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Genemarkers LLC

4280 Commercial Ave.

Portage, MI 49002 US

Genemarkers LLC Services:

Technology Platforms
We use Affymetrix and Applied Biosystem's Taqman platforms, gold standards in gene expression and genotyping technologies. We use the Applied Biosystems' 7900HT system that can accommodate 96 well, 384 well or TLDA formats. We will help design custom arrays using Applied Biosystem's Taqman predesigned assays or can help create custom Taqman primers and probes. Microarrays and/or Taqman assays are available for over 30 organisms.

Data Analysis
As research scientists with diverse experience, we can assist with an appropriate project-specific data analysis. Genomics data analysis is often not straight-forward and involves using differential statistical tests, depending on the experimental design and the objectives of the study. We analyze data using GeneSpring software and biological pathway analyses to understand how genomic changes relate to changes in biological functions.

* Nucleic acid isolation
* Gene expression profiling
* microRNA expression profiling
* Genotyping
* Bioinformatics/pathway analysis
* Statistical data analysis
* Publication quality data

Genemarkers ensures competitive pricing and fast, reliable service. Please contact us to discuss your project and to determine pricing. Project costs are negotiated based on project size and the degree of service.