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Laboratory Profile: WuXi AppTec, Inc.

WuXi AppTec, Inc. Services :

Bioanalytical Services, Discovery Biology Services, Discovery Chemistry Services, DMPK and ADMET Services, Pharmaceutical Development Services, Process Chemistry and Scale Up Services, Research Manufacturing Services, Controlled Environments Testing, Lot Release and Raw Materials Testing, Processed Tissue and Tissue-Based Products Testing, Biomaterials, Implantable / Injectable / Transdermal Drug Delivery, Coatings / Surface Treatments, Fusion Biologics, Analytical Services, Controlled Environments Testing, Flow Cytometry Assays, Gene Therapy Testing Services, Inactivation/Clearance Validation Studies, Lot Release and Raw Materials Testing, Microbial Identifications, Mycoplasma Testing for Biologics, Recombinant Protein / Monoclonal Antibody Biosafety Testing, Residual DNA Testing, Stability Studies - Storage and Testing Programs, Sterility Testing for Biologics, Vaccine Safety Testing Services

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