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Laboratory Profile: FAI Materials Testing Laboratory

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory Services :

Materials Testing, Materials Identification, Materials Characterization, Investigative Failure Analysis, Physical Testing, Analytical Chemistry, Thermal Analysis, Plastics and Polymers Testing, Quality Assurance and Control, Scientific Litigation Support, Aerospace Testing, Aviation Testing, Automotive Testing and Vehicle Testing, Biomedical Device Testing, Construction Testing, Energy Testing, Marine Testing, Engineering Testing, Environmental Exposure Testing, Material Comparison Testing, Materials Identification Testing, Accelerated Environmental Exposure, Dielectric Properties, Film Thickness, Flash Point Melt Flow, Particle Size, Rheology, Specific Gravity & Density, Specific Heat Capacity, Viscosity Physical Testing, flexural, compression, and hardness testing can give critical information such as flexural modulus, elasticity, shore hardness, and tensile strength, Cleanliness Testing, Thermal Analysis, Plastics Testing

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