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Laboratory Profile: Toxikon- Europe N.V.

Toxikon- Europe N.V. Services :

Pharmaceutical Testing, Medical Device Testing, Biologic Testing. FDA GLP Toxicology Testing, Pharmacokinetic Testing, PK/TK Testing, Chronic (Repeat Dose) Studies, Immunotoxicology, Reproductive/Developmental Toxicology, Carcinogenicity, Genetic Toxicology, Bioanalytical testing, Microbiology testing, Pharmacology testing, Biocompatability Testing, Cytotoxicity Testing, Sensitization Testing, Irritation/Intracutaneous Reactivity Tests, Systemic Toxicity (Acute), Toxicity (Subacute to Chronic)Implantation Tests, Genotoxicity, Hemocompatibility, USP Class VI Tests, Carcinogenicity, Immunotoxicity, Dermal Toxicology Testing, Ocular Toxicology Testing, Finished products, batch sample testing and QC samples, In process analysis, Specialty chemicals Identification of unknown compounds, Polymer fingerprinting, Monograph testing - USP, BP, EP, JP, AOAC testing, Analytical Testing, Elemental analysis, Characterization of polymers and impurities by infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, Degradate quantitation, Impurity Analysis, Compendial Tests (E.P, USP, J.P), Extractables/Leachables, Physicochemical Tests, Raw Material Qualification, Chemical Comparisons, Residue Analysis, ICH stability testing, Long term Stability Testing, Accelerated aging Stability Testing, Forced degradation Testing

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