International Laboratory Directories

Laboratory Profile: Toxikon Asia

Toxikon Asia Services :

Toxicology Testing Services:

*General Toxicology *PK/TK *Chronic (Repeat Dose) Studies *Immunotoxicology *Reproductive/Developmental Toxicology *Carcinogenicity *Bioanalysis *Genetic Toxicology

Biocompatibility Testing Services:

*Cytotoxicity *Sensitization *Irritation/Intracutaneous Reactivity Tests *Systemic Toxicity (Acute) *Toxicity Tests (Subacute to Chronic) *Implantation Tests *Genotoxicity *Hemocompatibility *USP Class VI Tests *Carcinogenicity *Immunotoxicity *Dermal *Ocular

Analytical Testing Services: Some of the services include:

*Elemental analysis by AA Trace, GFAA, ICP, Trace ICP, ICP/MS, CVA

*Characterization of polymers and impurities by infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy

*Degradate quantitation

*Metabolite isolation and identification


*Physicochemical Tests

*Raw Material Qualification

*Chemical Comparisons

*Residue Analysis (EO, EC, EG)

*ICH stability testing oLong term oAccelerated aging oForced degradation oPhotostability

Our experience includes:

*Raw materials *Finished products, batch sample testing and QC samples *In process analysis *Specialty chemicals *Identification of unknown compounds *Polymer fingerprinting *Molecular weight determination *Monograph testing - USP, BP, EP, JP *AOAC testing

Specialty Services: *Ocular studies

*Surgical studies

*Sponsor specific studies

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