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Apparel and Footwear Testing Laboratories for performance, toxicity, fammability

Apparel and Footwear Laboratory Testing

Are you an accessory manufacturer needing quality control testing or customs import detention testing? Are you a men's clothing manufacturer that needs a laundry study done or a fabric manufacturer that is developing a new anti-microbial fabric of a shoe manufacturer that needs Quality Control testing of a leather waterproof coating? Or simply want to save time calling multiple Footwear and Apparel laboratories? Save time and money. Simply, use's convenient on-line form to Submit Apparel and Footwear Laboratory Test Requests in one centralized location at no charge!

Contract Laboratory regularly assists clothing, footwear and textile manufacturers in outsourcing laboratories for their raw material, finished product and quality control testing, research and inspections Apparel, Footwear Garment, Clothing, and Textiles testing, analysis, experiments and research studies such as:

  • Accelerated Washing Testing
  • Air Permeability Testing
  • Allergenous Substances and Allergens Testing
  • Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
  • Azo Dye Testing
  • Barrier Properties Testing
  • Barrier Testing
  • Breaking Strength Testing
  • Burst Strength Testing
  • Carcinogenic Dye Testing
  • Care Label Determination and Verification Testing
  • Color Fastness Testing
  • Color Measurement Testing
  • Compression Testing
  • Dry cleaning Testing
  • Durability Testing
  • Elongation Testing
  • Extractables Testing
  • Fabric Performance Testing
  • Fabric Thickness Testing
  • Fabric Weight Testing
  • Fiber Count Testing
  • Fiber Identification and Composition Testing
  • Filament Count Testing
  • Filling and Foreign Matter Content Testing
  • Flammability Testing and R&D
  • Formaldehyde Determination Testing
  • Hazardous Substances Testing
  • Heavy Metals Content Testing
  • Heel Attachment Testing
  • Insulating Ability Testing
  • Latex Proteins Testing
  • Laundering Testing
  • Melting Point Determination Testing
  • Modulus Testing
  • PCP Testing
  • Pilling Resistance Testing
  • Release of Metal Testing
  • Safety Apparel Testing
  • Seam Strength Testing
  • Seam Strength Testing
  • Shrinkage Testing
  • Snagging Resistance Testing
  • Soak Testing
  • Soil Resistance Testing
  • Spot Testing
  • Stain Resistance Testing
  • Stitch Count Testing
  • Tear Strength Testing
  • Textiles Testing
  • Thermal Fabrics Testing
  • Toxicity Testing
  • UV Testing
  • Water Leak Testing
  • Water Repellency Testing
  • Water Spot Testing
  • Waterproof Testing
  • Wear Trials Testing
  • Wearability Testing and R&D
  • Weathering Testing
  • Yarn Slippage Testing
  • Zipper Strength Testing

Contract Laboratory can assist your company, manufacturer, retailer, designer, distributor, academic institution, government agency or organization in outsourcing textiles, footwear garment and apparel contract laboratories and contract research organizations to perform experimentation, analysis, testing, and research on all products such as footwear, hats, head ware, head gear, sports apparel, sunglasses, safety and protection apparel, accessories, belts, ties, handbags, outerwear, formalwear, costumes, coats, gloves, clothing, resort wear, bathing suits, hosiery, children's sleepwear, career apparel, raingear, industrial clothing, night ware, mountain gear, etc.

Contract Laboratory can assist your company, manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter, importer, designer, retailer, labeler, distributor, developer, research facility, academic institution, government agency or organization in outsourcing contract Apparel, Garment and Textiles laboratories to perform routine and non-routine Apparel testing, experimentation, research projects, development studies, or analysis in many areas such as the New York, Paris, Milan, New Jersey, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Texas, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina, Virginia, Boston, Massachusetts, Maryland, Chicago, Illinois, Puerto Rico, USA, Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Edmonton, Canada, European Union (EU), Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Munich, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dublin, Ireland, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, South America, Middle East, Asia, London, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom, Tokyo, Japan, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, China, Pacific Rim, Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe, etc.

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