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Midwest Research Institute

425 Volker Boulevard

Kansas City, MO 64110-2241 US

Midwest Research Institute Services:

GLP, cGMP, AAALAC and USDA accredited animal facility, CDC inspected BSL2/3+ and animal BSL2/3+, NRC license, DEA Sch 1-5 controlled substance, FDA Drug establishment, CDC select agents, USDA APHIS multiple permits, Army Bailment for chem agents. ISO 9001:2008. ISO 17025 Forensic Biology, CLIA accreditation,

For nearly 60 years, MRI has provided the U.S. Government and the defense industry with technology solutions in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) fields to help protect lives on our shores, on the battlefield, and wherever national interests are threatened.

MRI's chemists, biologists, engineers, and systems integration specialists leverage their cross-disciplinary expertise and state-of-the art facilities to provide clients with comprehensive CBRNE-related solutions-from research and development to test and evaluation to program operations and maintenance.


With decades of energy experience, MRI knows the critical challenges of energy can be solved through the ingenuity and innovations of research and collaboration. MRI offers a full portfolio of services in renewable, alternative and fossil energy arenas and in energy-efficient technologies.

Life Sciences:

Through decades of research, development, diagnostic and consulting services in the life sciences, MRI has earned a distinguished reputation for innovation and scientific leadership in improving and protecting human and animal health.

MRI scientists are internationally recognized experts in the many diverse areas of life sciences, including virology, microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, toxicology, and bioinformatics. They manage projects and programs that include therapeutics, vaccines, pharmaceutical product development, microbial forensics, and animal health care. They deliver results for clients-on time and within budget.


Midwest Research Institute has an outstanding history in environmental leadership and stewardship.

MRI scientists, engineers, and analysts focus on delivering solutions for complex, evolving environmental challenges-managing and protecting natural resources, land, water, and air.

Agriculture & Food Safety:

Midwest Research Institute plays a critical role in protecting water and food, cultivating and optimizing crops, and improving processes for food and biomass energy production.

MRI's work focuses on developing abundant and safe food and energy supplies, while protecting natural resources. MRI's comprehensive scientific expertise incorporates chemistry, microbiology, virology, agronomy, engineering and data analytics to address global issues in agriculture and food safety.


MRI is a leader in evaluating highway geometric design elements and translating those results into practical geometric design policies. MRI evaluates traffic operations and safety for two-lane and multilane highway improvements and assesses truck operations and safety.

MRI's research contributes to safe, practical, and cost-effective solutions to highway design challenges.