autoinjectors. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00131 Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-funal Testing of topical dressing for antifungal properties ( read more )....., Closed
13-00128 India ISO Laboratory needed for ISO Testing to ISO 11979-3 4.1 General Requirements 4.2 Tolerances and Dimensions 4.3 Clearance analysis 4.12 Surface and Bulk Homogeneity 5.0 Recovery Properties Following Surgical Manipulation: ( read more )....., Closed
13-00127 India ISO Laboratory needed for CE Mark Testing: Exhaustive Extraction Test per ISO 11979-5:2006, Para 5.2 and Annex A (3 lots; 1 solvent) Leachables Test per ISO 11979-5:2006, Para 5.3 and Annex B (2 solvents) Hydrolytic Stability Test per ISO 11979-5:2006, Para 5.4 and Annex C (temp tbd; two time points) Photostability Test per ISO 11979-5:2006, Para 5.5 and Annex D ( read more )....., Closed
13-00121 USA toxicology laboratory needed for toxicology testing on one of our dental polishes. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00120 USA Materials Laboratory needed for random 30 samples from test material to EDANA 140.1 - Edana 140.1-81 - Air Permeability Recommended Test: Nonwovens Air Permeability ( read more )....., Closed
13-00102 California UL certification laboratory needed for UL Certification testing: UL Field Label Test and Certification. 1 each Cellvizio® Confocal Endomicroscopy system for GI endoscopy, bronchoscopy and preclinical imaging. ( read more )....., Closed
13-00101 Product Safety Laboratory needed for product safety testing of dental flossers, toothbrushes, dental mirrors, dental probes/picks (6 different products. Primary purpose of testing is consumer safety. Secondary purpose is product quality assurance/control. Essentially we would be needing physical testing to ensure that our products will not break when used, and also chemical testing to ensure that the materials used are in fact what they should be ( read more )....., Closed
13-00084 India genetics laboratory needed for paternity testing for 2000 samples. This is part of a mass campaign conducted by a research organization ( read more )....., Closed
13-00082 Ireland and UK medical device laboratory needed for ISO Testing: Analysis of medical device materials. Compliance to ISO 8536-4 Infusion equipment for medical use ( read more )....., Closed
13-00080 UKAS ISO Toxicology laboratory needed for 1 TEST - In Vitro Cytotoxicity to (BS EN 1SO 10993-5) ( read more )....., Closed
13-00062 Eastern USA medical device laboratory needed for AAMI testing: Disposable ECG electrode testing per AAMI EC-12 and EC-53 ECG cables and leadwires ( read more )....., Closed
13-00059 India medical device research and development laboratory needed for glucometer design ( read more )....., Closed
13-00035 India Medical Device Laboratory needed for Medical Device Testing of critical medical devices Test ISO Standard Cytotoxicity ISO 10993 -5 Sensitization ISO 10993-10 Irritation or intracutaneous reactivity ISO 10993-10 Systemic toxicity (acute) ISO 10993-11 Subacute and subchronic toxicity ISO 10993-11 Genotoxicity ISO 10993-3 Implantation ISO 10993-6 Haemocompatibi ( read more )....., Closed
13-00022 ISO FDA GMP Laboratory needed for full-range in-vitro tests for contact lens physiochemical tests for contact lens eg Oxygen permeability, water content, extractable tests exclude biocompatibility tests ( read more )....., Closed
13-00009 Medical Device Laboratory needed for gel testing: Acoustic Impedance Measurement: Acoustic Speed Measurement, Acoustic Attenuation performed on Ultrasound Gels ( read more )....., Closed
13-00006 Eastern USA FDA GMP Medical Device Laboratory needed for electrode testing: EZ Clean Laparoscopic Electrode and Mega Power Generator ( read more )....., Closed
12-2369 Materials Laboratory needed for optical lens testing. We have 4 sample lenses to be tested. Desired tests are: * Total percentage visible light transmission. * UV and visible spectrum transmission by wavelength. 5nm increments preferred but 10nm increments would be acceptable. * Standards reports for ANSI 80.3-2001, EN 1836:2005, AS/NZS 1067:2003 ( read more )....., Closed
12-2368 Turkey Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO and ASTM Testing to ISO 21534, Non-active surgical implants - Joint replacement implants and ISO 21535, ISO 21535 ( read more )....., Closed
12-2366 Southern California Laboratory needed for Tourmaline stone testing and infrared heating support ( read more )....., Closed
12-2362 Malaysia, Singapore or India Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Type-II Titanium Anodized surfaces of Medical devices to .ASTM G98 - 02(2009) Standard Test Method for Galling Resistance of Materials2.ASTM G195 - 08 Standard Guide for Conducting Wear Tests Using a Rotary Platform, Double-Head Abrader3.ASTM G115 - 10 Standard Guide for Measuring and Reporting Friction Coefficients.4. ASTM E2789 - 10 Standard Guide for Fretting Fatigue Testing No. Of samples Sampl ( read more )....., Closed
12-2361 India Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial identification testing of several fungal and actinomycetes culture and want to get it identified upto species level via 16s rDNA sequencing. I didn't find the fees structure for actinomycetes identification. Is it possible in your institute? In that case, can you please provide the fees structure so that i can immediately send the culture along with DD amount. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2354 Canada or USA Clinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for urine testing of Urine control solutions to be quantified for various drugs of abuse concentrations ranging from 10ng/mL to 6000ng/mL. We are interested in GC/MS or equivalent analysis and we would like to get an idea of the costs and time needed to set this up. We are interested in quantifying the following: d-amphetamine secobarbital oxazepam buprenorphine benzoylecgonine EDDP Ketamine MDMA methadone d-methamphetamine morphin ( read more )....., Closed
12-2353 UK ISO Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicology Testing: In-Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-2352 We are into design, manufacture and marketing of medical products that are used by healthcare establishments. We need FDA GLP and ISO Laboratory for biocompatibility tests for our medical product in your esteemed laboratory as per standard ISO 10993 (Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices). We are using silicon rubber as a raw material for our finished product fall under the category of surface contact (skin), and contact time of duration is limited (likely up to 24h) or sometimes goes to "pro ( read more )....., Closed
12-2347 Southeast clinical forensics laboratory needed for DNA analysis of of biological evidence in a criminal case. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2344 Midwest USA histology laboratory needed for histology testing: Paraffin embedding, sectioning, H&E staining, imaging (histology) ( read more )....., Closed
12-2338 Physical Laboratory needed for physical Testing ultrasonic gel for Acoustic Speed, Acoustic Impedance, Electroconductivity, Acoustic Attenuation Coefficient. There are 3 to begin and more to follow. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2326 USA CLIA certified genetics laboratory needed for DNA isolation from saliva or buccal samples and genotyping panel of 17 SNPs and possible DNA banking. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2315 Europe ISO Toxicology Laboratory needed for Neutral red uptake (NRU) cytotoxicity testing. one sample ( read more )....., Closed
12-2313 USA Materials Laboratory needed for ISO material testing (glass ionomer liquid/powder system)to ISO 9917-1:2007 Dentistry - Water-based cements - Part 1: Powder/liquid acid-base cements ( read more )....., Closed
12-2308 California Medical Materials Laboratory needed for non-destructive Luer testing under ISO 594-1, Luer Fitting Medical Device Test, ISO 594-2 performed on 112 total sample connections (8 cavities with 14 samples per cavity), this must be done to ISO standards 594-1, 594-2. We are looking for a quote at or below $25,000. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2304 US and Europe EPA and CE certified microbiology laboratory needed for EPA disinfectant Testing of intermediate-level disinfectant wipe for a cleaning and disinfection validation study that is being conducted on one of our medical device. The device is for hospital use and is in the process of having a CE certification. I am looking for a wipe that has been tested against a wide range of microorganisms and has a kill time of no more than 1 minute. This is a very time sensitive task and ( read more )....., Closed
12-2289 Europe, US, Canada biomechaical Laboratory needed for ISO testing: mechanical testing in mammary implants filled with silicone gel According to ISO 14607:2007, DIN ISO 34-1/2004 and ISO 37:2011 for three differents samples. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2277 Africa clinical laboratory needed for human serum testing: 1-Huma Serum angiotesin (80 samples) 2-Human Serum leptin (80 samples) 3-Angiotensin CE Insertion deletion polymorphism (80 samples) ( read more )....., Closed
12-2254 U.S. ISO Lab needed for ISO Testing perform ISO 22612 Dry Micobial Penetration test -Dry on surgical gowns. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2241 India microbiology laboratory needed for now hether anaerobic culture sampling is done or not ( read more )....., Closed
12-2234 India clinical microbiology laboratory needed to assist India hospital with clinical microbiology virus testing. Recent possible endemic due to an unknown virus and hence would like analyze few samples ( read more )....., Closed
12-2232 blood pressure transducer retested to ANSI/AMMI BP-22 standard, AAMI Association for the. Advancement of Medical. Instrumentation. Blood pressure transducers. We need full documentation on the test method and results. We will need to test about 100 sensors from three representative lots. This includes all of the standards prescribed tests. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2222 Acoustics Laboratory needed for acoustics testing on ultrasound gels. The tests include Acoustic Speed, Acoustic Impedance, Electroconductivity. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2217 Florida ISO GMP / GLP pharmaceutical aboratory needed for Real Time stability testing and accelerated stability testing for topical product (class 2 medical device)" ( read more )....., Closed
12-2216 Southeast US ISO GLP and GMP Microbiology Laboratory neededfor Microbiology Testing: Test biological indicators after dry heat sterilization Test medical device for bacterial endotoxins using the LAL assay ( read more )....., Closed
12-2209 UK Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing: Measure if an advanced wound care product, provides an effective barrier to viruses. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2207 FDA GMP Pennsylvania Physical Laboratory needed for FDA Testing: drop ball test for the optical lenses ( read more )....., Closed
12-2206 California Materials Laboratory needed for gel permeation chromatography testing on samples of polyethylene glycol diacrylate (approx. 35000 mW) in water that I need tested for mW and poly dispersity. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2170 Product Safety Laboratory needed for Biocompatibility testing of syringes with three different type of drugs" ( read more )....., Closed
12-2153 India biomechanical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing and ISO mechnical testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-2144 California FDA GLP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for FDA Tissue Testing with Hemo FAXS Tissue FAXS systems ( read more )....., Closed
12-2136 USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of cleaning efficacy of detergents to clean surgical instruments according to ASTM E2314 standard Standard Test Method for Determination of Effectiveness of Cleaning Processes for Reusable Medical Instruments Using a Microbiologic Method ( read more )....., Closed
12-2135 FDA GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for ISO 10993 biocompatability Testing of Permanent injectable device; need cytotoxicity, sensitization, Irritation, systemic toxicity, subacute toxicity,implantation, hemocompatability, Chronic Toxicity. Do not need Carcinogenicity. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2125 Eastern USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing for Tick-borne pathogens: Lyme disease(borrelia burgdorferi)Babesiosis (babesia microti) Bartonellosis(bartonella henselae) ( read more )....., Closed
12-2124 USA MaterialsLaboratory needed for polycarbonate testing: internal imaging of bulk polycarbonate samples for internal stress or cracking ( read more )....., Closed
12-2104 Medical Device Laboratory needed for stability testing of dental product which we would like to import from Switzerland. The problem is the stability studies. Our local authorities require both stability and accelarated testing in Zone IV conditions and the Manufacturer only has Zone II available. We are investigating the cost of getting these tests done for one product. They have asked for 1-6 readings over a 3-6 month period. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2073 United States Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for ANSI AAMI Testing, performance testing / biocompatability Testing for 510 K FDA approval (Class 1) to ANSI AAMI PB70:2003 Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation ANSI/AAMI PB70:2003/(R)2009 Liquid barrier performance and classification of protective apparel ( read more )....., Closed
12-2068 California Medicaal Laboratory needed for Karyotype testing for analysis r/t infertility / chronic miscarriage ( read more )....., Closed
12-2057 US Clinical Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing: Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Test ( read more )....., Closed
12-2052 Australia TGA Laboratory needed for sterility and pyrogenicity testing on four separate stable isotope tracers (3 x injectable & 1 x ingestible). Originally purchased from Cambridge Isotopes and aliquoted into small batches. ( read more )....., Closed
12-2046 UK Clinical Laboratory needed for urine testing: 2,4-toluenediamine presence in urine ( read more )....., Closed
12-2026 FDA Toxicology Laboratory needed for cytotoxicity testing, FDA testing for condom compatibility with personal lubricants. Cytotoxicity " ( read more )....., Closed
12-2024 Southeast USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing Annual Radiopacity Test to ASTM 640-7 ( read more )....., Closed
12-2017 Africa Clinical laboratory needed for coagualation testing: zeta potential measurement using zeta - meter in coagualation test ( read more )....., Closed
12-2001 Medical Device Laboratory needed to conduct tests that show x-ray detect ability in materials? I have some surgical tubing that must be x-ray detectable. Can you test its detect ability? Please provide a cost estimate for the test? What would be required? What type of turn around time for testing? Thank you ( read more )....., Closed
12-1973 India Pathology Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing laboratory test ( read more )....., Closed
12-1946 Medical Device Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D695: comparative compression strength test on two mouth guards, one manufactured by ourselves, and another by another company. Need to know cost, test turnaround time and sample sizes needed. Please respond accordingly. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1939 Doctor's office needs Eastern USA clinical laboratory for uranium isotope testing, I have a family with elevated levels and would like to see if can identify if an ongoing exposure from environmental sources vs prior exposure. Is this possible to identify isotopes in clinical testing? ( read more )....., Closed
12-1917 USA FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for leachability testing for DMF, HFIP, THF, and ethanol analyzed for the presence of other substances. I'm looking to find out if a certain material leaches into my product that will be made into an implantable medical device. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1904 Australia bioanalytical laboratory needed for ASTM 1053 for virus testing of Adenovirus, Hepatitis A virus, HEpatitis C virus, Vaccinia virus (Elstree strain), and Polyoma virus (SV 40) strain 777.Need to test in triplicate. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1898 USA Toxicology Laboratory needed for Biocompatibility Testing on mouth guard Cytotoxicity Testing - ISO 10993-5, USP 87 (invitro) Sensitization Testing - ISO 10993-10 (in vivo) Irritation Testing- ISO 10993-10 (in vivo) ( read more )....., Closed
12-1887 Microbiology laboratory needed to identify species of bacteroides from a stool sample." ( read more )....., Closed
12-1883 India ISO Laboratory needed for radiation testings as per iso 15004-2, Ophthalmic instruments -- Fundamental requirements and test methods ( read more )....., Closed
12-1880 Biophysical Laboratory needed for dental implant testing to determine if Titanium tools can scratch Titanium dental implants. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1870 Medical Device Laboratory needed for physical properties testing. (performance testing conducted) of the mouthguard compared to the appropriate predicate device", is the only guidance provided by the FDA ( read more )....., Closed
12-1848 Testing of personal lubricant to determine condom compatibility ( read more )....., Closed
12-1846 We are a medical device manufacturing company seeking a third party laboratory to perform testing on our products. We are particularly interested in testing medical electrodes per the IEC 60601-2-2 standard section for NE (neutral electrodes) thermal performance. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1831 I would like to request for the test about Cleaning Process Validation of intraocular lens(IOLs) because we have two different products with different materials of intraocular lens i.e. hydrophilic and hydrophobic. The objectives of this test is to measure effectiveness of cleaning process and to check whether any residue of detergent is left in the intraocular lens after final clean. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1824 FDA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for GLP Toxicology Testing Subacute (or subchronic) toxicity test on a dental restoration to ISO 10993, 'Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices Part 1: Evaluation and Testing' . ( read more )....., Closed
12-1818 Illinois analytical chemistry laboratory needed for gas chromatography and HPLC Testing: product samples,%'s THC, THCA, CBD, CBN, and other cannabinoids ( read more )....., Closed
12-1815 Hospital needs India Clinical Laboratory for atropine testing in Blood and urine ( read more )....., Closed
12-1798 Canada Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP Microbiology Testing to USP71? Baseline bioburden testing and ETO sterlization efficacy ( read more )....., Closed
12-1789 Biomedical Laboratory needed for biomechanical testing: instability in shoulder and foot; prototype development ( read more )....., Closed
12-1762 USA FDA GMP Laboratory needed for Condom compatibility testing of personal lubricant to submit with 510K class I Med Device application. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1760 Africa Microbiology Laboratory needed for rotavirus isolation ( read more )....., Closed
12-1753 Life Science Company needs Canada Medical Electrical Laboratory for International Electrotechnical Commission IEC Testing to IEC60601-1:2005,Medical Electrical Equipment SafetyDownload ( read more )....., Closed
12-1734 Clinical Laboratory needed for plasma testing: nickel levels in plasma samples ( read more )....., Closed
12-1726 Biomedical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Medical Device to ASTM F451, Annexes A1 and A2Annex A1 ASTM Standard Specification for Acrylic Bone Cement A1. DETERMINATION OF TOTAL Dibenzoyl peroxide (BPO) CONTENT. Annex A2 ANALYSIS MONOMER LEACHABLE ( read more )....., Closed
12-1722 Blood bank needs FDA GMP electrical laboratory for FDA EMC Testing of blood banking software that uses 802.11x wireless connections. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1701 ISO Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Testing: Breathing Tube Testing to the ISO Standard ISO5367:2000 Breathing tubes intended for use with anaesthetic apparatus and ventilators standard, ( read more )....., Closed
12-1696 Asia or India FDA GLP Preclinical CRO Contract Research Organization needed for GLP Preclinical studies: toxicity studies, skin irritation studies, patch testing, elution assay for medical device. FDA GLP Animal model studies for nanaosilver bandages ( read more )....., Closed
12-1695 Medical Device Laboratory needed for PMDA Testing (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, Japan) Performance Testing: \Performance measurements of diagnostic ultrasound as per Japanese Industrial Standard JIS T 1501:2005 two samples (two different transducers, one sample of each) ( read more )....., Closed
12-1673 Biomedical Laboratory needed for viral testing of Medical device bone grafting material from bovine bone to be virus free: Pseudorabies Virus (PRV), Reovirus type 3 (Reo 3) and Porcine Parovirus (PPV). ( read more )....., Closed
12-1659 UK UKAS Microbiology laboratory needed for microbiology testing: bioburden testing, sterility testing, accelerated ageing & B&F for new medical device in development ( read more )....., Closed
12-1644 USA Clinical Laboratory needed for immunohistochemistry testing PCR Testing: Skin biopsy samples tested for quantitative RT PCR or immunohistochemistry to genes related to skin remodelling such as collagen 1, MMPs, elastin. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1603 USA or Canada Electronics Laboratory needed for IPX-6 Testing to IEC Std. 60529 Section 14.2.6Moisture Intrusion testing on electric toothbrush size appliances. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1597 USA EPA Medical Device ERO Sterilization Laboratory needed for Ethylene Oxide Testing: , 1,4 Dioxane, DMAC, DMF, Formaldehyde. Testing on disposable briefs. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1564 California Polymer Laboratory needed for Moisture analysis of polyurethane pellets. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1562 UKAS Medical Device Laboratory needed for electrical medical device testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1543 USA Medical Device Preclinical Laboratory needed for ISO Medical Device Testing to ISO 11970, Ophthalmic implants -- Intraocular lenses -- Part 5: Biocompatibility including Genotxocity Testing, Dioptric power, Image quality,exhaustive extraction, leachables,hydrolytic stability, photo stability, NdYag laser exposure,insoluble inorganics, genotoxicity, sensitization, seal closure integrity, microbial barrier,vibartion test, drop testing, ( read more )....., Closed
12-1533 California Electrical Laboratory needed for IP Testing: Water Proof testing (IPX standard, Ingress Protection Rating) is needed to be done on a fully assembled part to see if water penetrates in the assembly" ( read more )....., Closed
12-1531 New ankle prosthesis manufacturer needs Asia medial device electrical laboratory for telemetric energy source testing type of ASTM tests address: Not relevant. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1515 Asia Materials laboratory needed for suture testing for raw materials for nylon sutures with attached needle. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1501 USA FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ethanol and butanol testing for quantification of ethanol and butanol at 100 - 1000 ppm level in aqueous 0.9% NaCl solution ( read more )....., Closed
12-1498 USA Clinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for blood testing: blood biomarker mass spec for biomarkers MMP and TIMP ( read more )....., Closed
12-1490 Orthopedic manufacturer needs biomechanical laboratory for bone cement testing for registration of that product with US FDA in accordance with ASTM F451, Standard Specification for Acrylic Bone Cement. Therefore, we would like to receive a quoatation for a complete test in accordance with ASTM F451 standard and a deadline, please. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1486 Eastern USA Clinical Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology Testing of patient skin swabs and catheter tips for target microorganisms. Initially CFU assays with select media followed by identification of microorganisms. Detailed protocol available ( read more )....., Closed
12-1477 US FDA GLP Biomedical Laboratory needed for GLP Sensitivity and Specificity Testing needed for new medical diagnostic at home tests ( read more )....., Closed
12-1458 USA ISO and FDA GMP Product Safety Bioanalytical laboratory needed for medical device testing: sensitization testing and biocompatability testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1456 Medical Device Laboratory needed for ANSI / AAMI testing of blood pressure transducer based on ANSI/AAMI BP22-1994 ( read more )....., Closed
12-1447 Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Testing to ISO 594-1: section 4.1, Gaging test for luer lock & luer slip syringe96 samples of 3cc luer lock syringe and 96 samples of 3cc luer slip syringe ( read more )....., Closed
12-1442 USA Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory needed for confirmatory blood testing and urine testing for Detection of silicon in blood and urine and biopsy material ( read more )....., Closed
12-1441 Europe Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of Catheter to IO 13868 Kink Testing, Urinary catheter testing per ISO 13868 - catheter Charriere size 6 ( read more )....., Closed
12-1413 Large Medical Device Company needs Mexico ISO Transportation laboratory for ISTA Testing: Shipping testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1364 Central US Biomaterials Laboratory needed for bone testing of ceramic implants that are in bone and embedded in plastic ( read more )....., Closed
12-1353 ISO Materials Laboratory needed forISO Testing of medical barriers to ISO13795 Part 1 - part 3 including: 1. ISO22612:2005 ISo22610:2006 EN13795; ISO9073-10 EN20811:1992 EN ISO 13938-1 (wet/dry) EN 29073-3 (wet/dry) EN ISO11737-1 MOst urgently on 13795 and 11737 ( read more )....., Closed
12-1338 Florida Materials Laboratory needed for Materials Testing, ASTM Testing to ASTMF1850-00 and IEC6o6o1-1-1 and 2" tests, the laboratory should be at Florida USA. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1325 Physical Medical Device Laboratory needed for contact lens testing for color contact lens (color fading) ( read more )....., Closed
12-1281 USA Clinical Laboratory needed for immunology testing: Histamine and Serotonine Sample Testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1269 USA FDA GMP Microbiology Laboratory needed for Microbiology Testing: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency - ASTM F2101 Sub-micron Particulate Filtration Efficiency - ASTM F2299 Fluid Penetration Resistance - ASTM F1865 Breathing Resistance - MIL-M-3654C Flammability Testing - 16 CFR 1610 Biocompatibility, Irritation - ISO 10993-10 Biocompatibility, Sensitization _ ISO 10996-10 Biocompatibility, Chemical Characterization - ISO 10993-18 ( read more )....., Closed
12-1261 North Carolina Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM F2458-05, Standard test for wound closure strength with a cyanoacrylate topical skin adhesive. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1252 New York City or New Jersey Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical testing for Cytochrome P450 ( read more )....., Closed
12-1245 Medical Instrument Company needs India FDA GMP and UKAS Biosafety Level 3 (BS-3) BSL-3 Laboratory for BSL-3 Testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1238 India ISO analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ISO Acid Erosion Testing to ISO 9917-1 testing of acid erosion of dental cements in Lactic acid and acid soluble lead content. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1219 UK, Germany or France Microbiology Laboratory needed for sterility testing for absorbable sutures ( read more )....., Closed
12-1217 Medical Device Laboratory needed for CE Mark Testing: Finished Product Stability testing of final product validation of shelf life post sterilization including packing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1213 US Clinical Laboratory needed for blood testing for clomid, human HCG, and pergonal. Also, if possible, St. John's Wort and Horny Goat weed. The specimens are from an autopsy performed in 2008, and have been frozen since that time. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1206 FDA GMP ISO 17025 accredited analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Benzocaine content analysis on the condoms ( read more )....., Closed
12-1202 Florida Industrial Hygiene Laboratory needed for radiation testing. 1. Testing of urine for radiation 2. Testing of United States Gypsum Drywall for Radioactive Material ( read more )....., Closed
12-1200 USA FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for GMP ICP-MS Testing: metals analysis of ortho-carborane (I will forward the specifications via email) ( read more )....., Closed
12-1187 Occupational Health Laboratory needed for industrial hygiene testing: environmental monitoring testing for heparin in air and surface samples. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1158 USA preclinical laboratory needed for ISO biocompatibility testing and toxicology testing to: ISO 140150 Buehller Method 900899ISO 910699 1 (cytotoxicity) 2 (sensitization) 3 (irritation or IC) ( read more )....., Closed
12-1154 Ohio Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing on medical textile: Sanitary Score, Intestinal Group Bacteria, Respiratory or Skin Group Bacteria, Spore Forming Bacteria, pH, Absorbency, AOAC Bacteriostatic Activity ( read more )....., Closed
12-1147 USA FDA GLP biophysical laboratory needed for GLP Testing: Penetration force of test plate into human cadaveric bone. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1141 Israel analytical chemistry laboratory needed for reverse engineering, deformulation testing for medical devices (denture cleaner powder) ( read more )....., Closed
12-1125 USA Medical Device Laboratory needed for wound care dressing testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1123 India Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for Intracutaneous Reaction Studies 1.Glass Ionomer cements a) Restorative/Luting Cement b) Restore+ Condensable cement-Used in dentistry as luting agents, pulp-protecting agents or cavity-lining material 2.Nickel- Metal-used in dental arch wires 3.Titanium-Metal-used in dental arch wires 4.SS-316-Metal-Standard Stainless steel used in dental arch wires 5.17-4 Ph-Metal-used in dental Brackets ( read more )....., Closed
12-1122 India Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for ISO In-Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing of to ISO-10993-5: Dental cement- 2 different samples Nickel, Titanium, SS-316-Metal,17-4 Ph-Metal ( read more )....., Closed
12-1099 ISO preclinical toxicology laboratory needed for toxicokinetic studies on absorbable hemostats - collagen and ORC/cellulose material. would like to do toxicokinetic test and antimicrobial test ( read more )....., Closed
12-1095 Clinical laboratory needed for blood testing for our group of patients, vitamin analysis /minerals analysis /amino acid anslysis /etc ( read more )....., Closed
12-1090 Clinical Laboratory needed for epidermal nerve fiber density testing on 3mm skin punch biopsy ( read more )....., Closed
12-1084 SOuth Africa Packaging Laboratory needed for Packaging validation testing of tubes of foil pouches Includes but not limited to burst tests, seal integrity test, die test, ect ( read more )....., Closed
12-1082 Eastern USA FDA GMP Product Safety Laboratory needed for IEC Testing: medical device, safety IEC60601-1 PC computer based medical device ( read more )....., Closed
12-1066 Asia clinical laboratory needed for immunological testing for type-IV allergy to metals and other common substances from a single blood sample.It needs permission for radioactivity. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1059 FDA GMP biophysical laboratory needed for FDA physical testing to FDA guidace UCM 072444: Bend torque and fatigue for dental implant/abutment assembly. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1055 FDA GMP Medical Device Preclinical laboratory needed for ultrasound gel testing for Acoustic speed measurement (m/s) Acoustic Attenuation Coefficient (dB/cm/MHz) Acoustic Impedance Measurement (MRayl) Electro conductivity (mS/cm) ( read more )....., Closed
12-1040 USA electronics laboratory needed for electro magnetic frequency testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1034 Calgary serology laboratory needed for rabies serology testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-1029 FDA GMP Optical Laboratory needed for plastics testing to determine ABBE number on a sample, sample is a thin circular plastic material. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1005 Europe, Asia or South America AIHA Occupational Health Laboratory needed for Industrial Hygiene analysis - industrial exposures, particualtes, gases, fumes and vapours. ( read more )....., Closed
12-1002 Europe ISO Preclinical Laboratory needed for INTRAOCULAR IMPLANT TESTING ACCORDING TO EN ISO 11979-5. Two type of IOLs implanted in 12 adult rabbits, six for each type of IOLS. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0993 US CLIA Clinical laboratory needed for next generation sequencing to target parasitic infections in the human body, specifically the trematoda class of parasites including fasciolopsis genus. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0990 Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM materials testing of product specific testing of MRI compatible guide wires (nonmetal) in accordance with ASTM F2182 and ASTM F2119. The first standard is to check for a theoretical temperature increase due to HF induction; the second standard is related to usability questions (MR artifacts due to the no biological material). Please provide a quote for your services if you have this capability and the estimated time to complete testing. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0978 Hospital need bioanalytical laboratory for GC/MS testing for Bethanachol ( read more )....., Closed
12-0962 British Columbia medicinal chemistry laboratory needed for DIN testing on medicinal marijuana: THC,CBN & CBC count for each. Active ingredients. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0958 USA Bioanalytical laboratory needed for demineralized boe testing: BMP levels in demineralized bone matrix by an ELISA method perform some testing for us. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0957 Malaysia Materials Laboratory needed for development new process testing and ASTM Testing: 1) Coating Thickness ASTM-B244 Method 520or 520.1 of Fed-Std-1512) Abrasion ResistanceTest per 6192.1 of FED-STD-1413) Coating Weight per ASTM-B1374) Salt Spray per ASTM-B117(Corrosion Resistance) ( read more )....., Closed
12-0946 South of Sweden ISO Biomedical Laboratory needed for manufacturing gene mapping, micro arrays from saliva samples from customer. There may have to be different micro-arrays. Micro Arrays, gene mapping from saliva samples ( read more )....., Closed
12-0945 USA FDA Microbiology Laboratory needed for Disinfectant Testing and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Testing for a coating material applied to surgical drapes and gowns ( read more )....., Closed
12-0944 USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial colonization resistance testing of our coating material that will be used to reduce biofilm ( read more )....., Closed
12-0942 USA Biomaterials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D1894 Coefficient of Friction Coated Biliary and urethral stents/delivery systems ( read more )....., Closed
12-0937 USA FDA GMP Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for product safety testing medical device to determine if it can be labeled as "dishwasher safe" ( read more )....., Closed
12-0935 USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for non-GLP testing: HPLC to measure the release of antibiotics from bone allografts. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0913 North America Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for lipid testing: Total lipid content of a glutaraldehyde fixed porcine tissue, collagen structure via FTIR. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0878 FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for FDA osmolarity testing of our ophthalmic product ( read more )....., Closed
12-0877 California FDA Medical Device Electrical Laboratory needed for IEEE Testing and ISO Testing ( read more )....., Closed
12-0871 University needs CLIA clinical laboratory for in situ hybridization or immunohistochemistry measles virus testing in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded human brain tissue by in situ hybridization or immunohistochemistry. Two samples for clinical diagnosis in CLIA approved lab. ( read more )....., Closed
12-0856 USA Clinical Histology Laboratory needed for histology staining: skin biopsy in paraffin blockricketssia ricketssii immunohistochemistry stain ( read more )....., Closed
12-0843 Germany, UK, Holland, Denmark, France analytical chemistry laboratory needed for BP Testing (British Pharmacopoeia) water holding capacity testing for "Absorbent Cotton Wool" ( read more )....., Closed
12-0823 USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM F1862 64 samples ( read more )....., Closed
12-0819 Medical marijuana baked products producer to marijuana dispensaries needs Canada analytical chemistry laboratory for potency testing by Gas chromatography, ( read more )....., Closed
12-0795 USA ISO Accredited Certification Laboratory needed for compliance testing to certify Patient Lifts to ISO 10535patient lift meets ISO 10535. The lab needs to be accredited by ISO for compliance testing of patient lifts" ( read more )....., Closed
12-0781 FDA GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for GLP Biocompatibility Testing of medical devices - limited contact with intact skin: - cytotoxicity Tests-ISO 10993-5 - sensitization Tests-ISO 10993-10 - irritation Tests-ISO 10993-10 and implant efect ISO 10993-6 ( read more )....., Closed
12-0756 Taiwan FDA GLP Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of latex protein to ASTM D6499. We hope the laboratory should have GLP certification. Please provide a quote ( read more )....., Closed
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