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DAR, toxicology testing, cytotoxicity testing, preclinical testing, sterility testing, analytical chemistry testing, microbiology testing, bioanalytical testing, environmental testing, pharmaceutical testing, food testing, product safety testing, water testing, bioburden testing  DAR Laboratory Testing Requests
IMAGE SOURCE:CDC PHIL Technician performing Western Blot testing. Antigens if present will bind and be detected.

Contract has received the following incoming DAR Testing Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These DAR Testing Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations to government agencies actively seeking laboratories to perform their DAR testing and research and development . If your Laboratory receives DAR Test Requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or cal .

50 Most Recent Incoming DAR Laboratory Test Requests
DAR Testing Description
European laboratory needed for electrical paperboard testing for compliance for type B3.1A of IEC 60641-3, Standard | Pressboard and presspaper for electrical purposes ( read more ).....Pending
16-02069 Aerospace laboratory needed for contamination control product testing to approved by and other aerospace industry specified testing procedures AMS 3819 C Cloths, Cleaning, For ( read more ).....Approved
16-02062 Laboratory needed for Natural gas testing to various ASTM Standards including ASTM D 1945.a, ASTM 2650, ASTM 3588.e, ASTM 3246, and ASTM 5673.b ( read more ).....Approved
16-02060 Large Company needs Materials Laboratory for footwear testing to ASTM D471 Standard Test Method to evaluate the comparative ability of Footwear samples to withstand the effect ( read more ).....Approved
16-02051 Food laboratory needed for microbiology and shelf-life testing of refrigerated beverage to be sold at 7-Eleven stores. Product testing is divided into two levels. Level I Tes ( read more ).....Approved
16-02049 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM UV Testing of Children's swimwear for UPF Factor to ASTM D 6544, Standard Practice for Preparation of Textiles Prior to Ultraviol ( read more ).....Approved
16-02039 Physical Laboratory needed to perform weathering testing on our plastic according with VW standard PV 3930. Exposure time should be 1500 h. We do not need evaluation after tes ( read more ).....Approved
16-02033 Metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: mineral analysis of sodium chloride that includes purity, moisture content, gradation (per ASTM D 632 standard), moisture con ( read more ).....Closed
16-02026 ASTM Testing of aluminum honeycombs to multiple ASTM standards: .ASTM C273 - Standard Test Method for Shear Properties of Sandwich Core MaterialsASTM C365 - Standard Test Meth ( read more ).....Approved
16-02022 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of composite construction materials to astm e 84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ( read more ).....Closed
16-02015 Materials laboratory needed for IEC and ASTM Testing of insulators (several tests) : ASTM C177: Standard test method for steady-state heat flux measurements and thermal transm ( read more ).....Approved
16-02007 Materials laboratory needed for NATO coatings testing of chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) to North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO AEP 64 standard fo Performance Req ( read more ).....Closed
16-01998 Laboratory needed for DOT Testing to ISO Standards: (i) Viscosity test. The flow time in seconds is determined at 23 °C (73.4 °F) using the ISO standard cup with a 4 mm (0.16 ( read more ).....Approved
16-01993 Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP Testing of finished drug products against USP Reference Standards or Secondary (Working) Standards. ( read more ).....Approved
16-01964 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Fire Point Determination using ASTM D92 Standard Test Method for Flash and Fire Points by Cleveland Open Cup Tester ( read more ).....Approved
16-01960 Oil laboratory needed for ASTM Flashpoint testing for Diesel fuel to comply with ASTM standards ( read more ).....Closed
16-01955 Europe electrical laboratory needed for IEC tests on fibreoptic cables according to IEC IEC 60793-xx and 60794-xx standards: Testing fibreoptic cables on tensile performance, ( read more ).....Closed
16-01952 Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of aggregates used in oil pipeline operations to the following standards ASTM:Cement:ASTM C150 ? Standard specification for Portland cement ( read more ).....Approved
16-01945 Laboratory needed for study on the compatibility of slotted HDPE pipe (for horizontal wells) through a groundwater contaminant plume over time and with variable temperature wh ( read more ).....Closed
16-01935 Food laboratory needed for saffron testing to iso 3632-2 standard, Spices -- Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) -- Part 2: Test methods including for crocina (kleur) (fotomet ( read more ).....Approved
16-01931 Large apparel manufacturer needs packaging laboratory for packaging boxes comparison study to ASTM 5264 Standard Practice for Abrasion Resistance of Printed Materials by the S ( read more ).....Approved
16-01926 Electrical laboratory needed for static electricity testing for carpet tile to AATCC-134. The requirement is antistatic less than 3.58kV permanent conductive filament The t ( read more ).....Approved
16-01920 Materials laboratory needed for surgical gowns testing - NFPA Standards - Standards for the use of Inhalation Anesthetics. - ASTM 1670, Standard Test Method for Resistanc ( read more ).....Closed
16-01909 Laboratory needed for verification testing of Emu Oil quality to the International Emu Association standards. ( read more ).....Approved
16-01881 Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Flammability testing of water based primer formulation for confirmation that product it is rated 0 in NFPA 704 standard to ASTM D 6668 (ac ( read more ).....Closed
16-01867 Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids company needs packaging laboratory for packaging testing of plastic bottles according to U.S. standard US 16 CFR § 1700.20. ( read more ).....Closed
16-01866 Environmental Laboratory needed for mineral analysis in soil samples: X-ray analysis, particle size analysis was carried out on each sample to separate and prepare the clay f ( read more ).....Closed
16-01859 Large corporation needs electrical laboratory for Ingress Protection Testing of environmentally sealed toggle switch is capable of complying with Ingress Protection 69K stand ( read more ).....Closed
16-01836 Food laboratory needed for dark chocolate testing for anti oxidants. Flavanols Procyanidins Phenylethylamine Catechins Resveratrol Epicarechin ( read more ).....Approved
16-01828 Consumer Products performance laboratory needed for waterproof testing for clothing. MIL SPECs or other standard industry tests. ( read more ).....Approved
16-01826 Laboratory needed for Industry standards and safety testing for a piece of exercise equipment. No digital or electrical component to meet government approved industry strandsr ( read more ).....Approved
16-01808 Shipping company needs laboratory for hose bend testing of 6 hoses that need doing bending test according to EN1765 standard. Electrically discontinuous Hydrostatic tested, Va ( read more ).....Approved
16-01796 Physical laboratory needed for impact testing of TSAA Door lng FR and RR. Test: Side Impact Test (Shoulder area, arm rest area, hip area) Standard: 8352Z-TG1-T001 ( read more ).....Approved
16-01790 Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of upgraded athabasca bitumen to astm d 2887, Standard Test Method for Boiling Range Distribution of Petroleum Fractions by Gas Chromatogra ( read more ).....Closed
Clifford Parkinson I was writing to inquire whether you all perform certification for testing for handheld flashlights under the ANS/NEMA FL ( read more ).....Pending
16-01781 Large Corporation needs Materials Laboratory for polymer testing: OH# titrations based on ASTM D4274, Standard Test Methods for Testing Polyurethane Raw Materials: Determinati ( read more ).....Closed
16-01760 Laboratory needs confirmatory petfood testing on moisture content testing on pet supplement edible wafers that are contract manufactured . The U.S. based manufacturer runs tes ( read more ).....Closed
16-01751 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to measure Hiding power of coated aluminum powder to ASTM D6441,Standard Test Methods for Measuring the Hiding Power of Powder Coa ( read more ).....Closed
16-01749 Laboratory needed for drug compound testing during stability study of Standard mouse chow. Chow was formulated using the compound to a final concentration of 750 mg of drug pe ( read more ).....Closed
16-01738 Microbiology Laboratory needed for product development of Smokeless disinfectant pyrotechnic device that acts on fungi and bacteria broad-spectrum. through microbiological stu ( read more ).....Closed
16-01716 USA or Canada analytical chemistry laboratory needed for chemical testing to Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients JSQI methods for ID test, lead, arsenic, residue on i ( read more ).....Closed
16-01712 USA Materials Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing for light transmission (A light) to ANSIZ26.1-1996, Safety Glazing Materials for Glazing Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equi ( read more ).....Closed
16-01711 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Glassware Inhibitory residue test -on powdered hand wash laboratory glassware detergent. test needs to be performed according to the ( read more ).....Closed
16-01691 UL, ETL, or NRTL recognized laboratory needed for certification testing of Domestic Storage Water Heaters (3 models) for export in US & Canada market to IEC 60335-2-21 standar ( read more ).....Closed
16-01676 University research scientist needs UK laboratory for drug compound testing during stability testing of Standard mouse chow. Chow was formulated using the compound to a final ( read more ).....Closed
16-01673 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM proficiency testing for Linear Thermal Shrinkage of Plastics as per ASTM D 1204, Standard Test Method for Linear Dimensional Changes of No ( read more ).....Closed
16-01635 Medical Device Microbiology Laboratory needed for disinfection and cleaning efficacy testing for needleless IV connector. to ASTM-E-1837 Standard Test Method to Determine Effi ( read more ).....Closed
NABL, FSSAI accredited Testing Laboratory as ISO 17025:2005. Can offer complete method development and validation besides the routine testing in food, chemical, mechanical, el ( read more ).....Pending
16-01627 Very Experienced, FDA certified Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for in vivo preclinical studies for 2 phase subset of FDA biocompatibility testing of eye imp ( read more ).....Closed
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