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Laboratory Profile: Ramboll Finland Ltd.

Ramboll Finland Ltd. Services :

Water samples Laboratory offers wide variety of water analyses and investigations related to drinking, household, ground, surface, swimming, purified, dialysis and waste water.

Contaminated soils and sediments

Waste material Leaching tests and refuels analyses

Materials Laboratory is able to analyze various hazardous compounds like PCB, PAH, lead and residues from building and packing materials and hygienic products.

REACH and chemical safety The laboratory offers advice and assistance with problems and questions related to REACH-regulation. We offer testing services of physical-chemical and ecotoxicological investigations required from the chemical suppliers by the REACH-regulation. We are able to assist clients in all issues connected to chemical use and safety, e.g. compile and update material safety data sheets to meet the requirements of chemical legislation.

Industry and power plants To the process and power plant industry we offer a great variety of chemical analyses and measurements from e.g. process waters, fuel materials, by-products, combustion flue gases.

Emission measurements We carry out emission measurements for industry: calibration measurements of the CEMs (QAL2 and AST), emission measurements according to the waste incineration directive (2000/76/EC, measurements of volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOC), guarantee measurements of the flue gas cleaning systems, consultation on the purchase of emission measurement systems and audits on emission measurements and calculations.

Audits Quality and cost efficiency audits for laboratories

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