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IMAGE SOURCE:CDC PHIL Technician performing Western Blot testing. Antigens if present will bind and be detected.

Contract has received the following incoming DAR Testing Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These DAR Testing Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations to government agencies actively seeking laboratories to perform their DAR testing and research and development . If your Laboratory receives DAR Test Requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or cal .

50 Most Recent Incoming DAR Laboratory Test Requests
DAR Testing Description
16-00255 USA Laboratory needed that provides Inherent Viscosity Testing service. Please provide standard & rush turn around time, fee, price, sample amount. ( read more ).....Approved
16-00254 Consumer Laboratory needed to Test dummy chains to current European Standard DIN 12586, Artikel für Säuglinge und Kleinkinder - Schnullerhalter - Sicherheitstechnische Anford ( read more ).....Approved
16-00252 Europe laboratory needed for aircraft battery testing to RTCA DO-160 standard, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment. ( read more ).....Approved
16-00243 US Certification Laboratory needed to certify product to UL608, Standard for Safety for Burglary Resistant Vault Doors and Modular Panels and UL752 Standard for Bullet-Resis ( read more ).....Approved
16-00242 Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for coffee testing that requires assay of Acids in Coffee samples. Specifically Chlorogenic Acids; with secondary interest in: Pho ( read more ).....Approved
16-00238 USA or Europe Pharmaceutical preclinical CRO contract research organization needed for efficacy testing of our new dental combination anesthetic medicinal product vs. the refe ( read more ).....Approved
16-00235 India Certification Laboratory neded for UL Certification Testing of Synchronisation time module as per the standard aUL 61010-2-201?. Components are used in: 1. The Contr ( read more ).....Approved
16-00213 Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent testing to ASTM International. E 951-94. Standard Test Method for Laboratory Testing of Non-Commercial Mosquito Repellent For ( read more ).....Approved
16-00211 Metrology Laboratory for genetic's laboratory site equipment inspection and certification to meet CAP/CLIA/AABB and ASCLD-LAB standards ( read more ).....Approved
16-00200 Contract Lab needed for handheld LED flashlight testing for lux and candela output. The test will include between 1 - 3 lights. The Flashlights will be tested using White Lig ( read more ).....Approved
16-00193 Nutraceutical company needs laboratory for analysis on standardized mushroom extracts to check the standardisation of the active constituents specified by our suppliers. The ( read more ).....Approved
16-00183 India Pharmaceutical Science Researcher needs Pharmacology Contract Research Organization for Pharmacology Study Experiments: AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THE SCIENTIFIC REASERCH ( read more ).....Approved
16-00177 USA Contract Laboratory needed to provide Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) testing according to EPA 8310. It involves determining the concentration of PAH in ground and ( read more ).....Approved
16-00171 Materials laboratory needed for IEC electrostatic testing of polyethylene sheet to to IEC 61340-4-4, Electrostatics standard for its electrostatic properties. ( read more ).....Approved
16-00119 Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP sterility testing services including but not limited to: sterility and endotoxin validation, potency over time, endpoint ( read more ).....Approved
16-00115 Contract Laboratory needed for Tobacco Cigarette Testing: 1. Provide the target specifications and upper and lower range limits for the following cigarette design parameter ( read more ).....Approved
16-00110 Environmental laboratory needed for OECD Compliance Testing: OECD biodegradability testing of cosmetic products (Hand washes, lotions etc) to show they comply to OECD 301/302 ( read more ).....Approved
16-00109 Materials Laboratory needed that performs ASTM D6703, Standard Test Method for Automated Heithaus Titrimetry ( read more ).....Approved
16-00103 Unviersity Researcher needs Preclinical laboratory forTesting compounds topically using the toluene diisocyanate acute contact dermatisis mouse model. Ability to measure secon ( read more ).....Approved
16-00097 Skin care company needs cosmetics microbiology laboratory for preservative efficacy tests on 9 skincare products to BP standards. Preservatives-Effectiveness Tests to be don ( read more ).....Approved
16-00089 Europe microbiology laboratory needed for EP Preservative challenge and stability tests to organic skin care products accordance with European Pharmacopoeia standards ( read more ).....Approved
16-00070 Contract Lab needed for ASTM ICP & AA analysis of metals samples. Mesh screening of powder samples. Surface area analysis of powder samples. Bulk density testing. Meet vari ( read more ).....Approved
16-00057 URGENT Automotive Laboratory needed to Evaluate automotive products as per Toyota standard.These tests are Characteristics Test, Heat Resistance Test, Water Resistance test, S ( read more ).....Approved
16-00021 URGENT GLP Microbiology Laboratories needed for quotes urgently for US EPA /Disinfectant . We have important criteria that must be met for the tests: 1. Your lab must adhere ( read more ).....Approved
16-00013 Mechanical Laboratory needed for Strength testing of welded eyebolts. Test to failure the tensile strength of 5/16" eyebolts with 3" diameter welded eyes. We have been asked t ( read more ).....Approved
16-00011 USA food laboratory needed for packaging testing for food contact safety and certification per Nestle standards. ( read more ).....Approved
15-02152 Paint manufacturer needs Materials laboratory for IS or ASTMTesting 500 Kg jumbo bags (FIBC) to be tested for specification parameters as per the standards applicable to the ( read more ).....Approved
15-02144 USA CRO needed that can determine the pka of my samples. What is standard & rush turnaround time, pricing, and quality system (ISO 9001, GLP/GMP prefer)? ( read more ).....Approved
15-02137 Materials laboratory needed for IS or ASTM Testing of bags purchased from vendor: FIBC of 500 Kg capacity made up of HDPE to be tested for Elongation and breaking strength as ( read more ).....Approved
15-02115 Pharmaceutical bioanalytical laboratory needed for validation of in-house ELISA procedure for quantifying specific egg IgY antibody against certain microorganisms and subseque ( read more ).....Approved
15-02104 Materials Laboratory needed for Oil Flashpoint Testing to ASTM d93, Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Testerflash point ( read more ).....Approved
15-02093 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of laundry additives to ASTM 2274 Standard Test Method for Oxidation Stability of Distillate Fuel Oil ( read more ).....Approved
15-02091 Australia university researcher needs laboratory for DHA (Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis) test for commercial gasoline standard knocking test in CFR engine fueled by Australia ( read more ).....Approved
15-02076 Bakery needs Canada Laboratory for nutritional testing of baked goods to ensure conformance with all Canadian food standards and are curious on pricing to do so. ( read more ).....Approved
15-02066 USA genetics laboratory needed to Establish and run reporter gene assays in bacteria. It would probably employ a standard reporter strain strategy that places lacZ under the c ( read more ).....Approved
15-02065 Coatings Company needs polymer lab that can test National Fire Protection Association NFPA via ASTM D6668. Standard Test Method for Discrimination Between Flammability Ratin ( read more ).....Approved
15-02060 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of roof coating to ASTM D 6083Standard Specification for Liquid Applied Acrylic Coating Used in Roofing or to ASTM C 1549 or ASTM ( read more ).....Approved
15-02059 Massachusetts cosmetics laboratory needed for formulation and stability testing for shampoo, wash out conditioner, leave-in conditioner, face wash and a daily hair moisturiz ( read more ).....Approved
15-02058 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of paint and coating to ASTM D7855, Standard Test Method for Determination of Mold Growth on Coated Building Products Designed for ( read more ).....Approved
15-02050 Materials laboratory needed for Fabric Testing required for anti radar on fabric used for camouflage nets as per MIL/BS standards. ( read more ).....Approved
15-02043 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM E84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials Lab testing quote for Flame Spread. One sample ( read more ).....Approved
15-02039 Materials Laboratory needed forISO footwear testing: abrasion test on footwear outer soles based on International Organization for Standardization test method 20871, which is ( read more ).....Approved
15-02019 Contract Test lab needed for ASTM Testing of f Aluminum Honeycomb sandwitch panels as per standard ASTM/DIN mentioned in Specific requirement. Thanks, ( read more ).....Approved
15-01974 Microbiology laboratory needed for ASTM Virucidal efficacy test of disinfectant against MERS-Cov to ASTM E1053 method, Standard Test Method for Efficacy of Virucidal Agents I ( read more ).....Approved
15-01957 Cosmetics Manufacturer needs USA or Canada ISO certified laboratory for performing NDELA (nitrosamine) testing on cosmetics specifically on mascara. Please provide test metho ( read more ).....Approved
15-01930 EU or USA Food Safety Laboratory needed for Food Contact Materials FCM safety testing of silicone baking tray to see if it meets EU and/or FDA regulation standards on FCM sa ( read more ).....Approved
15-01921 Physical Laboratory needed for salt spray test done to Requirement standard - ASMT B117 and should be Boeing approved. ( read more ).....Approved
15-01908 ON-SITE Oman Contract Laboratory needed for valves and check valves inspection and now we retesting valves as per UL Standard 262 and 312 total quantity is almost 58, ( read more ).....Approved
15-01902 UK Laboratory needed for ABV Testing of Bottled Beer to sell to pubs on November 29. Confirmation testing of ABV of 4% for compliance to labeling and to ensure brewery has no ( read more ).....Approved
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