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Microchem Laboratories Inc.

1107-C South Airport Circle

Euless, TX 76040 US

Microchem Laboratories Inc. Services:

Microbiology Testing, Chemistry Testing, EPA Testing, AOAC Testing, EPA Hard Surface Disinfection Testing, Chemical Stability Study (Shelf-Life), EPA Re-Use Test (Stress Test, AOAC Sporicidal Activity of Disinfectants Test 966.04, Confirmatory AOAC Sporicidal Test, Quantitative Tuberculocidal Rate of Kill Test with Mycobacterium terrae or Mycobacterium bovis var. BCG (Ascenzi et. al., 1987), AOAC Fungicidal Activity of Disinfectants with Trichophyton mentagrophytes 955.17, AOAC Use Dilution Test with Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (955.14, 955.15, 964.02), Simulated Use Test for High-Level Disinfectants with Mycobacterium terrae, Simulated Use Test for High-Level Disinfectants with Bacillus subtilis, Clinical In-Use Test for High-Level Disinfectants, Residue Study, Materials Compatibility Study, Testing of Chemical Indicators for Liquid Chemical Germicides, EPA Carpet Sanitizer Study, EPA Pure Culture Technique for Evaluating Algaecides, EPA Simulated Swimming Pool Algaecide Test, EPA Mildew Fungicidal Test, EPA Mildew Fungistatic Test, Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, Lag of Regrowth, Antimicrobial Preservative Effectiveness (APE) Test, Toothbrush Sanitizer Test, Toilet Bowl Cleanser Test, Chamber Study for Aerosol Sanitizer, Bacteriostatic Activity of a Fabric, Evaluation of Medical Waste Disposal Systems, Bactericidal Activity of a Surface, Disinfection of Whirlpool Bathtubs, Food Sanitizer Test, Air Sanitizer Test, Shoe Sanitizer Test, Disinfection of Environmental Microbes on Surfaces, Vapor Studies, Suspension Rate of Kill Test (Time Kill Test), Bisulfite-Addition Titrimetric Analysis of Glutaraldehyde, Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride Analysis of Glutaraldehyde, Spectroscopic Analysis of Trace Levels of Glutaraldehyde, Chlorine Concentration Analysis: Iodometric Method I , Analysis of Total Chlorine Dioxide Spectrophotometric Determination of Free Chlorine Dioxide, Bromine Analysis, EDTA Titrimetric Analysis of Hard Water, Peracetic Acid Analysis, Hydrogen Peroxide Analysis, Quanti-Pro BCA Protein Assay, TMB Hemoglobin Assay, Phenol-Sulfuric Acid Assay for Hexoses and Pentoses