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Laboratory Profile: Inspectorate

Inspectorate Services :

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Services Gasoline Testing to ASTM, IP & EN 288 Standards Cargo Treatment Diesel Testing Jet Fuel Testing Shale Gas Analysis Cetane Testing Fuel Testing Fuel Oil Testing Crude Oil Testing Gasoline Testing Motor Fuels Testing Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

Gasoline Testing can be run to ASTM and IP standards and in the EU to the EN 228 specification. Fuel contamination issues can be tested and gasoline analysed for oxygenates such as ethanol or MTBE. Inspectorate also test and inspect blended gasoline and fuel grade ethanol.


- Oil and Lubricant Analysis - Maintenance Management - Marine Lubricants Quality Scanning - Ferrography Testing - Wear Metals Testing OILS AND LUBRICANTS TESTED

- Air Compressor fluids - Gas-motor, Compressor Fluid - Refrigeration Compressor Fluids - Electrical Oils - Diesel Engine Lubricants - Power Generator Lubricants - Petrol, Gasoline Engine Fluids - Gearbox Oils - Heat Treatment Fluids, Heat Transfer Fluid - Hydraulic Oils - Turbine Steam, Gas Fluid - Transformer Oil Testing - Jet Engine OCM Testing - Gas Turbine Generator Lubricant Testing - Exploration and Production Used Lubricant Analysis

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