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Park Life Science

30-348 Krakow, PL

Selvita Services:

Computational Chemistry * Medicinal Chemistry * Contract Synthesis * Analytical * Cell Culture and Molecular Biology * Biochemistry

Selvita has experience in several areas of life sciences, and offers the following types of services: Integrated drug discovery projects (in silico modeling, synthesis of a target-focused library, lead-optimization and preclinical development) * Advanced protein modeling solutions (based on our proprietary protein modeling platform, as well as services in computational chemistry) * Custom synthesis (planning and optimization of synthetic routes of organic substances, process optimization and scale-up, prediction of metabolic paths and substance toxicology profiles) * REACH services * Analytical services for pharma (development, validation and verification of analytical methods; cleaning validation; evaluation of API suppliers; detection of residual solvents; evaluation of pharmaceutical availability; impurity profile determination) * Comperative studies of biosimilar medicinal products (according to EMA guidelines) * Pharmacology and toxicology studies (in vitro cytotoxicity assays - MTT, MTS, LDH, BrdU; cytometric analysis of apoptosis and necrosis; cytometric analysis of cell cycle inhibition) * Farmacodynamic studies (radioligand binding assays, cell-based assays, biomarkers analysis, signal transduction analysis, in vitro kinase assays, cellular second messengers production measurement, characterization of drug-drug and drug-NCE interaction) * ADME studies (Solubility testing; Permeability analysis - PAMPA; Metabolite profiling; Plasma binding; CYP inhibition; Genotoxicity tests - AMES and Micronucleus assay) * Phototoxity studies (according to OECD 432 guideline) * Production of recombinant proteins for research purposes * Biochemical analysis of proteins (Electrophoretic pattern, Liquid chromatography services; MS analysis - peptide mapping; amino acid analysis; sequencing of proteins and peptides; analysis of CD spectra; ELISA tests) * Crystalography