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Laboratory Profile: Shiva Analyticals (India) Private

Shiva Analyticals (India) Private Services :

Geochemical, Food, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Petroleum, Environmental, RoHS, REACH, Industrial hygiene, Plastics and polymers, Materials, Estimation of Gold in ppm and ppb levels using Fire assay Platinum group elements in ppb Base metals, Trace and rare earth elements, Major oxides for minerals of Iron Ore, Limestone, Bauxite, Manganese Ore, Chromite, Columbite,Material composition and identification; trace element analysis Evaluation of microscopic product features Detection of flaws and discontinuities Susceptibility to corrosion Thermal properties of polymers such as Tm and Tg RoHS, Metallurgical Analysis, Corrosion Testing, Raw materials, Confectionaries and Packed food for Chemical analysis (Proximate and complete analysis,Energy values etc.) Physico-chemical Properties (Melting point, boiling point, Solubility, Viscosity etc.) Complete Vitamins analysis in various matrices like Juice, Jam, Jelly etc Naturally occurring toxic substances(NOTS) in food Organoleptic Evaluation (Appearance, Taste, Odour, Color) Shelf life studies as per ICH guidelins/customer requirements Leaching studies for finished/packaged products Fat Composition and cholesterol analysis of oils Pesticide and Antibiotic residues in agricultural products and Sea foods Heavy metals, Preservatives, Dyes n Colours, Aflatoxins in all products Beverages for testing pH, Ethanol, Specific gravity etc Advanced analytical testing instrumentation(HPLC, LC-MSMS, GC-MSMS etc) Microbiological Evaluation (safety assessment, antimicrobial preservative effectiveness) Drinking water analysis as per the IS: 10500 Evaluation of drinking water as per WHO and EU norms Packaged drinking water as per the IS : 14543 Packaged natural mineral water as per IS : 13428-2005 Analysis of water for Food Industry as per IS: 4251 Analysis of swimming pool water as per IS: 3328 Industrial Hygiene practices which include Lux monitoring, dust level monitoring and work zone monitoring for various chemical constituents Evaluation of air in the work zone for VOC and acid mist etc Indoor hygiene study Environmental data generation for EIA Stack emission monitoring as per the CPCB and KSPCB norms Compressed air analysis as per IS: 8573 Breathing air quality monitoring as per IS : 9623 Noise level measurement for Generator sets as per EPA Ambient Air quality monitoring as per National Ambient Air Quality Standards ( NAAQS) LPG , natural gas and Biomass gas analysis Purity of compressed N2, O2 and CO2 gas cylinders Airborne particle sampling to monitor the effectiveness of air filtration & dust control measures. Clean room validation Total Bioburden count (Total Bacterial , Yeast & Mould count) Anaerobic bacterial count Surface (Swab) monitoring for Bioburden count Legionella using kits Escherichia coli Staphylococcus. aureus

Plot No: 24D(P) & 34D

Bangalore, 562 114 IN