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Laboratory Profile: Tox Monitor/BSR Inc

Tox Monitor/BSR Inc Services :

Preclinical Toxicology Research and Toxicology Testing:EPA, OPPTS and OECD Toxicology studies performed in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices include: Ocular Irritation Dermal Irritation Acute Dermal Toxicity Acute Oral Toxicity and EPA OPP rodent bait efficacy Acute Inhalation Toxicity Skin Sensitization (Buehler or Maximization)

Areas of speciality include Repeat Vaginal Irritation studies for anti-STD products, Repeat Dose Canine Studies by various dosing routes, and most recently Chronic Dermal Toxicity Studies utilizing the new Ellegaard mini-pig. This new mini-pig species is excellent for topical studies because of their docility, small size at maturity, and non-pigmented skin.

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