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ASTM, toxicology testing, cytotoxicity testing, preclinical testing, sterility testing, analytical chemistry testing, microbiology testing, bioanalytical testing, environmental testing, pharmaceutical testing, food testing, product safety testing, water testing, bioburden testing  ASTM Laboratory Testing Requests
IMAGE SOURCE:CDC PHIL Technician performing Western Blot testing. Antigens if present will bind and be detected.

Contract has received the following incoming ASTM Testing Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These ASTM Testing Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations to government agencies actively seeking laboratories to perform their ASTM testing and research and development . If your Laboratory receives ASTM Test Requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or cal .

50 Most Recent Incoming ASTM Laboratory Test Requests
ASTM Testing Description
Dear Sir/ Madam,We are medical device Company located in Vapi, Gujarat. We are into field of Cardiology, Orthopedic, Endo surgery and Diagnostic. We have a wide range of FDA a ( read more ).....Pending
17-00867 Plumbing company needs metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of brass plumbing parts to the ASTM B858 standard for stress corrosion cracking. Specifically looking f ( read more ).....Approved
17-00878 Medical device laboratory needed for biodegradability testing on two different types of medical gloves to ASTM D5511 - Standard Test Method for Determining Anaerobic Biodegrad ( read more ).....Approved
17-00870 LONG TERM TESTING Oil laboratory needed for ASTM testing of petroleum / petrochemical products to determine hydrocarbon types present in middle distillates via mass spectromet ( read more ).....Approved
17-00849 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Thermal Stiffness property testing as per ASTM D 1043 Stiffness Properties of Plastics as a Function of Temperature by Means of a Torsion ( read more ).....Approved
17-00843 Large company needs medical device laboratory needed for ASTM testing of 4 orthopedic products including metallic medical bone screws, metallic angled orthopedic fracture fixa ( read more ).....Closed
17-00852 Materials certification laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing of lightweight concrete to ASTM C177 Steady-State Heat Flux Measurements and Thermal Transmission Pr ( read more ).....Approved
17-00841 Packaging laboratory needed for various ASTM and ISTA testing of engineered parts packaging including 1) Free drop : Reference Specifications: ASTM D 5276 and ISTA 2A 2) Vibr ( read more ).....Approved
17-00834 LONG-TERM TESTING Plastics laboratory needed for acetaldehyde and viscosity testing of PET to 2 ASTM standards: for acetaldehyde according ASTM F2013-10 Determination of Resi ( read more ).....Closed
17-00822 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ASTM testing of silicon based chemicals to ASTM E222-10: Standard Test Methods for Hydroxyl Groups Using Acetic Anhydride Acetylatio ( read more ).....Approved
we nned a lab with experience testing ASTM F2412 and ASTM F2413 related with safety shoes and materials. We need the guidence for certificate our catalog. ( read more ).....Pending
17-00801 Medical device / materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of personal protective equipment / gloves to ASTMF2878-10 (Needle Stick Test) ( read more ).....Approved
17-00800 Large corporation needs materials laboratory for ASTM slip resistance testing of polymer and acrylic prototype bathroom tiles to ASTM 462, Standard Consumer Safety Specificati ( read more ).....Closed
17-00789 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM thermal conductivity testing of plastic roofing product to ASTM C518 (Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Propertie ( read more ).....Approved
17-00766 LONG-TERM TESTING Medical device materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing: active Af temperature of wire using DSC per ASTM F2004, Standard Test Method for Transformation ( read more ).....Closed
17-00775 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of grease / lubricant for carbon residue. Reference samples as per MRC Test / ASTM D-4530, Low Carbon 0.3 %c ( read more ).....Approved
17-00749 Construction materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of flooring to ASTM E1007: Field Measurement of Tapping Machine Impact Sound Transmission Through Floor-Ceiling Assem ( read more ).....Approved
17-00742 Plastics construction materials company needs laboratory for Solar Reflectance Index SRI measurement for LEED compliance to ASTM E1980 ( read more ).....Closed
17-00721 Agriculture laboratory needed for ASTM radiocarbon analysis of natural pesticide to determine the biobased content of solid, liquid, and gaseous samples to ASTM D6866 - 16 ( read more ).....Approved
17-00703 Electrical laboratory needed for ASTM testing of U-PVC cable ducts for shore hardness (type D) to ASTM D 2240, coeffecient of linear thermal expansion to BS 3505/ 3506/ ASTM D ( read more ).....Approved
17-00690 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing for thermal conductivity of nitrile rubber Insulation foam at 0, 20, and 40 Celcius to ASTM C 518 and ASTM C 177 test methods ( read more ).....Closed
17-00679 Automotive parts company needs physical materials laboratory for ASTM flammability testing to ASTM D6668 - 01(2016) Standard Test Method for Discrimination Between Flammabilit ( read more ).....Closed
17-00660 Polymer company needs materials laboratory for ASTM Testing of sodium chloride ice-melt / deicing properties ( read more ).....Approved
17-00654 Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of dielectric mineral oil to ASTM D 3487-09 Specification for Mineral Insulating Oil Used in Electrical Apparatus ( read more ).....Approved
17-00652 LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for ASTM physical, mechanical, and accelerated aging testing of polymer auto parts to car manufacturers specifications WSS-M2D496 ( read more ).....Approved
17-00647 LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for ASTM & FED-STD textiles testing for non-fibrous and soluble materials content using soxhlet extraction procedure to FED-STD-1 ( read more ).....Closed
17-00625 FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for flash point testing to ASTM D93 using a limit of NLT 170 degree C for a large pharmaceutical company. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00584 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM explosives testing to ASTM E595, total mass loss and collected volatile condensable materials from outgassing in a vacuum environment t ( read more ).....Approved
17-00573 URGENT. ASTM metallurgical laboratory needed for tensile and elongation testing of a extruded copper rod in accordance with ASTM E8 and conforming to ASTM B49. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00569 Oil / petroleum laboratory needed for ASTM testing of natural gas to ASTM 5504-98 for total sulfur, specific gravity, dry heating value in BTU/lb and BTU/scf (dry), wet heatin ( read more ).....Closed
17-00566 Composite materials laboratory needed for ASTM D1781 standard test method for climbing drum peel for adhesives or DIN 53295 testing of sandwiches; peel test by means of a drum ( read more ).....Closed
17-00556 Consumer product (textiles) laboratory needed for ASTM antimicrobial testing on textiles to ASTM E2149 or ISO, BS, AATCC equivalent ( read more ).....Closed
17-00555 Environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ISO & ASTM VOC emissions testing of window coating product to ASTM D5116 and ISO 16000-6 standards. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00532 Polymer laboratory needed for ASTM testing of flexible cell materials (ethafoam-180) to ASTM D3575 and ASTM D3576. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00491 Microbiology laboratory needed for antimicrobial testing of fabrics / textiles treated with a product containing antibacterial and antifungal properties according to ASTM G21. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00486 ASTM materials laboratory needed for total mass loss and collected volatile condensable materials from outgassing in a vacuum environment testing of un-reinforced polypropylen ( read more ).....Closed
We would like to test if our carton tape can meet below requirements/standards. Would you pls advise if you provide such testing service with the testing cost ? Thanks !1) Hol ( read more ).....Pending
17-00447 Materials Laboratory needed for testing on a steel grade silica ceramic blanket. Flammability to ASTM F 1462. Thermal Conductivity to ASTM C518-19983. Thermal Shock ( read more ).....Closed
17-00439 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of freestanding 50um plastic films for yellow index ASTM E313 or equivalent and index of refraction ASTM D542 or equivalent. Raw ( read more ).....Closed
17-00421 Materials (textiles) laboratory needed for protective clothing testing to check the cut resistance of protective textiles to ASTM 2992 or F1790 using TDM 100 cut machine. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00403 Large chemical company needs toxicology laboratory for ASTM aircraft toxicity testing to ASTM 7239 ( read more ).....Closed
17-00393 Large Chemical Company needs materials laboratory for ASTM combustion testing for measuring the optical density of smoke, and surface flammability of materials according to AS ( read more ).....Closed
17-00387 Mechanical Laboratory needed for ASTM outgassing testing for mechanical part with ASTM E595, Standard Test Method for Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Materi ( read more ).....Closed
17-00366 Electrical wiring laboratory needed for the following testing: EPR insulation under ASTM D1149 with an ozone concentration 250 ppm through 168 hrs. CPE Jacket under ASTM ( read more ).....Closed
17-00356 Plastics / Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM physical testing of plastic crates from different suppliers including: Raw material tests as per ASTM D4976 + ASTM D5203, dens ( read more ).....Closed
17-00343 Aviation laboratory needed for performing the following tests: ASTM-D-1149, test for ozone cracking of vulcanized rubber FED-STD 191, weathering resistance of cloth M ( read more ).....Closed
17-00336 Construction company needs materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of insulation material to ASTM C1371 Standard Test Method for Determination of Emittance of Materials ( read more ).....Closed
17-00325 Oil laboratory needed for pour point verification testing of a fatty acid based emulsifier using ASTM D97 compared to ASTM D5949. Result for both. ( read more ).....Closed
17-00324 Personal protective equipment laboratory needed for ASTM F2675 Arc Flash testing of a protective glove. Quote needed. ( read more ).....Closed
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