International Laboratory Directories

Laboratory Profile: MTE / GlobalTox

MTE / GlobalTox Services :

Structural Engineering Industrial Commercial and Institutional Buildings Multi-Storey Residential Buildings Agricultural & Industrial Structures Cold Form Steel Structures

Building Health Sciences Asbestos and Mould: Audits and Management Programs Designated Substance Surveys Indoor Air Quality Assessments LEED Air Test (EQ Credit 3.2) Construction Related Infection Control Training Programs & Respiratory Fit Testing Database Management

Water Resources Management Master Drainage Plans Watershed Studies Stormwater Management Drinking Water Treatment Studies Source Water Protection Studies Hydrogeological Investigations Ministry of Environment Water Taking Permits Floodplain Mapping Hydraulic Analysis Nutrient Management Plans

Ecological Environmental Impact Studies Aquatic Habitat Assessments Terrestrial Habitat Assessments Tree Inventory & Preservation Plans Impact Mitigation Plans

Water / Wastewater Engineering Pumping Stations Wells and Reservoirs Treatment Plants Water Distribution Modelling

Municipal Infrastructure Class Environmental Assessments Roads & Corridors Bridge & Culverts Modern Roundabouts Municipal Facilities and Utilities

Residential & Commercial Development Feasibility Studies & Detailed Engineering Servicing, Grading & Drainage Stormwater Management Water Distribution Modelling Noise Studies & Abatement Utility & Infrastructure Coordination Agency Approvals and Permitting

Construction Services Tendering Site Supervision & Inspection Contract Administration Post Construction Services

Geomatics / Land Surveying Engineering Topographic Surveys Construction Layout Deformation Monitoring Ontario Land Surveying (OLS)

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