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Outsource Laboratories for Lights and Lighting Testing and Certification Laboratories

Lights and Lighting Testing and Certification

Lights and lighting have to perform and function in a number of different environments and may be used to ensure public and personal safety. Therefore, testing and certification is critical and may be regulated by different countries. From safety signs and flashlights to home chandeliers and endtable lamps, to Contract Laboratory can assist your company, manufacturer, organization or university in outsourcing independent, third party laboratories to do all your Lights and Lighting certification inspections, evaluation, testing projects, failure investigations, consumer panels, research and development studies

  • Global Compliance Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Safety Testing
  • Hazardous Location Testing
  • Weathering Testing
  • ETL Certification Testing
  • Optical Testing
  • Photometric Testing
  • Color Testing
  • Color Temperature Testing
  • Candela Tabulation Testing
  • Electrical Data: input volt, watts, amps Testing
  • Luminance Testing
  • IESNA Testing
  • IEC Testing
  • Ballast Testing
  • DesignLights Consortium® Testing
  • LM-79 Testing
  • FTC (Federal Trade Commission) lighting facts® Label Testing
  • LM-79 Testing
  • IN-SITU Temperature Measurement Testing (ISTMT)
  • California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 24 Testing
  • Emissions Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Accelerated Stress Testing
  • Photobiological Testing
  • IEC/EN 62471 Testing
  • Optical Testing
  • EMI and EMC Testing
  • Electrical Safety Testing
  • Consumer Panel Testing
  • Battery Testing
  • Green Energy Testing
  • LED Testing
  • Energy Efficacy Testing
  • Energy Guide Labeling Testing
  • Flammability Testing
  • ISO Testing
  • UL Testing
  • TUV Testing
Outsource Laboratories for Lights and Lamps Certification and Testing

Contract Laboratory can assist your company, academic institution, government agency or organization in outsourcing contract laboratories to perform analysis, experimentation, analysis, testing, and research on all your components, accessories, parts, in-process materials, finished products, and industries such as lamps, flashlights, ceiling lights, chandeliers, lighting fixtures,outdoor lights, LED lights, landscape lighting, motion lights, security lights, energy-efficient lights, lava lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, track lighting, recessed lighting, black lights, UV lights, lightbulbs, portable work lamps ballasts, emergency lighting, safety lighting, halogen lamps lighting tubes, headlamps, lanterns, penlights, electrical sign testing, reflector lamps, spotlights, task lighting, exit signs traffic control signals.

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