Pine Laboratories Press Release

Posted: 06/16/2016

Pine Laboratories Registers with Contract Laboratory - The Laboratory Outsourcing Network!

Contract Laboratory is pleased to announce that Pine Laboratories has registered with it's Laboratory with ContractLaboratory.com - The Laboratory Outsourcing Network!

Pine Lab is helping our clients by providing analytical testing services with our excellent technical skills and analysis capabilities. Our specialty is on the separation and analysis of polar and ionized compounds in content of ppb levels to 100% including  
          Inorganic compounds: cations and anions
          Organic compounds: ionized, polar and nonpolar chemicals  
          Amino acid and peptides
          Other polar compounds
We excel in challenging projects which require high level knowledge of chemistry and biochemistry.  Our scientists have average 15-year experience in contract industry

About Contract Laboratory 

Founded in 2003, Contract Laboratory is the first online platform for outsourcing laboratory testing and scientific research. To date, Contract Laboratory has facilitated over 80,000 Laboratory Test Requests worth millions of dollars. It has facilitated the laboratory testing and research studies for government, military, academia and corporate clients internationally in a multitude of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, life sciences, oil and gas, defense, textiles, apparel, automotive, power and energy, environmental, agriculture, mining, aeronautical, etc.


To register your laboratory, call us at 1-855-377-6821 or visit Laboratory Registration


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