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Laboratory Profile: Nova Biologicals, Inc.

Nova Biologicals, Inc. Services :

Non-GLP and FDA GLP Microbiology Testing including but not limited to: Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (Anaerobic MICs also available) Minimal Bactericidal Concentration Kill-Time Testing AOAC Disinfectant Efficacy Testing Antibacterial/Anti-Yeast/Antifungal Efficacy Bacteria, Yeast, & Mold Susceptibility to Novel Antibiotic Compounds Bioburden including recovery testing Drug Susceptibility Testing (including MRSA and VRE) Screening and Characterization of Clinical Isolates Bacterial Capsule Formation Endotoxin/LAL Testing (Gel Clot, Turbidimetric, Kinetic Chromogenic) Sterility Sporicidal Testing Tuberculocidal Testing

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Conroe, TX 77301 US