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Vartest Laboratories offers a broad range of quality assurance programs for the physical, chemical, biological, photometric, and microscopical testing and evaluation of fibers, yarns, fabrics, apparel, contract textiles, home furnishings, safety and protective garments, commodities, finishes, pharmaceutical standards, cosmetics, and other related products. Serving many industries which are required to comply to Federal, State, and other specifications, we are approved by the CPSC as an independent Third Party Laboratory and meet all the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission for Fiber identification, care labeling etc. We perform in-house the entire protocol of tests for high visibility protective clothing listed in the American National Standard ANSI-107 & 207 documents and the European, Canadian, and Australian equivalents . A wide range of children's products such as toys, apparel, and jewelry are tested for conformity to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. We are an entirely independent, nationally and internationally accredited organization having no commercial connections with manufacturers, processors, converters, distributors, or traders. We take pride in performing high caliber tests, evaluations, and services with complete objectivity, impartiality, and confidentiality.

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