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Laboratory Profile: Zen-Bio

Zen-Bio Services :

Pharmaceutical Research, Metabolic Disease Contracts, Lipolysis, Lipid Accumulation, Inhibition of Lipid Accumulation, Glucose Uptake, Adiponectin Secretion, Adipokine Secretion o 11©¬HSD-1 Activity o NF-¥êB Activation o Fatty Acid Uptake

* Rodent Adipocyte (3T3-L1) o Lipolysis o Lipid Accumulation o Inhibition of Lipid Accumulation o Glucose Uptake

* Human Skeletal Myocyte o Glucose Uptake o Fatty Acid Oxidation

* Serum/Plasma Detection o Fatty Acid o Glycerol o Dual Fatty Acid and Glycerol

* All Cell Types o RNA Isolation o Cytotoxicity o Proliferation Gene Expression

* Cosmeceutical Research o Anti-Cellulite Compound Screening o Anti-Wrinkle Compound Screening o Total Antioxidant Activity Screening (ORAC & ABTS)

* Custom Contract Services o Custom Procurement Solutions o Contract Services Human Blood Products

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