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Contract Laboratory .com Find Labs for all your testing such as bioanalytical testing, toxicology testing, preclinical testing, analytical chemistry testing, microbiology testing, environmental testing, pharmaceutical testing, food testing, nutritional testing, product safety testing, genetics testing, water testing, bioburden testing, stability testing, QC testing, sterility testing

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IMAGE SOURCE:CDC PHIL Technician performing Western Blot testing. Antigens if present will bind and be detected.
Need Laboratory Testing or Scientific Research Studies such as finished product certification, quality constol or raw material testing or research and development studies ? Simply, fill in the form below Your request will be posted annonymously on our Incoming Laboratory Testing and Scientific Research and Development Requests Database. If contract laboratories can meet your needs, they will email us to request your details. If you wish to remain annonymous, simply indicate "Confidential" in the requirements section and we'll send you the laboratory contact information. Your confidentialty will be maintained. Generally, contract laboratories which meet your lab testing or scientific R&D requirements are found within 24-48 hours. There is no charge to you for this laboratory service and we do not collect commissions from the contract research organizations or laboratories. If you require assistance, please email
Laboratory Testing and Scientific Research Request:
Laboratory Testing and Research Type: Please indicate the type of testing or scientific research required such as Pharmaceuticals, Bioanalytical, Food, Microbiology, Packaging, Materials, Electrical, Mechanical, Clinical, Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology, etc.    

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Laboratory Testing and Research Location: Please indicate if you need the testing and R&D performed in a specific area.

Laboratory Testing and Research Description: Please briefly describe the laboratory testing, scientific research, analysis, assay, inspection or certificaiton required

Lab Testing ad Research Requirements: Please specify any testing requirements needed for the lab or any specific methodologies or standards, if known. For example, FDA GMP, ISO, ASTM, AALAC, OEDC, etc. Please also indicate whether you wish your contact information and company to remain Confidential.
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