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Laboratory Profile: Transmit Technology Group, LLC

Transmit Technology Group, LLC Services :

Visit www.transmit-technology.com for detailed list of test services we provide. Essentially, we provide several ASTM testing and failure analysis of plastics materials including mechanical testing (Tensile, flex, compression and Izod and Gardner impact properties), Physical testing (sp. gravity, Shore, Rockwell and Barcol hardness, moisture, ash content), thermal characterization (DSC, TGA), material identification (FTIR, ATR), optical and surface (Gloss, color photometry, Yellowness and whiteness index, optical microscopy, Rheology (Cone-plate, capillary, MFR, MVR), Flammability (LOI, UL), thermal stability (Oven aging), Taber Abrasion and Marr testing of plastics surfaces, testing of foams, specific gravity of powders and liquids, Heat Distortion HDT, DTUL and Vicat softening Temperatures, cold bend tests, -20, -30, -40 C cold impact tests, pH measurements, compression set, ASTM Sample specimens molding for UL, cast and blown film extrusion, single screw extrusion and mixing, twin screw compounding, Brabender batch mixing, Injection molding, compression molding, die-cutting of ASTM specimens from soft materials, formulation development and testing, process development, new product development, product failure analysis, IP development, and general consulting services related to thermoplastics, elastomers and blends.

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