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OnSpex, a CSA International Group Company

178 Rexdale Boulevard

Toronto, ON M9W1R3 CA

OnSpex, a CSA International Group Company Services:

Acoustic chambers
 "As advertised" evaluations
 Automated cycle testing
 Certification verifications
 Corrosion testing
 Destructive testing
 Dielectric testing
 Durability testing
 Dust generation chambers
 Electronic evaluations
 Energy StarĀ® appraisals
 Explosion resistance testing
 Flammability testing
 Flow analysis
 Gas products evaluations
 Heavy metals analysis
 Impact testing
 ISTA transit testing
 Label reviews
 Performance testing of personal protective equipment
 Plumbing products evaluations
 Rain chamber tests
 Reliability and performance testing
 Strength of materials testing
 Torque and tension testing
 Toxicological testing
 Walk-in environmental chambers
 Water quality analysis
 Wear resistance testing
 Weatherability testing
 Wind tunnel exposure testing

Certification verification search and/or testing
 Data management
 Design analysis
 GMP audits
 On-site testing at vendor facility
 Product return/analysis
 Product and factory inspections, globally
 Product safety analysis
 Product performance testing and evaluation
 Protocol development
 Real time access to all deliverables
 Social accountability audits
 Testing program management
 Trend analysis
 Vendor qualification