Laboratory Profile: Sure-BioChem Laboratories LLC

Sure-BioChem Laboratories LLC Services :

SBL is capable of handling the most demanding of projects, large or small, including those requiring a quick turnaround.  

Our microbiological/chemistry testing services include: 
- Optical Rotation Polarimetry 
- Screening for specific microorganisms
- Sterility testing
- HPLC analysis
- Rapid detection method of bacterial endotoxins 
- FTIR analysis
- Sodium concentration measurement
- Rapid detection of pathogenic organisms  
- Complete turn key offerings for environmental monitoring of air, water and surface samples
- Examination of drinking water samples
- UV/VIS spectrometry
- Identification of microorganisms
- Moisture Analysis
- Testing and certification of all classifications of ISO cleanrooms and anterooms including particle counting,
   HEPA filter integrity, airflow volume/velocity, room pressurization, temperature and humidity monitoring  
- Antimicrobial efficacy
- Webinar Trainings on Cleanroom Practices, Data Integrity, Microbiology, Environmental Monitoring, Failure Investigations and  Quality Events
- Consultation Services


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Camden, NJ