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TUV Rheinland India Pvt Ltd.

27/B, 2nd Cross Road, Electonic city Phase I, Bengaluru -560100

Bangalore, Karnataka 560019 IN

TUV Rheinland India Pvt Ltd. Services:

Materials Testing and Inspection:
Scanning Electron Microscope analysis
Cross Section Analysis of PCB's
Charpy Impact Test
Computed Radiography
Hardness Testing
Maintenance and Materials Testing
Material Fatigue Testing
Tensile Strength Test
Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Visual Inspection

Chemical Audits/Extract of Harmful Substances Audit

Prohibited Azo dyes
Pentachlorophenol, PCP
Nickel in metal parts
Cadmium in plastic textiles
Allergenic disperse dyes
Organotin chemistry, Tributyltin hydride
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PAK
REACH Testing , REACH Registration and Pre-Registration
Physical Textile Audits/Extract of Quality Assurance Tests

Audit to check if textile is rub-proof, waterproof, wash proof, sweat resistant, iron proof, dry-clean resistant, seawater resistant, chlorine water resistant
Light resistant
Pulling and stretching tests, rip-proof
Alteration, seam turns
Pilling behavior, shower proof
Fiber compound
Zipper tests
You can find a complete index of services in the download section.

Extract of Certification and Test marks

Tested against harmful substances
Allergy-tested, suitable for dust mite allergy
Quality assurance check
UV- protection audit

Microbiological and Chemical Analyses

Microbiological Tests
Determination of germ content in foods
Selective detection of spoilage
Selective detection of pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella, listeria, legionella, bacillus cereus, staphylococci, pseudomonas, or clostridia perfringens
Identification of yeasts and molds
Microbial differentiation
Rapid microbiology hygiene methods of ATP measurement
Contract research and development activities
Inspection of counter- and duplicate samples
Inspection of drinking water in accordance with drinking water regulation requirements
Chemical Tests
Nutrient analysis of water, fat, protein, ash, dietary fiber
Carbohydrates, such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose, or starch
Minerals and trace elements
Additives, such as preservatives or dyes
Contaminants and residues, such as heavy metals
Product monitoring
Independent sampling and testing as part of an annual sampling plan, jointly adopted

Hygiene inspection on-site in line with the agreed schedule
Assessment of operational and personal hygiene in accordance with food hygiene regulations (Lebensmittelhygiene-Verordnung, LMHV)
Monitoring of environmental conditions, such as temperature readings, humidity, and air microbial count
Review of self-regulatory systems

Our specialists can advise on all issues - for example, if you wish to apply for subsidies from state funds.

Analysis of Toxins

Azo dyes and coloring agents
Pentachlorophenol (PCP)
Chrome VI
Allergenic dyes or colorants
Heavy metals
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PAH
Organotin chemistry, Tributyltin hydride