International Laboratory Directories

Laboratory Profile: Gateway Analytical, LLC.

Gateway Analytical, LLC. Services :

* Animal Hair Examination * Biological Stain Visualization * Condom Lubricant Trace Analysis * Fracture Examination and Matching * Glass Examination * Human Hair Examination and Comparison * Lamp Examination * Paint Examination * Synthetic and Natural Fiber Examination and Comparison * Tape Examination * Trace Evidence Examination * Unknown Materials Characterization * Insurance and Accident Investigations o Airbags o Hit-and-Run Accidents o False Insurance Claims o Lamps (On/Off Impact Determination) o Driver/Passenger Location Discrepancies o Seatbelts * Bloodstain Visualization * Gunpowder Visualization * Ink Characterization and Comparison * Latent Fingerprint Visualization * Crime Scene Processing * Criminal and Civil Case Review * Grant Proposal Writing * Instrument Testing and Evaluation * Technical Paper Writing * Technology Transfer * Contamination Testing * Defect Analysis * Failure Analysis * Industrial Forensic Testing * Materials Testing * Metals Testing * Particulate Testing * Quality Control Testing of Materials and Products * Reverse Engineering * Intellectual Property Support * Legal Consult * Regulatory Guidance * Failure Investigations * OOS Investigations * Non-conformance Investigations * Counterfeit Investigation * Foreign Particulate Matter Identification * Particle Contamination Characterization * Product Return Analysis * Source Determination * Content and Blend Uniformity * Characterization and Identification of Polymorphs in Drug Products * In Vitro Particle Characterization o Ingredient-Specific Particle Size Distribution o Ingredient-specific Particle Shape o Particle Interaction o Aggregation and Agglomeration Studies * Study of Controlled Release Systems o In Vitro Ingredient-Specific Particle Size o Content Uniformity o Layer Thickness o Drug Migration o Polymorph Analysis * Particle sizing * Raw Materials Testing * USP Testing

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