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      For the past 12 years, Contract Laboratory has helped thousands of companies, governments and organizations with their Agricultural Testing and Research. Below are examples of Agricultural Projects that we have helped to facilitate. If your company needs a laboratory for it's Agricultural testing and research, please call us Toll-Free 24/7 at 1-855-377-6821 or Submit a Agricultural Testing and Research Request
      • Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing of agricultural fungicide: Toxicological data on the technical grade material (Animal data) 1. Acute oral toxicity 2. Acute dermal toxicity 3. Inhalation toxicity 4. Skin irritation 5. Eye irritation 6. Skin or dermal sensitization 7. Sub-acute studies 8. Teratology/reproductive studies 9. Mutagenicity studies 10. Toxicity on nervous system studies 11. Metabolism data required to determine of absorption, excretion, distribution, ac ( read more ).....,

      • Geotechnical Laboratory needed for core Chemical/mineral testing of a tripolitic chert/limestone deposit as a possible source of tripolite/diatomaceous earth for Filter/Food/Drug/Agricultural use. Testing of core and wall samples to determine if they contain suitable characteristics for tripolite/diatomaceous earth products. ( read more ).....,

      • FDA GLP certification or ISO 17025 Agricultural agrochemical company needs agriculture laboratory for insecticides, Fungicides, Acaricides and herbicides efficacy testing As a registration requirement an Efficacy test is needed for our Pesticides. This test should be done as per FAO "Guidelines on Efficacy Evaluation for the Registration of Plant Protection Products". Please advice what is the cost? ( read more ).....,

      • East Coast USA agriculture toxicology laboratory needed for fertilizer toxicology testing: agricultural fertilizer/nutrient that we need toxicology testing. ( read more ).....,

      • Puerto Rico Environmental Laboratory needed for water Testing of well water for potable/ agricultural use. ( read more ).....,

      • USA EPA Toxicology Laboratory needed for agriculture toxicology study: test material is Molybdenum chelated with citric acid. Or Molybdenum Citrate. Ideally toxicity LD50 needed or some other test that would allow agricultural use. Also, chemical purity analysis is needed and spectrometry to depict a 3D formula. ( read more ).....,

      • USA organization needs mieral aalysis of quarry stone dust as an agricultural soil amendment. We need to know the composition of this material by weight percentage in order to use it in an annual soil nutrition program. ( read more ).....,

      • Agriculture machinery company needs India agriculture laboratory for crop testing for Improving Soil Quality & Cover Crops, Agricultural Composting and Water Quality, Nutrient Management of production crops:- Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers, Tree Fruits & Nuts, Nursery Crops and Greenhouses, Biodiversity and Pest Management, Harvest and Handling. ( read more ).....,

      • US food laboratory needed for agricultural and pesticide residual testing of citrus juice and citrus oils for agricultural and pesticide residues as per NOP (National Organic Program) standards. Please let me know who can do this and the cost. ( read more ).....,

      • FDA GLP Bioanalytical laboratory needed for bioanalytical study. Bioanalytical testing / Protein analysis to demonstrate that protein (a plant-expressed enzyme) is digested by simulated gastric fluid under standard GLP conditions. This is an agricultural product, not a pharmaceutical. We can provide detailed protocols for the extraction, purification, and testing, but since we do not have instruments that are solely dedicated to GLP work we are looking for a CRO that could perform this for us. ( read more ).....,

      • US environmental microbiology laboratory needed for soil testing to evaluate the effect of an agricultural fungistat on the beneficial fungi in the soil. If there is an adverse effect, time needed for recovery? Field plus lab portion preferred. GLP not required. ( read more ).....,

      • Canada Agriculture environmental laboratory needed for soil testing of agricultural soil sample tested for an Oats crop in the spring. How long does it take to get results and what is the cost? Thank you ( read more ).....,

      • OECD Compliant Europe Toxicology Laboratory Need needed OECD Toxicology Testing for OECD compliant aquatic toxicology testing to determine potential adverse effects of an agricultural chemicals on frogs. ( read more ).....,

      • Florida agriculture laboratory needed for agricultural water testing, irrigation testing, fertigation testing ( read more ).....,

      • USA Product Safety Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of new fungicides to Evaluate in vitro the potential efficacy of a new chemical compound that boosts the efficacy of certain agricultural fungicides. Looking to test in vitro the new chemical compound in combination with commercially available fungicide active ingredients against a list of specific fungal pathogens. Number of samples to be determined. ( read more ).....,

      • Western Europe agricultural laboratory needed for Soil,water and seed equipments testing for hub Center ( read more ).....,

      • India Agriculture Laboratory needed for agricultural isolates relates to my academic interest which are very useful in Agricultural practices. I need your help to identify those along with their molecular characterization, enzyme assay and to know the active molecule for plant disease resistant. Please inform me the procedure to go ahead. ( read more ).....,

      • USA Agricultural Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial pesticide testing: Insect larvae feeding and killing trials for 96+ different microbial strains. The target insects will be discussed later. ( read more ).....,

      • Africa analytical chemistry and biochemistry laboratory needed for sierra leone agriculture research project for analytical chemistry and biochemical testing of by-product of palm kernel for complete chemical and biochemical properties. This is to explain the field and laboratory agricultural potential of this material. ( read more ).....,

      • Africa environmental laboratory needed for organic testing: content for N,P,K along with organic matter & micro nutrient traces, for agricultural inputs for agriculture. Approximately 25 samples ( read more ).....,

      • South Africa Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Initial quantification and isolation of amino acids from plant leaves for agricultural use. ( read more ).....,

      • Australia Environmental or Agricultural Laboratory needed for soil testing: pH testing ,elemental testing , macro and micro nutrient testing, carbon testing. Samples not defined, maybe 200 per day ( read more ).....,

      • Middle East Materials Laboratory needed for plastics testing green house film (Agricultural film). ( read more ).....,

      • Armenia ISO, A2LA agriculture genomics and genetics laboratory needed for testing agricultural product, raw material and canned food testing laboratory and finding out the presence of substances and ingrediential particles in their composition, which are harmful to health, as well as to provide certificates relating to the composition of the products subjected to examination in the laboratory. ( read more ).....,

      • USA Agricultural laboratory needed for EPA testing grain bait to complete our re-registration process with EPA. Consequently, we are looking for a reliable, professional, and efficient company which can perform the required tests. So far it looks like we need to do the following tests for all five of our products.: Oxidizing or Reducing Agent (Guideline requirement number: 830-6314 with test substances MP/EP) Flammability (Guideline Requirement number: 830-6315 with test substances MP/EP) ( read more ).....,

      • Ukraine Agricultural company needs environmental laboratory for fertilizer and soil analysis ( read more ).....,

      • Environmental Laboratory required for a research project for routine agricultural soils analysis (N, P, K, S, OM, pH, salinity) ( read more ).....,

      • Canada Environmental Laboratory required for ag soils package for N, P, K, S, OM, pH, salinity ( read more ).....,

      • UK/Ireland GLP Envirnomental or Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Certificate Of Analysis with confirmation of method validation and standard Phys/Chem tests to include accelerated storage for agricultural herbicides. ( read more ).....,

      • USA, Canada Toxicology Laboratory needed for Acute toxicity, dermal, oral, ocular, respiratory, irritation, environmental, ecosystem and related testing for agricultural product registration in Canada ( read more ).....,

      • Eastern Europe Agricultural Lab required for testing wheat and oil seeds for physical and chemical parameters determination. ( read more ).....,

      • Middle East Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for analyzing Pesticides residue in 20 honey samples, 20 soil samples and 20 water samples.. The pesticides are : 1. Methidathion 2. Deltamathrin 3. Alphamathrin 4. Fenitrothion The samples are collected from agricultural area in Al-Hassa Oasis, Saudi Arabia for a graduation research project titled: Assessment of environmental risk resulting from intensive use of insecticide in the control of red palm weevil in Al-Hassa Oasis ( read more ).....,

      • USA Analytical Chemistry lab needed to test agrichemical products, as well as research & development. We are in need of a lab who can help us test various chemical compositions against a known compound to determine strength of reactions. Composition will be used in the agricultural industry. Once the desired composition is identified, we will potentially need production facilities and environmental safety testing as well as volatility and shelf-life predictions." ( read more ).....,

      • Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for determination of phosphine (PH3) residues in raw and processed agricultural commodities. ( read more ).....,

      • UK Analytical Chemistry Lab needed for quantification testing of recovered fluorescent tracers (eg UVITEX OB), relative to an agricultural spray tank mix (emulsion/suspension). ( read more ).....,

      • Agricultural laboratory needed for testing total sugar content of forages and mixed feed ( read more ).....,

      • Agricultural laboratory needed for Food Chemical Codex testing dry feed additive for livestock for units of enzymatic activity per unit weight or volume (i.e., Protease, Bacillus subtillis 5.5 mg amino acids liberated/min/milligram) ( read more ).....,

      • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for agricultural biomass testing of Sweet Sorghum, Elephant grass to be analysed for its heavy metal content, nutrient content and most important is its biogas producing capacity and its methane content ( read more ).....,

      • Agricultural analytical chemistry laboratory needed for nutritional testing the content of tocotrienol, all isomers, of a powder form of a plant seed. ( read more ).....,

      • ISO 17025 agricultural analytical chemistry laboratory needed for pesticide residue testing on potatoes (multiresidue screen)plus maleic hydrazide, di thiocarbamates, thiabendazoles, propham, Imazalil, tecnazene, chlopropham. ( read more ).....,

      • Agricultural laboratory needed for Pestisides residue testing in fruits and vegetables ( read more ).....,

      • Agricultural analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing Pyruvic Acid, Semi-Solids, BRIX in whole onions ( read more ).....,

      • Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for humic acid and fulvic acid testing in liquid/granular agricultural products. ( read more ).....,

      • Agricultural Analytical Chemsitry Laboratory needed for testing iodine value (number) in fresh pork tissue ( read more ).....,

      • Analytical agricultural laboratory needed for testing plant biomass containing high levels (>50%) of inulin for the value as fuel ethanol precursor. The inulin can be converted directly via SSF or by water extraction first. ( read more ).....,

      • Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial analysis SB 3112. The test material consisted of only the bacterial spores at a count of 55 x 107 cfu/ml. The tests were run in compliance with the following protocols: 1 USEPA FIFRA;GLP Standards 40 CFR 160 2 USEPA TSCA 40 CFR 792 3 Org. Economic Coop. and Dev. Principles of GLP, Annex 2, C(97)186 4 Japan Ministry of Ag, Forestry & Fisheries, Notification No. 59 Noshan 3850, Director-General of Agricultural Prod. Bureau, 10 Aug 84 ( read more ).....,

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