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Laboratory Profile: Labor L+S AG

Labor L+S AG Services :

Microbiological quality tests on medicinal products, cosmetics, animal feedingstuffs, and foods, in accordance with relevant specifications (pharmacopoeias, § 64 LFBG (Food and Feeding Stuff Codes, Germany) etc., or other specifications, Biological safety tests in accordance with Ph. Eur. /USP and other specifications (pyrogens, LAL, abnormal toxicity, systemic toxicity, haemolysis etc.) Identification of bacteria and fungi, Insulin assay according to USP, Microbiol./biol. assays (antibiotics, vitamins, heparins), Expert reports on disinfectants, Services relating to industrial hygiene including hospital hygiene, Cytotoxicology, phototoxicology , Microbiological tests on water and environmental samples, Clinical microbiology (human medicine), Intestinal and vaginal micro-ecology and specific clinical-chemistry tests (human medicine; Enterosan?, Vagicheck®), Seminars and training courses (e.g. in cooperation with CONCEPT, Heidelberg), Molecular biology tests, Chemical-physical analysis in the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

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