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Pre-Clinical Contract Services Laboratory

GBPUAT, District, Udham Singh Nagar

Uttarakhand, 263145 IN

Pre-Clinical Contract Services Laboratory Services:

Pharmaceutical Preclinical In-Vitro and In vivo Testing Services

In Vivo Services

We have animal models to evaluate:

- Safety and Efficacy of medical device (Cardiovascular,Urology, Anesthesia/Respiratory, Ocular, Surgical)
- Acute and chronic inflammation
- Drug toxicity
- Infectious diseases
- Dermatology

Some of the specialized animal models we have developed in the past include hemodialysis model (rabbit and sheep), and urinary model (rabbit, sheep and goat), both for studying catheter associated infections and thrombosis. Our surgical suites are well equipped to support long term studies requiring ICU set-up; one such example is a dog model to study ventilator associated pneumonia due to long term endotracheal tube placement.

For timely completion of animal studies we have the following on-site laboratory services:

- Histopathology
- Hematology
- Biochemistry
- Physiology
- Microbiology

In vitro Testing Services

- Microbiology Tests for antibiotic/antimicrobial drugs

- Determination of the Minimum inhibitory/Bactericidal Concentration (MIC/MBC)of a drug

- Determination of Minimum Bacterial Eradication Concentration (MBEC for eradication of pre-formed biofilm

- Zone of Inhibition (ZOI)

- Time to Kill (TTK) planktonic organisms, or Time to eradicate pre-formed biofilm

- Determination of Fractional Inhibitory Concentration (FIC), test of combination of two or more antimicrobial drugs

- Hemocompatibility Testing of blood contacting devices (ISO standard 10993)

- Thrombosis

- Coagulation

- Platelet function

- Hemolysis

- Cytoxicity Testing (ISO Standard 10993-5)