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IBR Inc., Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research

Lauchefeld 31

Matzingen, CH-9548 CH

IBR Inc., Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research Services:

Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery, Preclinical Research and Development Testing, Clinical Research and Development Testing, Pharmaceutical analytics, Bioanalytics, Cell-based assay development, Immune functions, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical analytics, Immunology, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology
Method Development, Validation, Sample Analysis, Biomarker, Biomarker expression (RNA/Protein) in fluids, tissue sections, biopsies, Biomarker induction by cytokines, Cell Based Assays, Development and GLP validation of assays for analysing the influence of Biologics or Small Molecules on cells (e.g. cell proliferation, migration, adhesion, biomarker expression), Recombinant cytokines: Determination of bioactivity, Vaccines T-cell immune response after vaccination, B-cell immune response after vaccination, Clinical studies: Cellular and humeral immunology and functional in vitro tests, Activation of innate immune system, human PBMCs (isolation, proliferation, cytotoxicity, phenotyping, cytokine release, gene expression), Proprietary method to cover the New Draft FDA guideline on quantitation of residual DNA (>200bp) according to size in final vaccine drug products and procedural samples, PK/ADA, Analysis of Biologics (antibodies, proteins) in animal and human samples (Method Development, Validation, Sample Analysis) according to GLP Anti-Drug-Antibody Assays in animal and human samples (Method Development, Validation, Sample Analysis) according to GLP, Neutralising Antibodies testing,In vitro bioequivalence studies according to Draft FDA guidelines for phosphate and bile acid adsorbents (proprietary 96 well plate assays replacing analytical determination, Enzymes, Hemolytic assay, Coagulation assays, Complement assays: CH50, different complement ELISAs (human, rat, mouse), Enzyme activities: e.g. PLA, serine protease, elastase, peroxidase, Host Cell Proteins, Generic and Host Cell Specific ELISA: Method Development, Validation, Sample Analysis, 2 D Gel Western blot