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Whitehouse Labs (Ameriglobal)

Salem Industrial Park Bldg. # 4

PO Box 405, NJ 08888 US

Whitehouse Labs (Ameriglobal) Services:

Pharmaceutical Container Testing, Medical Gas Testing, Raw Material Testing, Package Ship Testing, Label Adhesion Studies, Container Testing & Package Inspection, Monograph Testing & General Chemistry, USP / EP Gas Testing, Vacuum Decay Leak Testing, Package Ship Testing, Stability & Storage Programs, Instron Method Development & Testing
Label Adhesion Studies, Container Closure Integrity Testing
ISTA Package Testing includes:
?Fixed displacement (30mm) vibration testing
?Package Drop testing
?Dead Weight Compression testing
Container types routinely tested include:

?HDPE & LDPE, Polypropylene
?Glass Bottles, Vials and Syringes (Types I, II, III, NP)
?Plastic & Laminate Pouches
?Single Unit Dose and Unit Dose Blister Cards
?Elastomeric Closures

Container test procedures include USP, EP and JP. Common USP chapters are as follows:

?USP <661> Containers, plastics
?USP <671> Containers Performance Testing
?USP <381> Elastomeric Closures for injections
?Quality Control Visual and Dimensional Inspections

Microbiological container testing (USP <87> and USP <88>) is available through Whitehouse Labs' approved vendors.