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VTEC Laboratories Inc.

212 Manida Street

Bronx, NY 10474 US

VTEC Laboratories Inc. Services:

VTEC has advanced capabilities to perform reverse-engineering of industrial and commercial products.
Fire Testing, Flammability Testing, Smoke Testing, Combustion Gas Toxicity Testing, Physical Testing, Structural Testing, Environmental Exposure, Electrical Testing, Corrosion Testing, Materials Testing, Analytical Chemistry, Thermal Analysis Testing, Identification Testing, Mechanical Testing, MSDS Testing and write ups, Methods Development, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs, Failure Analysis using Chemical and Physical Test Procedures
Chemical Analysis includes- GC/MS, FTIR, UV/VIS, GC, LC, HPLC, DSC/TGA/DTA, ICP/ DCP, XRF, SEM/TEM, Fluorescence
Fire Testing includes-ASTM E 119, UL 1709, UL 10C, UL263, ASTM E 1529 for walls, floors, doors and steel fire protection
Inspection Services - paints, coatings, construction products in-house or at site