Laboratory Profile: LLC Laboratories Inc.

LLC Laboratories Inc. Services :

Analytical Techniques The quality system of LLC Laboratories complies with the current cGMP requirements. HPLC Ion Chromatograph (IC) GC UV-Vis spectrophotometer FTIR NIR Dissolution apparatus 1, 2 & 7 ICP-MS Franz Cell Microscope KF titrator Conductivity meter pH meter Viscometer Melting point meter Sieve for particle size analysis pycnometer Refractomer USP Disintegration Tester Friabilator Tablet Hardness tester Polarimeter Wet chemistry analysis instrument Millipore water system Analytical balance Micro analytical balance Vacuum pump High precision water bath Water bath Regular ovens Vacuum oven Refrigerated centrifuge High speed centrifuge Sonicator Homogenizers Sufficient mixers, vortexors Hot plates Filtration devices Stability chambers Refrigerator for stability usage Muffle furnace Enclosure with HEPA filter for specialty samples Lab with HEPA filter for specialty testing

Trace Metals and Element Analyses/Procedure USP General Chapter <231>, <232>, <233> for pharmaceutical products and <2232> for dietary supplements require to test heavy metal and element impurity and elemental contaminants. Trace metals analysis service to support clients involved in drug development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, chemicals, biocides, contamination testing and others.

Trace metals testing is a routine activity in our cGMP analytical laboratory. Pharmacopeia methods <231>, <233> and <2232> or clients specific methods services are available. LLC Laboratories can provide inductively Couples Plasma (ICP) with Mass Spectrometry detection metals analysis services including heavy metals testing and elemental analysis. In addition, LLC Laboratories offers elemental analysis for other industries as well.

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