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DAR, toxicology testing, cytotoxicity testing, preclinical testing, sterility testing, analytical chemistry testing, microbiology testing, bioanalytical testing, environmental testing, pharmaceutical testing, food testing, product safety testing, water testing, bioburden testing  DAR Laboratory Testing Requests
IMAGE SOURCE:CDC PHIL Technician performing Western Blot testing. Antigens if present will bind and be detected.

Contract has received the following incoming DAR Testing Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These DAR Testing Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations to government agencies actively seeking laboratories to perform their DAR testing and research and development . If your Laboratory receives DAR Test Requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or cal .

50 Most Recent Incoming DAR Laboratory Test Requests
DAR Testing Description
17-00900 Medical device laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of a range of titanium surgical products to the following ASTM Standards: ASTM F2052 Test Method for Measurement of Magnetic ( read more ).....Approved
17-00893 NABL electrical laboratory needed for IEC testing of cable tray as per IEC 61537 Standard for load test with Safe working load and electrical continuity testing ( read more ).....Approved
17-00867 Plumbing company needs metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of brass plumbing parts to the ASTM B858 standard for stress corrosion cracking. Specifically looking f ( read more ).....Approved
17-00878 Medical device laboratory needed for biodegradability testing on two different types of medical gloves to ASTM D5511 - Standard Test Method for Determining Anaerobic Biodegrad ( read more ).....Approved
17-00881 Medical Device Laboratory needed for microbiology and physical testing of medical drapes and surgical gowns to several EN ISO standards Method Characteristi ( read more ).....Approved
17-00861 Large corporation needs analytical chemistry laboratory needed for water testing to determine the National Aerospace Standard (NAS) value of their demineralized water. ( read more ).....Approved
17-00860 Cosmetics clinical research laboratory needed for SPF Testing on 4 different cosmetics products with primary and secondary sunscreen activity. Clinical research needed on volu ( read more ).....Approved
17-00844 Beverage laboratory needed for analytical testing for whiskey imports. Importer needs to test to 8 different whiskeys to standards for Europe. ( read more ).....Approved
17-00831 Laboratory needed for UL fire testing of solar panels to UL 1703 Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00834 LONG-TERM TESTING Plastics laboratory needed for acetaldehyde and viscosity testing of PET to 2 ASTM standards: for acetaldehyde according ASTM F2013-10 Determination of Resi ( read more ).....Closed
17-00822 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ASTM testing of silicon based chemicals to ASTM E222-10: Standard Test Methods for Hydroxyl Groups Using Acetic Anhydride Acetylatio ( read more ).....Approved
17-00853 Textiles laboratory needed for verification of cloths used in oven processing operations which are sensitive to residual surface contamination to AMS 3819c Cloths, Cleaning, f ( read more ).....Approved
Hi, I have a special paint that glow in the dark, can you test it and brake down so you can tell me what are all the materials that are in this paint? Also what will be the co ( read more ).....Denied
17-00817 ISO / IEC 17025 Accredited consumer product laboratory needed for safety equipment testing to EN and KS standards including: Particle filter testing as per EN 143 Filtering ( read more ).....Closed
Performance Laboratory needed forparticle filter testing of facial masks as per EN 143 standards.including Particle Filter testing, EN 143 and filtering half masks testing as ( read more ).....Reviewed
17-00800 Large corporation needs materials laboratory for ASTM slip resistance testing of polymer and acrylic prototype bathroom tiles to ASTM 462, Standard Consumer Safety Specificati ( read more ).....Closed
17-00819 Polymer laboratory needed for UV resistance / weathering testing to ISO-21898 of a standard polypropylene (plastic) jumbo bag for stone and iron ore. Lab in India requested. ( read more ).....Approved
17-00789 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM thermal conductivity testing of plastic roofing product to ASTM C518 (Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Propertie ( read more ).....Approved
17-00788 Pharmaceutical bioanalytical laboratory needed for antifactor IIa assay testing for heparin sodium to BP 2017 standards. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00787 Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for FDA sunglasses safety testing by drop ball test method to Standard LT-1 July 12, 1971 21 CFR 801, 410 MIL-STD-105. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00779 Materials laboratory needed for NRR/SNR rating of protective earmuffs to meet standard ANSI S3.19 and if possible EN 352-1: 1993 desired. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00766 LONG-TERM TESTING Medical device materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing: active Af temperature of wire using DSC per ASTM F2004, Standard Test Method for Transformation ( read more ).....Closed
17-00772 Product Safety laboratory needed for toxicology and compliance testing of mosquito repellent to show conformance to FDA standards and safety to market product in the US. ( read more ).....Approved
17-00745 Oil laboratory needed to provide certification of dielectrical insulating transformer oil to US standards. ( read more ).....Approved
17-00734 Materials laboratory needed for expanded rubber testing studies to three DIN EN ISO Standards: - Coefficient of thermal conductivity according DIN EN ISO 8497, - Water vapo ( read more ).....Approved
17-00720 University researcher needs physical laboratory for doppler radar vibration measurement of sensor, receiver and software to model the receiving data and any other related comp ( read more ).....Approved
17-00698 Construction laboratory needed for materials and toxicity testing of naval thermal insulation testing to various standards including: NCD 1427 : SPECIFICATION FOR MINERAL WOOL ( read more ).....Approved
17-00685 Electrical laboratory needed for IEC transformer testing of 72.5KV/145KV current transformer and voltage transformer according to IEC standard at a frequency of 60HZ. ( read more ).....Approved
17-00682 Automotive laboratory needed for SAE testing of refrigerant hose assemblies to SAE J2064 standard (Refrigerant Automotive Air-Conditioned Hose) ( read more ).....Approved
17-00679 Automotive parts company needs physical materials laboratory for ASTM flammability testing to ASTM D6668 - 01(2016) Standard Test Method for Discrimination Between Flammabilit ( read more ).....Closed
17-00672 ISO 17025 certified laboratory needed for OECD physical / chemical testing of solid materials and an octanol / water solution as per three OECD standard methods: OECD107 Parti ( read more ).....Approved
17-00644 Microbiology laboratory needed for WHO anti-microbial efficiency testing of disinfectants to match World Health Organization standards. ( read more ).....Approved
17-00670 Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Manufacturer needs laboratory for microbiology and analytical chemistry testing of disinfectants / antiseptics / sanitizers to several BS ( read more ).....Approved
17-00604 ISO 17025 accredited industrial hygiene microbiology laboratory needed for BRC, USDA, FSMA bacterial contamination testing of an industrial food facility to comply with BRC, U ( read more ).....Approved
sir / madamWe are manufacturing of PTFE Hose assy, we would like to qualify our products asper Aerospace standard requirements like AS2078A, AS1339GCould you please share you ( read more ).....Pending
17-00597 LEGAL. Microbiology laboratory needed for bacterial contamination testing of a powdered dietary supplement using USP standards 2022 and 2023 (which mirror USP 62 and 1111 resp ( read more ).....Approved
17-00593 Food laboratory needed for California Proposition 65 testing of molasses for acrylamides vs the standard in OEHHA California Proposition 65 ( read more ).....Approved
17-00588 Materials laboratory needed for ANSI Testing of LED Smart Film products to meet welding filter requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2015 table 6, American National Standard for Occupat ( read more ).....Approved
17-00572 Polymers laboratory needed for thermal, dielectric, and insulating testing for properties of two components polyurethane resin according to the following standards: Dielec ( read more ).....Approved
17-00566 Composite materials laboratory needed for ASTM D1781 standard test method for climbing drum peel for adhesives or DIN 53295 testing of sandwiches; peel test by means of a drum ( read more ).....Closed
17-00559 Electrical laboratory needed for IEC radio frequency testing of semi-rigid coaxial communication cables per IEC 61196 Standard ( read more ).....Closed
17-00558 STARTUP FDA GMP food laboratory needed for organic food product development, labeling, and shelf life testing of a sauce and beverage to FDA standards. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00555 Environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ISO & ASTM VOC emissions testing of window coating product to ASTM D5116 and ISO 16000-6 standards. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00553 Cosmetics laboratory needed for microbial enumeration testing according to USP<61> and USP<62>, preservative challenge testing according to USP<51>, and heavy metals testing o ( read more ).....Closed
17-00528 Performance Laboratory needed for fume hood type testing as per EN 145175 to American Society of Heating & Refrigeration & AC Engineering ASHARE 110 to meet Scientific Equipme ( read more ).....Closed
17-00518 Automotive laboratory needed for mechanical testing to General Motors A/C hose pressure standards. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00509 LONG TERM TESTING. Materials laboratory needed for thermal imaging of coating for reflectivity tests to extract emissivity number using a diffuse gold standard. Coating is use ( read more ).....Closed
17-00510 Consumer Products laboratory needed for standardized testing of eyeglass cleaning solutions. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00480 Large industrial technology company needs electrical laboratory for IEC electrical performance and EMC testing of electrical substation relay to IEC 61810 or 60255 standards ( read more ).....Closed
We would like to test if our carton tape can meet below requirements/standards. Would you pls advise if you provide such testing service with the testing cost ? Thanks !1) Hol ( read more ).....Pending
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