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4060 Innslake Dr

Glen Allen, VA 23060 US

GENETWORx Services:

Human Identity Services Forensic Services:
Reliable, Accurate and Confidential DNA Analysis.

GENETWORx-ID, a division of GENETWORx provides reliable and accurate human identity services including DNA testing of forensic evidence, expert witness, training and consulting, mass disasters, cold cases, immigration and questions of biological relationships. We offer: -Expert Witness Testimony -Case Review & Consultation -DNA Identification

Experienced, Trusted, Forensic DNA Testing We offer confidential testing for national and international clients including law enforcement, attorneys and private individuals. Our analysts have experience with various types of biological specimens including blood, skeletal material, tissue, hair, teeth, human nails, saliva, urine, and semen. We offer the following testing types and services: -Short tandem repeat (STR) -Mini-STR -Y-STR -DNA Databasing (CODIS, Smallpond, etc.) -Training -Consultation -Case Review -Expert Witness Testimony

Research and Development Services: Platforms and Technologies Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Genotyping using real-time PCR - GENETWORx uses the 7500 Real-time PCR System for the development of companion diagnostic SNP assays, performing the bioinformatics, assay design and validation of custom assays Multiplex SNP assay development (Luminex bead-based chemistry) - GENETWORx can prepare custom multiplex assays for SNP genotyping or pathogen detection using bead-based assays analyzed using the Luminex LX200 platform Sanger Sequencing - GENETWORx uses the high-throughput 3500xl genetic analyzer for DNA sequencing by Applied Biosystems Big Dye? Chemistry Mutation confirmation Plasmid sequencing Viral genomes Amplicon sequencing Next Generation Sequencing Tumor sample analysis Microbial identification Methylation studies Exon sequencing Pharmacogenetics- Cytochrome P450 (CYP) genotyping STR Genotyping Confirmation of cell line identity Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) Studies Research and Development Specialties:

Companion Diagnostics - Development and analytical validation of molecular diagnostic markers to accompany drug development studies

Clinical Trial Support: -Mutation detection or SNP genotyping to support clinical trials -DNA sequencing to confirm gene therapy targets -CYP450 genotyping to correlate drug metabolism with drug efficacy and response