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Microbiotest, Inc.

105B Carpenter Drive

Sterling, VA 20164 US

Microbiotest, Inc. Services:

MicrobiologyTesting, Hard Surface Disinfection, Hard Surface Sanitization, Other Disinfectant/Efficacy Tests, Viral Clearance, Disinfectant Validation, Contact Lens Regimens, Topical Antiseptics
High-Level Disinfectants/Liquid Chemical Sterilants,Treated Fabrics, Biofilms, International Test Methods,AOAC Use Dilution (Liquid Disinfectants), AOAC Germicidal Spray
AOAC Fungicidal Activity, AOAC Tuberculocidal Activity,AOAC Sporicidal Activity, Virucidal Efficacy Test
Virucidal Surrogate Efficacy Test (initial and
confirmatory), EPA Pre-Saturated Towelettes Test, EPA Quantitative Tuberculocidal Activity,Food Contact Surfaces
Non-Food Contact Surfaces, Customized Viral clearance evaluation for biopharmaceutical purification processes, Dedicated Viral Clearance process lab, Column re-use and sanitization studies,Validation of biopharmaceutical cleaning procedure for virus elimination,Biomedical material cleaning/disinfection studies,Viral storage stability studies, Sanitizing Efficacy of Fabrics,
EPA Laundry Additives Disinfectant or Sanitizer Test
Virucidal Efficacy of Laundry Additives,Swimming Pool Water Disinfectants Testing, Carpet Sanitizers Testing,Water Purifiers Testing, Air Sanitizers Testing