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Laboratory Profile: Maxxam Analytics Inc.

Maxxam Analytics Inc. Services :

FDA, GMP Pharmaceutical Analysis, Elemental Analysis by ICP-MS, Metal Testing by by ICP-MS, LC-ICPMS, Laser ablation-ICPMS, Leachables and extractables, Material science testing, GLP Bioanalysis, Drug Discovery Support, Method Development & Validation, Pharmacokinetic & Bioequivalence Studies, Forensic Equine Drug Testing, Early drug discovery, Toxicokinetic studies in animals.Pharmacokinetic studies, Bioequivalence studies, Drug-drug interaction and therapeutic drug monitoring clinical trials in humans Environmental testing, Food residue analysis, Food labelling testing, Industrial hygeine, Microbiology Physical-chemical characterization of new chemicals, GLP Ecotoxicology/EcoFATE, Pharmaceuticals in the environment Acid-rock drainage, Forensic equine drug testing

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