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Laboratory Profile: Particle Analytical ApS

Particle Analytical ApS Services :

Particle Analysis, Particle Testing, Laser diffraction (particle size distribution on volume basis), NEW Dynamic Light Scattering, (particle size distribution of stable emulsions and suspensions in the range 0.6 nm to 6 µm), Microscopy and digital image analysis, (particle size distribution on number basis and shape analysis), Scanning electron microscopy / EDX (particle shape, crystal shape, surface morphology, elemental analysis), Gasadsorption (BET) (total specific surface area), NEW Differential Scanning Calorimetry (thermal analysis, e.g. phase shift), Air permeability (surface area active in dissolution processes), Helium pycnometry ("true" density), NEW Mercury porosimetry (Pore size distribution), Apparent volume (poured and tapped density), Flowability (ability to flow vertically), Rotary sample divider (division of free flowing samples)

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Hørsholm , Dk-2970 DK