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Cell Applications, Inc.

Perineurial Fibroblasts and Schwann Cells Introduced at CAI, Oct 25, 2016

Today Cell Applications, Inc. announces the addition of two key Primary Cells of the nervous system: Rat Perineurial Fibroblasts (RPF) and Rat Schwann Cells (RSC), paired with their corresponding, optimized Media. RPF form a connective tissue compartment of the peripheral nerve called the perineurium, which wraps around fascicles to form a diffusion barrier. The perineurium protects nerve bundles, maintains endoneurial homeostasis and modulates external stretching forces on the nerve. RSC provide physical and chemical support for axons and neurons, critical for their morphology, survival and growth. Myelinating Schwann cells surround neurons to form an insulating sheath, important for propagation of action potentials along the axon. Studies also indicate Schwann cells promote neuronal restoration and experimental spinal cord regeneration.

Daniel Schroen, VP Sales & Marketing at Cell Applications adds, ?Nerve-related research continues to represent a highly active area of investigation. We are pleased to assist laboratory workers in these fields with a ready supply of quality controlled, rigorously characterized Nervous System Cells for their studies.?

Press & Media Relations
Daniel Schroen, PhD
VP, Sales & Marketing
(858) 453-0848

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