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IMAGE SOURCE:CDC PHIL Technician performing Western Blot testing. Antigens if present will bind and be detected.

Contract has received the following incoming DAR Testing Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These DAR Testing Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations to government agencies actively seeking laboratories to perform their DAR testing and research and development . If your Laboratory receives DAR Test Requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or cal .

50 Most Recent Incoming DAR Laboratory Test Requests
DAR Testing Description
16-00814 Analytical chemistry laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 needed for testing to provide NIST Traceability certificate for every batch of pH standard buffers ( read more ).....Approved
16-00808 Geology laboratory needed for grindability testing for limestone according to standard method ( read more ).....Approved
16-00782 Engineering company setting up Solar Power plants is in the process of optimizing our existing designs needs laboratory for testing new design 'earthing clamps' for PV modu ( read more ).....Closed
16-00743 Enology Laboratory needed for wine research study for USDA SBIR Phase One Grant Under8.5 Food Science My product is Light Wine. I need services to reduce alcohol from 13% a ( read more ).....Approved
16-00733 LEGAL California attorney needs textile laboratory for fire retardation / flammability testing of fabric used in shirt. Attorney who is thinking about taking on a personal i ( read more ).....Closed
16-00694 FDA / USDA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Herbal Medicine testing meeting FDA/USDA standards: Pesticide residues testing Limit tests for heavy metal Assay testing ( read more ).....Approved
16-00691 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing of petroleum jelly to USP method standards ( read more ).....Closed
16-00690 Electrical laboratory needed for IEC testing of tape (synthetic) used in the fire resistance cables to sustain up to 800 deg celcius of temperature as per IEC-60331. The dim ( read more ).....Closed
16-00689 Construction Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing on Building Caulking to many ASTM Standards: ASTM C 679 ASTM C 639 ASTM D 2240 ASTM C 794 ASTM C 1135 ASTM C 71 ( read more ).....Closed
16-00665 India NABL Laboratory needed for natural gas testing of Calibration standard gas mixtures for natural gas analysis on gas chromatographs as per NABL accredition ( read more ).....Closed
16-00659 Skincare company needs ISO USA laboratory for SPF testing and PA testing of our sunblock product to ISO and USA FDA standards, can you do that? If yes, please tell us the det ( read more ).....Closed
16-00637 Petroleum company needs NABL Accredited Laboratory for grease testing as per Indian Standards IS 507 : 1993 Grade 2 ( ( read more ).....Closed
16-00619 UK cosmetics laboratory needed for full quality control testing and analyses needed for the soap industry including all raw materials (oil, water...) and finished products to ( read more ).....Closed
16-00609 Materials Laboratory needed fo Testing shear strength flatwise testing Fabric base of phenolic sheet sample as per India Standards IS 2036, Phenolic Laminated Sheets ( read more ).....Closed
16-00591 Aerospace laboratories needed for Fastener tension and shear testing per National Aerospace Standard (Metric) NASM 1312-8 and NASM 1312-13 ( read more ).....Closed
16-00588 Cabling company needs contract laboratory to perform Core qualification tests according to ICEA S-94-649/AEIC CS8, Standard for. Concentric Neutral Rated Cables ( read more ).....Closed
16-00570 India Materials Laboratory needed to provide a quote of rates for testing shear strength Flatwise of Fabric base Phenolic sheet as per Bureau of Indian Standard, BIS 2036 Phe ( read more ).....Closed
16-00566 Medical Device Company needs Medical product safety laboratory accepting quotes for conducting biocompatibility testing of a (laminated) fabric sample to ISO Standards used in ( read more ).....Closed
16-00542 URGENT Food laboratory needed for nutritional facts testing of cream based wine product to meet WholeFoods standards ( read more ).....Approved
16-00543 ISO Materials laboratory needed for ASTM PMMA panel testing to US Standards, ISO and EN standards. ASTM E90 and E413, ASTM D-638 : tensile properties, ASTM D-790 : flexural p ( read more ).....Closed
16-00537 FDA Food Laboratory needed for medium density polypropylene sheets testing to REACH, ROHS, and FDA foodcontact standards ( read more ).....Closed
16-00528 Laboratory needed for testing ABS Rings for ASTM D5001, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricity of Aviation Turbine Fuels by the Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator ( read more ).....Closed
16-00514 USA physical chemistry needed for particle analysis and distribution testing of carbon black samples that range in size from o.2 micron up to 400 micron. particle distribution ( read more ).....Approved
16-00503 USA Materials Laboratory needed for Density testing according to ASTM D1505, Standard Test Method for Density of Plastics by the Density-Gradient Technique. Please provide me ( read more ).....Approved
16-00488 Medical Technology laboratory needed for medical device testing to 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment?Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performanc ( read more ).....Approved
16-00417 Biophysical Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of medical implant. The material is Metal. It is to ensure that the design does not fail under standardized conditions for exampl ( read more ).....Approved
16-00406 Asia automotive laboratory needed for wiring harness Crimping validation, etc., laboratory needed to conduct tests according to General Motors standards ( read more ).....Approved
16-00388 ELectrical Laboratory needed for SAE Testing to Test impedance of twisted pair wires at 1MHz by the open and short methods per SAE J1939-11. Wires are 20AWG type TXL, standard ( read more ).....Approved
16-00383 Product Safety Laboratory needed for dog toy testing to the following test standards: American national standard ASTM F 963?07; Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy ( read more ).....Approved
16-00381 Europe Textile Laboratory needed for linting testing on hygiene products to AMS 3819C standard Cloths, Cleaning, for Aircraft Primary and Secondary Structural Surfaces ( read more ).....Approved
16-00375 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM E-84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ( read more ).....Approved
16-00327 USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for organic content testing (TOC). The standard methods used for this testing are 5210B for CBOD and BOD, and 5220D for COD. My sam ( read more ).....Approved
16-00301 Automotive Laboratory needed to conduct tests according to General Motors standards: GMW: 3205 - Odor , 3232-Flammability , 3235-Foggong , ( read more ).....Approved
16-00290 USA Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for melt point determination to ASTM D789, and dimensional stability. My sample is type 66 molybdenum disulfide-filled nylon. ( read more ).....Approved
16-00271 USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: gel content of polyethylene samples using ASTM D2765-11, Standard Test Methods for Determination of Gel Content and Swell R ( read more ).....Approved
16-00255 USA Laboratory needed that provides Inherent Viscosity Testing service. Please provide standard & rush turn around time, fee, price, sample amount. ( read more ).....Approved
16-00254 Consumer Laboratory needed to Test dummy chains to current European Standard DIN 12586, Artikel für Säuglinge und Kleinkinder - Schnullerhalter - Sicherheitstechnische Anford ( read more ).....Approved
16-00252 Europe laboratory needed for aircraft battery testing to RTCA DO-160 standard, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment. ( read more ).....Approved
16-00243 US Certification Laboratory needed to certify product to UL608, Standard for Safety for Burglary Resistant Vault Doors and Modular Panels and UL752 Standard for Bullet-Resis ( read more ).....Approved
16-00242 Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for coffee testing that requires assay of Acids in Coffee samples. Specifically Chlorogenic Acids; with secondary interest in: Pho ( read more ).....Approved
16-00238 USA or Europe Pharmaceutical preclinical CRO contract research organization needed for efficacy testing of our new dental combination anesthetic medicinal product vs. the refe ( read more ).....Approved
16-00235 India Certification Laboratory neded for UL Certification Testing of Synchronisation time module as per the standard aUL 61010-2-201?. Components are used in: 1. The Contr ( read more ).....Approved
16-00213 Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent testing to ASTM International. E 951-94. Standard Test Method for Laboratory Testing of Non-Commercial Mosquito Repellent For ( read more ).....Approved
16-00211 Metrology Laboratory for genetic's laboratory site equipment inspection and certification to meet CAP/CLIA/AABB and ASCLD-LAB standards ( read more ).....Approved
16-00200 Contract Lab needed for handheld LED flashlight testing for lux and candela output. The test will include between 1 - 3 lights. The Flashlights will be tested using White Lig ( read more ).....Approved
16-00193 Nutraceutical company needs laboratory for analysis on standardized mushroom extracts to check the standardisation of the active constituents specified by our suppliers. The ( read more ).....Approved
16-00183 India Pharmaceutical Science Researcher needs Pharmacology Contract Research Organization for Pharmacology Study Experiments: AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THE SCIENTIFIC REASERCH ( read more ).....Approved
16-00177 USA Contract Laboratory needed to provide Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) testing according to EPA 8310. It involves determining the concentration of PAH in ground and ( read more ).....Approved
16-00171 Materials laboratory needed for IEC electrostatic testing of polyethylene sheet to to IEC 61340-4-4, Electrostatics standard for its electrostatic properties. ( read more ).....Approved
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