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Gateway Analytical, LLC.

4156 Kenneth Drive

Gibsonia, PA 15044 US

Gateway Analytical, LLC. Services:

* Animal Hair Examination
* Biological Stain Visualization
* Condom Lubricant Trace Analysis
* Fracture Examination and Matching
* Glass Examination
* Human Hair Examination and Comparison
* Lamp Examination
* Paint Examination
* Synthetic and Natural Fiber Examination and Comparison
* Tape Examination
* Trace Evidence Examination
* Unknown Materials Characterization
* Insurance and Accident Investigations
o Airbags
o Hit-and-Run Accidents
o False Insurance Claims
o Lamps (On/Off Impact Determination)
o Driver/Passenger Location Discrepancies
o Seatbelts
* Bloodstain Visualization
* Gunpowder Visualization
* Ink Characterization and Comparison
* Latent Fingerprint Visualization
* Crime Scene Processing
* Criminal and Civil Case Review
* Grant Proposal Writing
* Instrument Testing and Evaluation
* Technical Paper Writing
* Technology Transfer
* Contamination Testing
* Defect Analysis
* Failure Analysis
* Industrial Forensic Testing
* Materials Testing
* Metals Testing
* Particulate Testing
* Quality Control Testing of Materials and Products
* Reverse Engineering
* Intellectual Property Support
* Legal Consult
* Regulatory Guidance
* Failure Investigations
* OOS Investigations
* Non-conformance Investigations
* Counterfeit Investigation
* Foreign Particulate Matter Identification
* Particle Contamination Characterization
* Product Return Analysis
* Source Determination
* Content and Blend Uniformity
* Characterization and Identification of Polymorphs in Drug Products
* In Vitro Particle Characterization
o Ingredient-Specific Particle Size Distribution
o Ingredient-specific Particle Shape
o Particle Interaction
o Aggregation and Agglomeration Studies
* Study of Controlled Release Systems
o In Vitro Ingredient-Specific Particle Size
o Content Uniformity
o Layer Thickness
o Drug Migration
o Polymorph Analysis
* Particle sizing
* Raw Materials Testing
* USP Testing