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Laboratory Profile: Triad Forensics

Triad Forensics Services :

New Product Testing, Forensic Evidence Storage, Drug Screening and Confirmation, Drugs of Abuse Testing (DOT/Non-DOT, Trace Evidence Analysis, Fire Debris Testing, Food and Beverage Testing, Product Stability Testing (Shelf-Life), Metals Analysis & Wear Metals Testing, Potable & Non-Potable Water Analysis, Industrial Hygiene Testing, Environmental Monitoring, Air Quality Monitoring, Device Validation Studies, Microbial Examination, Fuel Examination, Biodiesel Testing, Data Interpretation Services, Compliant Method Development, Protocol Verification, Expert Witness Testimony, Quality Assurance Monitoring and Pre-Regulatory Audits for Industry, Biotech, and Pharma, Forensics Testing Assisting individuals, law enforcement, legal counsel and private investigators Arson Investigations Blood Analysis Computer Hard Drives and Deleted Material Retrieval Controlled Substances Crime Scene Re-creation DNA Testing & Paternity Drugs of Abuse Drug Testing For Individuals and Employers Fingerprint Analysis Forensics Non-Destructive Testing Forensic Photography Gun Shot Residue Microscopy Paint and Fiber Analysis Secure Forensic Storage Seized Evidence Unknown Substance I.D. Testing of Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare & Medical Industries Testing Blood Analysis DNA Analysis Drugs of Abuse Identification and Confirmation Medical Devices Testing of Pharmaceuticals

Environmental & Industrial Hygiene Testing Air Quality Monitoring Asbestos and Mold Drinking Water Farm Pesticide Run-off Industrial Waste and Run-off Local Water Source Monitoring Municipal Water Non-Potable Water Soil Content Analysis

Product Testing Baby Formula Children's Products Cosmetics Food & Beverages Imported Products Jewelry New Product Testing & Device Validation Studies Raw Food Ingredients

Industry Support & Materials Testing Asbestos & Mold I.D. Biodiesel & Fuel Additives Compliance Testing Construction Materials Industrial Waste NIOSH & OSHA Testing Trace & Wear Metals by ICPMS

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