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Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements Tests, Analysis, Assays, Research and Certification Laboratories

Nutraceuticals, Dietary Supplements and Vitamin Testing and Research

According to regulations, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and vitamins must be safe for human consumption. In the US nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and vitamins are regulate by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). Is your company an importer of vitamin D tablets, fish oil capsules, melatonin raw material, a manufacturer of women's multi-vitamins, herbal supplement cough drops or greens protein supplements or herbal immune boosting teas.

Nutraceuticals, Dietary Supplements and vitamins are available in many different forms such as soft-gels, tablets, capsules, teas, lotions, ointments, creams, gels, transdermal patches, rubs, extended-release, oils, bottled waters, tea bags, and tinctures.

The raw materials and ingredients of Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements maybe testing by their manufacturers or as incoming quality control acceptance testing or confirmatory testing to a manufacturer's Certificate of Analysis. Some raw materials ad ingredients include active ingredients or non-active ingredients or excipients. These raw materials maybe oils, flowers, berries, plants, and herbs. Te packaging of Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements are also tested including bottles, tubes, cotton, shrink wrap, bags. caps and boxes.

  • Dietary Supplements Finished Products Testing
  • Stability Studies
    • Accelerated Aging Studies
    • Real Time Stability Studies
  • NLEA 1990 Nutritional Label Claims Testing
    • Serving Size Servings per container
    • Calories, calories from fat
    • Total fat testing
    • Saturated Fat testing
    • Cholesterol testing
    • Sodium testing
    • Total Carbohydrate testing
    • Dietary Fiber testing
    • Sugars testing
    • Protein testing
    • Vitamin A testing
    • Vitamin C testing
    • Calcium testing
    • Iplw
    • Daily Value Calculations
  • Microbiology Testing
    • escherichia coli e coli testing
    • total coliforms testing
    • listeria monocytogenes testing
    • salmonella testing
    • lactobacillus testing
    • pseudomonas aeruginosa testing
    • staphylococcus aureus testing
    • yeast testing
    • mold testing
    • fungi testing
    • Preservative Efficacy testing
    • Stability testing
    • Shelf-Lifetesting
    • bacillus cereus testing
  • consumer products testing
  • sensory testing
  • comparison studies testing
  • consumer panel testing
  • Analytical Chemistry Testing
  • nutritional testing
  • Vitamins Testing
  • Anti-Oxidant testing
  • Minerals Testing
  • Heavy Metals Testing
  • Amino Acids Profiles Testing
  • Enzyme testing
  • Probiotic testing
  • Fats, Oils Testing
  • Fatty Acid Profiles Testing
  • Calories Testing
  • Carbohydrates Testing
  • Fragrance Testing
  • Alcohol Content Testing
  • Anti-oxidants Testing
  • Mercury content Testing
  • Metabolic Studies Testing
  • label verification testing
  • product adulteration testing
  • product comparison testing
  • functional food testing
  • nutritional food testing
  • nutritonal facts panel testing
  • analyte testing
  • sugar profile testing
  • Vitamin A testing
  • Vitamin B testing
  • Vitamin E testing
  • Vitamin C testing
  • Melamine testing
  • Melatonin testing
  • GRAS testing
  • Food Additive testing
  • Color Additive testing
  • Heavy Metal testing
  • residual solvent testing
  • moisture testing
  • USP Monograph testing
  • NF testing
  • ICH testing
  • AOAC testing
  • Compendial Methods testing
  • fructose testing
  • sucrose testing
  • gluten testing
  • gluten-free testing
  • sugar-free testing
  • non-fat testing
  • carbohydrate testing
  • fungi testing
  • Allergens Testing
  • Contamination Investigations
  • Off-flavors Testing
  • Off-odors Testing
  • Formulation Testing
  • Deformulation Testing
  • Preservative Testing
  • Color Additives Testing
  • GRAS Food Additive Testing
  • Food Ingredient Testing
  • Shipping Studies
  • Container and Closure Testing
  • Dietary Supplements Package testing
  • Pesticide Testing
  • Flavor Profiles
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Enzyme Testing
  • formulation testing
  • Chemical Contaminants Testing
  • ginseng testing
  • creatine testing
  • fungi testing
  • ephedra testing
  • glucosamine testing
  • fungi testing
  • lutein testing
  • lycopene testing
  • saw palmetto testing
  • st. john's wort testing
  • yerba mate testing
  • fungi testing
  • clinical testing
  • raw material testing
  • finished product testing
  • quality control testing
  • FDA GMP testing
  • total aerobic microbial count testing
  • environmental monitoring testing
  • botanical testing
  • herbal testing
  • thiamine testing
  • vitamin B6 testing
  • vitamin B12 testing
  • multi-vitamin testing
  • folic acid testing
  • biotin testing
  • spice testing
Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements Testing, Analysis, Assays, Research and Certification Laboratories

From raw material manufacturers to finished product manufacturers and distributors, Contract Laboratory can assist your company in finding laboratories to perform the quality control testing, finished product testing, analysis, scientific research experiments, product development, failure analysis, and consumer panel research on all your raw materials, ingredients, active ingredients, packaging, finished products such as vitamins, herbs, nutritionals, carotenoids, fiber, amino acids, minerals, medicinal plants, essential fatty acids, glutamine, creatine, st. john's wort, fish oil supplements, antioxidants, food fortification, super foods, niacin, choline, enzyme, dietary minerals, selenium, aloe vera, ginseng, kava, milk thistle, ephedra, evening primrose oil, bilberry, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, aloe vera, saw palmetto, melatonin, botanical supplements, homeopathic, Astragalus, Acai, Bromelain, Grape seed Extract, Dandelion, Teas, Yohimbe.

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