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Royal Life Sciences


Secundrabad, Telangana 500 026 IN

Royal Life Sciences Services:

Microbiology Testing, Microbial Analysis, Biochemical Characterization Testing, PLFA Analysis(Soil or sediments):Fatty Acid in Soil, SEM Scanning Electron Microscope, Complete processing and photography, Viable biomass, Microbial community composition, Metabolic status Research Services:

Isolation & Purification of enzymes / proteins.
Enzymes kinetic study.
Quantification of Proteins.
HPLC Analysis.
Cell Separation and Enzyme Purification.

Nucleic acid extraction & Sequencing.
PCR amplification & Product Purification.
Fatty acid profiling of microbes.
Research Paper publication.

Genotypic Services:

Nucleic acid (DNA & RNA), Protein extraction & Sequencing.
Gene Expression studies.
16S and 28S rDNA gene sequencing.
Microscopic fungal Identification.
Laser Capture Micro dissection.
DNA Sequence and phylogenetic evaluation of microbes.
Gene Cloning.
Si RNA Designing.
Analysis of genomic, proteomic and SNP data.
Toxico genomic profiling.
Comprehensive understanding of molecular mechanisms of genes linked to human diseases.
Microarray Technology.
Gene targets and potential biomarker discovery.
SNP genotyping.
GC Content Analysis.
PCR Amplification.
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.

Phenotypic Services:

FAME analysis for microbial Identification.
PLFA for biomass estimation.
Determination of Bacterial Growth Kinetics.
Microscopic morphology.
Gram staining.
Simple staining.
Acid - fast staining.

Hanging experiment for motility.
Endospore staining.
Biochemical test for identification of Gram negative/positive Organism.
Microbial Assay.


Client specific concentration estimation from different samples by HPLC and other methodologies (Peptide estimation, Vitamin estimation etc.)
Toxicity Studies (ADME Prediction).
Data Mining.
Vaccine Screening
Drug targeting and stability studies.
Proteome/Transcriptome analysis.
Phylogenetic Analysis and creation of Phylogenetic trees.
Biological database development/Maintenance.
Homology Modeling.
Protein Sequence & Structure Analysis
Medical Content Development.
Preparation of Glycerol stocks.
Viable Cell Count.
Microscopic Techniques.
Serial Dilution Techniques for viable Cell Count.
Probiotic Strain Assay.
Determination of BOD, COD and DO in Effluent water.
Fatty Acid Analysis for compounds (Soil / Milk / Oil)
Quantitative Fatty Acid profiling of organic compounds including Algae and other Bio fuels