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IMAGE SOURCE:CDC PHIL Technician performing Western Blot testing. Antigens if present will bind and be detected.

Contract has received the following incoming ASTM Testing Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These ASTM Testing Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations to government agencies actively seeking laboratories to perform their ASTM testing and research and development . If your Laboratory receives ASTM Test Requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or cal .

50 Most Recent Incoming ASTM Laboratory Test Requests
ASTM Testing Description
16-01027 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM D7419-13 testing Standard Test Method for Determination of Total Aromatics and Total Saturates in Lube Basestocks by High Performance Liqu ( read more ).....Approved
16-00956 Mirror manufacturer needs materials certificaiton laboratory for quality control vendor certification testing of mirrrors to ASTM standards per customer requirements. Mirrors ( read more ).....Closed
16-00941 URGENT Materials laboratory needed for physical and microbiology ASTM testing of tape bituminous wrapping tape used in petroleum pipelines Property Values ( read more ).....Closed
16-00933 URGENT Materials laboratory needed for testing to ASTM F2466-10, Standard Practice for Determining Silicone Volatiles in Silicone Rubber for Transportation Applications ( read more ).....Closed
16-00884 URGENT Physical laboratory needed for uv test ing( sun trace test) and corrosion testing 1000hrs as per Astm Stananderds.and What requirment of spicemen sizes. Please prov ( read more ).....Closed
16-00871 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM and Lubrizol Testing for Test cloud point of water soluble ethoxylated product. Cloud point of a liquid detergent formulation to ASTM D202 ( read more ).....Closed
16-00870 Materials laboratory needed for #ASTM Testing to ASTM D3539 and ASTM D1331 for 31 liquid coating systems. ( read more ).....Closed
16-00868 Materials laboratory needed for vinyl ester resin testing to BS 5480, ASTM D3262, ASTM D3681, ASTM C581 ( read more ).....Closed
16-00847 Medical Device Laboratory needed for Medical Device Testing to ASTM 640-12, Standard Test Methods for Determining Radiopacity for Medical Use ( read more ).....Closed
16-00828 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of chemical composition of galvalume coating. and the methodology. ( read more ).....Closed
16-00813 Materials laboratory needed for ASTM boat cleaner testing on fiberglass and wood to determine it is effective and non-harmful in cleaning grease, oil, gas, scum and marine gro ( read more ).....Closed
16-00811 Oil Laboratory needed for sulphur testing in transformer oil to ASTM Test method D 1275 B, Corrosive Sulphur Test ( read more ).....Closed
16-00689 Construction Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing on Building Caulking to many ASTM Standards: ASTM C 679 ASTM C 639 ASTM D 2240 ASTM C 794 ASTM C 1135 ASTM C 71 ( read more ).....Closed
16-00658 Russia Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for determination of iodine adsorption - ASTM D1510-13 The lab must be accredited by a single national accreditation syste ( read more ).....Closed
16-00574 Certified Materials Laboratory needed for coating testing of Three (3) mixed adhesive coating samples tested for the following: 1. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) con ( read more ).....Closed
16-00543 ISO Materials laboratory needed for ASTM PMMA panel testing to US Standards, ISO and EN standards. ASTM E90 and E413, ASTM D-638 : tensile properties, ASTM D-790 : flexural p ( read more ).....Closed
16-00528 Laboratory needed for testing ABS Rings for ASTM D5001, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricity of Aviation Turbine Fuels by the Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator ( read more ).....Closed
16-00513 Canada plastics laboratory needed for ASTM testing on tensile bars. The following tests we are interested in having done; Izod Impact (Notched) ASTM D256 Flexural Modulus ( read more ).....Approved
16-00503 USA Materials Laboratory needed for Density testing according to ASTM D1505, Standard Test Method for Density of Plastics by the Density-Gradient Technique. Please provide me ( read more ).....Approved
16-00442 Oil laboratory needed for ASTM testing of lube oil for ash, lead and water content to ASTM D874, E203, D5185 ( read more ).....Closed
16-00436 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Single coated tape testing for adhesion Per ASTM D3330 or PSTC 101 using 180 degree peel on polypropylene. Value to be repor ( read more ).....Approved
16-00409 India Laboratory needed for Mechanical Testing 1 Deflection temperature under load (1.80Mpa) ASTM D648 oC 2 Tensile Strength ASTM D638 M.Pa. Tensile Modulus ASTM D638 M.Pa. El ( read more ).....Approved
16-00383 Product Safety Laboratory needed for dog toy testing to the following test standards: American national standard ASTM F 963?07; Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy ( read more ).....Approved
16-00375 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM E-84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ( read more ).....Approved
16-00349 India Materials Laboratory needed for glove testing for ANSI ASTM F1790: Level 4 certification for our gloves. ( read more ).....Approved
16-00336 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: ASTM Closed cup flash point test (Tag or Martens, etc.) on a thin liquid material. Estimated FP is 140 F. One sample will probab ( read more ).....Approved
16-00309 Textile Laboratory needed for ASTM new fabric testing for the following features: anti-microbial, wicking & thermo regulating (TGA) ( read more ).....Approved
16-00290 USA Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for melt point determination to ASTM D789, and dimensional stability. My sample is type 66 molybdenum disulfide-filled nylon. ( read more ).....Approved
16-00271 USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: gel content of polyethylene samples using ASTM D2765-11, Standard Test Methods for Determination of Gel Content and Swell R ( read more ).....Approved
16-00243 US Certification Laboratory needed to certify product to UL608, Standard for Safety for Burglary Resistant Vault Doors and Modular Panels and UL752 Standard for Bullet-Resis ( read more ).....Approved
16-00230 USA Automotive laboratory needed for SAE and ASTM Testing: Compression Stress Relaxation Test SAE J2979 + Low Temp Brittleness ASTM D2137 ( read more ).....Approved
16-00213 Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent testing to ASTM International. E 951-94. Standard Test Method for Laboratory Testing of Non-Commercial Mosquito Repellent For ( read more ).....Approved
16-00192 India textiles laboratory needed for oxo biodegradable pp spunbond fabric testing as per ASTM D6400 or EN13432. ( read more ).....Approved
16-00151 Nutraceutical laboratory needed for Heavy metal testing (specifically mercury) in the following: 1 - Breastmilk 2 - Supplements (fish oil liquid as well as chlorella tablet) ( read more ).....Closed
16-00145 Analytical Laboratory needed for EPA Testing of water samples using any of the following methods: EPA 300.1,DETERMINATION OF INORGANIC ANIONS IN DRINKING. WATER BY ION CHRO ( read more ).....Closed
16-00128 Europe laboratory needed for AST vibration testing: vibrations as for ASTM D4169 and shocks ( read more ).....Approved
16-00118 Plastics Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Brittleness Temperature testing performed to ASTM D746 on thermoplastic urethane. I need baseline number so am looking at measur ( read more ).....Approved
16-00109 Materials Laboratory needed that performs ASTM D6703, Standard Test Method for Automated Heithaus Titrimetry ( read more ).....Approved
16-00104 Large piping company needs East Coast North America materials laboratory for ASTM Testing of six o-ring elastomer samples for DMA analysis to measure Glass Transition Tempera ( read more ).....Approved
16-00096 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of hdpe/pp woven grocery bags from used hdpe/pp woven sacks including peel testing as per ASTM F88 & F2824; creep test as per ASTM ( read more ).....Approved
16-00070 Contract Lab needed for ASTM ICP & AA analysis of metals samples. Mesh screening of powder samples. Surface area analysis of powder samples. Bulk density testing. Meet vari ( read more ).....Approved
16-00058 Accredited Laboratory needed for the Testing of Earthing Enhancement Compounds. Laboratory needed that is able to do all the tests listed below: a) Leaching test according ( read more ).....Approved
16-00047 ISO 17025 accredited Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Hernia Mesh - 3 types (Flexpro mesh, Polyester mesh, polypropylene mesh) ? Cotton Umbilical Tape. Te ( read more ).....Approved
16-00040 United States Textile Laboratory needed for fabric testing for UPF protection to AATCC and ASMT testing methods: UPF Product Testing - AATCC 183, ASTM-D6544, ASTM-D6603. Pleas ( read more ).....Approved
16-00034 India Materials laboratory needed to provide quotation for astm e 84 testing charges of composite material ( read more ).....Approved
15-02152 Paint manufacturer needs Materials laboratory for IS or ASTMTesting 500 Kg jumbo bags (FIBC) to be tested for specification parameters as per the standards applicable to the ( read more ).....Approved
15-02145 Third-Party Microbiology laboratory needed for ASTM microbial degradation of Polyethylene using a multi-strain inoculum and searching for a third party lab to confirm degrada ( read more ).....Approved
15-02137 Materials laboratory needed for IS or ASTM Testing of bags purchased from vendor: FIBC of 500 Kg capacity made up of HDPE to be tested for Elongation and breaking strength as ( read more ).....Approved
15-02131 University researcher needs India Materials Laboratory for ASTM Testing to ASTM D445 ASTM D93-94 ASTM D5453-93 ASTM D524 ASTM D482-91 ASTM D2015-85 GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY A ( read more ).....Approved
15-02120 Africa Pavement company needs polymer laboratory for Dispersion Test of the polymer modified binder using a microscope ( 100 x magnification). ASTM E 1508-12a. Is this possibl ( read more ).....Approved
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