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Millennium Research Labs Services:

Millennium Research Laboratories (MRL), Inc. provides a wide range of analytical and testing services. We can perform cGMP compliant analyses using a variety of analytical techniques including FT-IR, NMR, SEM/EDXA, DSC, GC, LC, HPLC and Direct Probe MS. Stability indicating assays for API's and drug products. Analytical Services
Stability indicating assays for API's and drug products
Impurity assays
Product release testing methods
Dissolution methods
Cleaning validation analysis (specific and non-specific methods)
Extractable and leachable assays
Bioanalytical Services

MRL has fully validated bioanalytical methods to isolate desired products from all types of tissues and body fluids.
Chemistry Services

At MRL, analytical chemistry services are the cornerstone of our quality control testing capabilities.
Stability Storage & Testing Services

Stability testing for national and international regulatory submissions for new products and API's
Stability testing for commercial product stability programs
Experience in testing virtually all types of formulations, including aerosols
Stability chambers accommodate all ICH conditions
Formulations Development

Pre-formulation solubility and stability evaluations
Comprehensive excipient screening
Prototype development
Formulation optimization and finalization
Supporting documentation and data package